BitElitum Review - Scam Review
BitElitum ( claims to be a registered company which offers investment advice and financial services to the public. They are said to be involved in trading cryptocurrencies along with investing in blockchain advancements. This firm features 4 investment programs where they offer returns of up to 250% which which is just insane and as you can tell obviously fake.

When we did a through check on the legal documents they submitted and the type of deceptive tactics they follow, we were convinced that this firm is just an another fraud. Read our complete review to know why you should never give these ruthless scammers a chance to run away with your funds.

Company and Contact details

BitElitum is an ICO, this firm basically generates revenue from cryptocurrency trading and by investing in other startups. They raise funds required for carrying out the activities from the general public and in return offer them a fixed returns on their capital after the contract time expires.

When we checked their paperwork, we were not able to find any legal certificate an investment firm should hold. We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed and when caught the creators behind this company will be put behind bars.

These faceless scammers have featured a certificate of incorporation on their website, do not let this shady trick deceive you. They have no right to raise funds for any purpose and are just aligning their pockets with clients money. Here are the contact details provided by them.
Address – 66, Great Sufflok Street, London, United Kingdom SE1 0BL
Email –


Just like many scams, this firm also have done their best in terms of appearing legitimate. There are details of some employees of this firm revealed in the About us section, they have done this to trick the investors into thinking that they embrace transparency while the evidence proves otherwise. - Stock Photo

We were not able to find any relevant information on the internet about George Aguilar, which proves that every information they have provided are nothing more then fairy tales.

How does BitElitum work?

This firm claims to be involved with a array of activities related to cryptocurrencies. They have not mentioned anything about their strategies or previous accomplishments. We do not have the faintest idea about what factors or indicators are considered by this firm before opening a position.

Since they have failed to provide verifiable trading history, how can we know for sure that they are profitable. On top of all these issues they haven’t mentioned anything about risk profiling. Never trust this firm with your money because you are guaranteed to regret it later.

Profits Offered

The most attractive aspect of crypotocurrency is their volatility which provides the traders with ample amount of opportunities. There is a lot of hype around Bitcoins and other altcoins which are falsely portrayed by scams and are presented to the inexperienced investors.

Take a look at the ridiculous and fabricated returns each plan offers

Plan A

Returns – 11% Daily

Period – 11 Days

Min Deposit – $ 50

Plan B

Returns – 160% Daily

Period – 8 Days

Min Deposit – $ 500

Plan C

Returns – 180% Daily

Period – 6 Days

Min Deposit – $ 1,000

Plan D

Returns – 250% Daily

Period – 4 Days

Min Deposit – $ 2,000

Partner Program

The relationship between the ponzi scheme and the number of participants is axiomatic. To earn as much as they can before they get hunted down by law, this firm offers an affiliate program. The individuals are paid fat commissions for every investor they bring on board. - Partner Program

To make their work easier and effective, this firm assists them by providing a few marketing tools. Like most of the fake investments, this firm also does not require the affiliates to be an active investor, if anyone is promoting this platform, know that they are heavily rewarded for doing so.

Domain Insight

This website rakes 4,45,130 in Russia and has a global rank of 3,230,674 according to This firm is mainly targeting users from Russia, Bangladesh and Ukraine.

A search on reveals that this domain was registered on 09/06/2018 and expires after one year. There are no registered details available.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum amount required to get started with this service is $ 30, the minimum payout is $0.01 . The payment methods supported by this platform are VISA, MASTERCARD, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Perfect Money and Payeer. The withdrawals are not associated with any sort of fees and they are set to processed within 24 hours.

Is BitElitum a scam?

This platform is 100% confirmed scam. There isn’t any factor about their service which instills confidence among the investors and the amount of red flags screams at us to stay away from them. They have no regards to ensure the safety of the funds and the creators behind their organisation are also unknown.

Everything in the financial markets carry a risk and potential rewards but never anticipate consistent profits especially the kind of returns these scammers advertise.

BitElitum Review Conclusion

Cryptocurrency trading is a game of probabilities. We can never know the future price movement of an asset beforehand. The only thing within our control is to position our trading account with a strategy that gives some sort of edge over others along with proper psychological disciplines.

Forget about all these glitz these fraudsters uphold and never feed them with your money. BitElitum is just another phony ponzi scheme which will inevitable go down very soon and when it happens all the investors will loose their entire deposit.

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  1. Lendore Meyers

    I think I was scammed last week buy the same sort of organization by the name of safecrypto trade. They doing the same thing asking people to invest $300 for a starter package and then after that I need to pay $800 for a classic trading software upgrade. Then the expert trader Mr Mark Anderson told me to pay a release fee of $1600 which I did.

    Now they want me to pay another $6000 due to a week signal for the profit to reflect in my bank account. Is this right to do to others you don’t want others to do it to you. Can you do this now a days as we live in the last days

    • Mark

      It sounds like you’ve already realized this is a scam, but please please please do not send them any more money. If you do, they will ask you for more, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get any of it back.

  2. Anonymous

    Same people I got scamed 500 dollars now their name is coins capital trade they claim to be a professional investors

  3. Nkosana

    I just found out now, as in like today that these guys are scammers under the name ”Tradesurefx” you can imagine how I feel now. It’s now am doing my research and only to get these foud-outs. I’ve lost R20 000 with these guy. The guy goes buy the name Roger Victor and Donald Thato

    • Tamara Nogoqa

      Me too they just scammed me R20000, I invested $300 and they requested $800 for upgrade before withdrawal now they want me to independently pay $900 for tax

  4. James

    Had about 20 different Instagram scammers hit me up to join, glad I found this site!

  5. Shay

    Sadly I fell for one of their tricks. They have created multiple websites under the same umbrella as Bit Elitum LTD. I reached out to someone who claimed they were an investor and part of the board committee of He goes by the name “Alfred Mason” and his Instagram name is Alfredmason001. He’s created a page where it shows “his family” and “him trading” (if it is him, anyway). He told me to invest a minimum amount of $350 but I told him I didn’t have it so I tried $10. Next thing you know a couple hours later that $10 shows “profit” and I’m like okay.. Maybe this is legit? But the odd thing was “Alfred” had invested so much time in pushing me to invest more money into the platform. Since I saw profit, I was stupid enough to get the Starter’s Pack from the platform which was