Bitcoin Giants Review – Legit Crypto Platform or Scam? is an online option brokerage geared towards providing crypto enthusiasts with an opportunity to invest their fiat or Bitcoin currency for potential investment returns. Featuring a forex and CFD platform, prospective investors are able to invest currency pairs, stocks, commodities along with up to 8 supported cryptocurrencies. “Invest with the best” is the motto in which Bitcoin Giants tries to resonate among their viewers, however, thorough research will reveal an entirely different motive eluded by the creators behind this platform.

Apart from incorporating fictitious user testimonials into the framework of their platform, Bitcoin Giants employs questionable trading features with an unorthodox investment stage that doesn’t create a user-friendly atmosphere. To learn more about the deceptive nature of this brokerage we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review. - Bitcoin Giants

What is Bitcoin Giants?

Bitcoin Giants is a web-based option brokerage that integrates cryptocurrencies into their CFD and forex platform. Unlike exchanges, Bitcoin Giants doesn’t enable their investors the ability to exchange their deposited Bitcoin or fiat currency deposits into other supported cryptocurrencies. Instead, investors who deposit into this platform through fiat or Bitcoin deposits are able to take their deposits and invest it among a variety of investment options. These options, as previously stated, support currency pairs, commodities, stocks and select cryptocurrencies.

Who is Responsible for Bitcoin Giants? is allegedly owned by G.G. Capital Group Ltd and operated by H.I. Capital Group. H.I. Capital Group has a set office address of 1323 Sofia, 28 Javharlal Neru Blvd, Silver Business Center, Office 24 while G.G. Capital is headquartered from Suite 305, Corporate Griggith Center, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

What we found interesting though would be how the address of H.I. Capital Group appears not to be a legitimate address along with how G.G. Capital Group Ltd fails to be filed as one of the active service providers at their designated address. Furthermore, we were unsuccessful in finding any evidence to suggest and verify that either of those two corporate entities actually exist. Search queries conducted through their allegedly governing specifications failed to result in any credible search results.

Found on the Contact Us page of would be the alleged main office address of Professor Fridtjof Nansen Street, Floor 7, Sofia, Bulgaria. As some of you may have been able to deduce for yourselves already though, this provided address is not an existing address. In fact, the only real addresses we were able to find in relation to the Bitcoin Giants platform would be their two provided email addresses of and

The only other identifying information we are able to discover on the site would be their disclosed telephone number of +44 752 064225. Regrettably, the creators behind this site registered their domain with a privacy package so we are unable to find any information regarding the registrars through a WHOIS domain search.

Bitcoin Giants Trading Platform

Bitcoin Giants employs a CFD and forex based platform for their investors. Meaning that all the options available are either forex set ups where leverage is involved or option based where traders must invest derivative values equated through the brokerage. All of the cryptocurrency supported investments are CFD based and are derived by values generated through Bitcoin Giants framework, not real-time rates. In addition, investors are able to partake in auto trading opposed to solely just manual investing.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Giants Account Types

Bitcoin Giants offers 4 account packages through their platform. As with most unverified and deceptive brokerages, Bitcoin Giants tries to encourage investors to deposit into one of their following account types and accept their assigned deposit bonus. What investors aren’t aware of most of the time of though would be how these deposit bonuses come with conditions that must be met before withdrawals can be executed, which is why unless you are a seasoned investor you should never accept a deposit bonus.

Basic Account Package

Deposit Bonus: 25%

Minimum Deposit: $250

Account Incentives: 25% bonus, 24/7 customer support and access to educational center

Silver Account Package

Deposit Bonus: 40%

Minimum Deposit: $2,500 or 1 BTC

Account Incentives: Basic account perks plus trading signals

Gold Account Package

Deposit Bonus: 75%

Minimum Deposit: $10,000 or 3 BTC

Account Incentives: Silver account perks plus personal broker, 1 on 1 trading & market analysis

Platinum Account Package

Deposit Bonus: 100%

Minimum Deposit: $50,000 or 10 BTC

Account Incentives: Gold account perks plus direct line to analyst and premium platform

Bitcoin Giants - Account Types

Question Marks and Red Flags

The blatant deception of their ownership and operating entities are major red flags in our books. We also cannot overlook the fact that Bitcoin Giants is not overseen by any regulatory body, which is highly frowned upon and a necessity for investor safety within the forex and CFD industries. Lastly, the “user testimonials” featured at the bottom of their home page are bogus and fabricated with the sole intentions of earning your trust.

BitcoinGiants Testimonials


A WHOIS search will reveal that was created on August 30th, 2017. Since their inception, the site has failed to amass any visitor traffic of significant value for it to earn any rankings on market intelligence sites like SimilarWeb.

Can Bitcoin Giants be Trusted?

Considering the information disclosed above we cannot classify Bitcoin Giants as a trustworthy operation. Functioning essentially as an anonymous brokerage while lying to your face with fictitious testimonials just goes to show that this brokerage doesn’t care about your well-being and are employing any measures necessary to deceive you out of your hard-earned money.

Bitcoin Giants Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Giants is an untrustworthy and pitiful option brokerage that has tried to further line their pockets by targeting the cryptocurrency community. Incorporating deceptive and fabricated elements into the framework of their site just goes to show the type of malicious investment opportunity that awaits for you at Bitcoin Giants. Do others a courtesy by sharing this review or sharing your feedback so that others are less likely to fall victim to this atrocious investment hoax.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Giants is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Amber Odendaal

    I too invested in this disgusting …dishonorable…unethical bunch of scamming PIGS… I invested a fair amount with BicoinGiants sometime in May 2018… Like normal, some jewish scammer came on the line and empathized with me about me loosing $25000 on a previous trading platform, but JACK TAYLOR and DAVID MILLER promised they were legit and registered and all this SHIT and that i could recover some of the lose…things went well for a month or 3 and then i wanted to withdraw some funds but was convinced by these UNETHICAL PIGS that i would be put into a pool of investors and give them 6 months to triple my investment…In December 2018 i made a screenshot of my account and it HAS…not HAD… over $17000 in it…and then the website was closed “WE ARE UPGRADING PLEASE WAIT” …well it is still not…i am financially screwed and they knew this…i do not know what to do to retrieve my funds…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE… is there anybody out there with a small bit of integrity that can assist folks like us to retrieve our money….PLEASE

  2. izak beukes

    bitcoin gaint took #250 and closed there side with.out notifing me that there side is closed sow i want back ore give me and nuwe account with my money in it to trading i shoud have besn and millioner my account no was izak 1234 and please.give my account and my money back for me to start my trading playform please let me now by gmail regards izakbeukes

  3. Amber Odendaal

    I too am a pensioner and TRUSTINGLY invested with Bidcoingiants. They made numerous promises after I explained that I had been seriously scammed and hacked by there STUPID foreign crypto investment company’s. They assured me that they were totally legit and that if I invested for 6 months I would double my money and I could them immediately withdraw so that I could start recovering from my previous loss with “No1Options” who are under investigations with Wealth Collections Bureau in New York.. (I think that is a scam as well). I had contact with JACK TAYLOR..JONATHAN LEVIN…DAVID MILLER…SUPPORT CONTACT…COMPLIANCE…all of which now do not exists. I suppose they all died.

    I was promised that in January 2019 I would be able to withdraw my funds and I was seriously believing that there are some honest dependable brokers still around. Well during December 2018, as you are all aware the website is “UNDER NEW DEVELOPMENT”.

    I lost $34 000. Being a South African, that is a heck a lot of money. I was forced to declare myself under debt counselling with the NCR as I lost every bit of savings that I had.

    A few weeks ago I got some message to say that the people involved had been traced and that Jack Taylor had signed an acknowledgment letter stating that I can recover my money from his private offshore account if I paid $299 as transfer fees. Apparently the funds are there but I can only get it is I once again am stupid enough to pay.

    When I turned to my own bank in SA they refused to help me and obviously started legal proceedings against me for non payment of loans that I received.

    These scammers all have families and mothers and I just wonder how they can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to innocent folks, especially pensioners who are just looking at trying to increase their funds to enable us to survive a little more compfortably and longer with this rising economy and cost of living.

    I have tried everything possible to some assistance but have reached the end and the amount of energy that one spends on begging…swearing…threatening people in the unknown, breaks your spirit and I have lost faith in the human race that take advantage of others for self gain.

    I am barely surviving with the pension that I receive and life is a day by day process. I also look after my folks who are both in their 80’s and it makes it all so much harder.

    Broken and distitute

  4. Gerry Potgieter

    What a sucker I have been, had over $5500 in my Bitcoin Giants account.
    They took the money put it in at close to $7000/Bitcoin unit. It crashed down to what ever before recovering recently. When I tried to recover the value just to cover the around R70000.00 credit card debt when it drifted above $7000 again there is no way to access the account to try and recover any value after waiting for this recovery. Roger Banks my account support and his team want more money from me to get anything back for me. As a 69 yr. pensioner I sold my old car, I sold my old motorcycle, I am now at the lowest financial status I have ever been at and now I am trying to find a few thousand dollars again which they want in order to get me any benefit over and above my purchase rate. I have lost my life.
    Finally a response to many attempts when Bitcoin value increased I get some reaction but I now see that they obviously took my investment for them selves and I sit barely able to pay the interest off of my credit card.
    BITCOIN GIANTS have ruined my life.

  5. sakkiebeukes

    i had and account with bitcoingaint with ammount $250 in it the site closed down but now i want my money and my personel file to be trans ferd to my new account with omivest in south aftica please how can help me regards

  6. Maxwell

    Bitcoin giantso have done the same to me &
    I am a cancer sufferer who was robbed of nearly £10,000 with no chance of getting it back Dan Sterling was the son called dedicated account manager. Their motto should read invest with the best con artists

  7. steve mr mccartney

    They took £250 of me would not let me register once they had my money
    In sent many emails asking for my £250 back it been a year now they have never replied and they still have my money

  8. eamonn

    they are a scam go to charge back and get a cliam againts them i am waiting for my money thru bank which get it thru visa and visa will get it from them fuck these pricks they need to go down roger banks was the broker he needs to meet my fist

  9. Dr Jacqueline Kerr

    Please do not invest in Bitcoin Giants. I did and they have $105,000USD of my money and have not returned any emails and cut me off after overdrawing my Visa Credit Card and taking it to the limit for $34,000AUD on the basis they would give me access to my account. My original contact was a Dan Sterling who told me he was in Sophia Bulgaria. The person who took the funds was a Ben Simmons in London and today his email bounce d back.


    Trying to get back a very large amount of invested pension funds from them (well. I’ve pretty much written it off actually) after shenanigens last year at about this time when I’d allegedly ‘made’ several million $, but they changed sites (to Mt5) without telling me and the site was unavailable when the price started to drop. By the time it was sorted of course I had lost not only the alleged millions, but also my original pension monies. I’m not crying because it was my own stupid fault, but they appear to be going round again doing the same thing this year’s end. Their supposed ‘Recovery Department’ rang me to say that ‘surprise, surprise’ my ,money wasn’t all gone after all. But somehow I couldn’t get it back without trading it back from $50,000 to beyond $200,000. They promised they would be handling the whole process until end of the year without input from me, by which time they reckoned I’d be able to get back some of my original monies. Today, looking in to see how things were going (as bitcoin jumped about 6% today) I now find that their website no longer works – it takes you to a ‘coming shortly’ website and their telephone number is now no longer in use! Unless I hear something from them very soon I shall be lodging another complaint to the fraud prevention people – last time they simply said they couldn’t do anything.

  11. kenneth

    They are a scam operation
    Done me out of £22000 in 6 months life savings and i am a pensioner
    Now they want another £5000 to try to get it back
    How on earth do they sleep at night
    I would love to meet face to face.and then put there b—– in a vice and watch them bleed and scream
    worth going to prison for

  12. Lizahne

    Are Bitcoin Giants and BlueLexus under the same umbrella because I trade with Bluelexus and Dan Sterling was also at first my Account Manager then Eddie Anson suddenly took over. I have been trying to get a withdrawal out of them since last week Friday September 07 but don’t receive any emails or correspondence from the company nor the Account Managers. Their numbers don’t work either. But surprisingly, when Eddie “assisted” me, my value has gone up but i just can’t get a withdrawal out of them.

    • Marj

      yes I am convinced they are same outfit. impossible to get any communication once they have your money. same hype from both places but .I cant even get into my account to see what I have earned or lost.

  13. Edwin Julyan

    While I was talking to the guy (can’t remember his name) and giving my details to him I got a message on my phone that the money was taken off my account. They had no personal documentation to even open the account. Tried to contact them via email to return my money but to no avail. All of a sudden I got a call from a Warren Roberts on phone no.+27 10 110 8210 asking why am I not using the account and also wanting personal documents. His details on the email shows: Mail:
    Phone: +447520640225
    Skype: warrenr_19
    I am going to try and get my money back through him, for what it is worth. Not sending him anything.

  14. MARVIN

    thank guy you comment help even i already put 250$ and i was about to add some more
    ok my money is gone this guy call dan sterling robbe me

    • Spectre720

      make request to your bank to recover the money. I got mine back.

      • Amber Odendaal

        What process is available to get your bank to assist in trying to recover the funds

    • Christine Perry

      At least bitcoingiants are being investigated now at last

      • Amber Odendaal

        Hi…do you know by who and how can ww get our honest money back

  15. Anyonymous

    I joined the basic package and was being convinced to join the Silver package and when I refused until they showed me how to trade they got so rude requesting my personal information. When I said I want my money back – was told have to submit my information first. I am querying why you want the information to return my money when you were so quick to take it – BIG SCAM

    • Christine Perry

      Trying to get over £2000 back but they just don’t contact you. There’s no help anywhere either.

  16. Hermien

    We have been scammed out of $10k, also started with $250 then more and more, now taken out of Bitcoin Giants and they put us into MT5, now they want another $20k to release our $70k profit. Many many calls, e-mails, skype msg but they insist we must pay the credit before out profit can be released, the credit we did not ask for. I have said we want out but they keep pressuring us. This has been a most frustrating and costly venture with them – Roger Banks was our broker, sly fox, soooo friendly and smooth.

  17. Sam

    I was convinced by someone on the phone of how they could turn $250 into …..m then a day later someone else tried to convince me to invest another $2500 , am I grateful for not doing so? they were going to train me how to trade as I had no idea how to trade. then they suggested the automated trading, which I think was done, as at the moment that $250 is $11 now! the promise was big……..

  18. Sam

    I wonder how, as I have invested in auto trading and have lost all my money with only $11 left in the account. they dont communicate well, so you are a very lucky person!!

  19. Gideon van der Schyf

    I just got ripped off by them be careful!!!!!

    • Christine Perry

      Then tell us how we get our money back then please? I now know they are being investigated so that’s something

      • Spectre720

        contact your bank and submit a faudulent transaction case

  20. Troy Lloyd

    I hear that other competitors want to give BitcoinGiants bad reputation.
    I’m a client of them for 3 years and I’m very happy with the service.


      Sorry, mate i don’t believe you. They robbed me of $95,0000 pension. I’m 78 years old and now have to work till I drop. Evil bunch of SoB’s.

  21. Anonymous

    I am worried Bitcoin Giants have withdrawn 250 dollars from my account without my consent. I have told them I am not interested in trading. They promised me they would transfer the money back into my account. I am worried they will not keep to their promise and I will not receive my the 250dollars.

  22. Lekha

    I have been trading with bitcoingiants for sometime. I tried to withdraw money many time but no luck and Andy Pitt is my account manager. I really would like to close my account and get the reminder balance refunded as I really do not like to involve in this pussy business.

    • Spectre

      I made 6k in 4hrs. I was like wow….but then they changed something. I put the exact same bid that cost $150 in fees to $1500 in fees.
      Beware. I think this market is manipulated on an individual, case by case basis. Some are set up to trade fairly, some are not…..go to forex if you want regulated trading with oversite.

      • Spectre

        I eat my words. They listened to my concerns,,leveled the playing field……I made alot of money today….ALOT

        • Spectre

          OK. I tried to with draw my large profit and i have had my account shut down, They wont answer the phone or any email.

        • Christine Perry

          But try getting it out cos that’s a different story

  23. Christine

    gotta say I’m happy with the progress is okay, I get my money when I want (was my biggest fear). recommended

    • Mark

      21k USD already on the account, withdrawal refused. Now threatened by closing my account if I don’t pay in even more, which is needed to start trading properly… I am quite desperate. Would it be possible for you to tell me how you did get your money?

    • Jay Madden

      Complete con do not give these any money, the never pay withdrawals ever and they eventually signed me out, there firm is in a diffarent country so you cant pay them an immediate visit i have notified the police of there actions and hope that they will soon be made to reimburse all tgere clients

  24. Dimitri

    I have been trading with bitcoin giants for a few months now and so far so good. I have been scammed before by other companies so I’m a bit hesitant but for now everything seems very good.

  25. Bill

    I am trading with bitcoingiants now n am happy with them n Jeremy King is my a/c manager n he is very good bye

  26. Sibusiso

    good company i’m happy there

    • Bertie

      Well Sibusiso weren’t it you who convince me to join? Were is my money now? Waiting almost 3 months for a pay out now

  27. Sibusiso

    i don’t know what people are talking about here. i’m happy with the my account with bitcoin giants

  28. Sean

    Get lots of calls from supposed CEO Bruce Long, trying to convince me to activate my account. Alarm bells rang when the supposed head of this organisation was dedicating so much time to get my meagre £170. It an obvious boiler room.

  29. Joseph L Lore

    Please be very aware of these guys, they make it so real and very convincing at first. I invested through the basic package but all they did was calling back and asking and persuade me to put in more money as if my $244US already deposited is not even worth their time. Haven’t got any more calls once I refused to invest more so I just simply lost that money. Do not give them a second thought.

  30. Bertie

    Well I’am waiting for my payment for almost 3 weeks now. When I send emails to support it only retuns and say adres not found. So BIG SCAM

  31. Alan bond

    How about doing the same forVIP brokers?

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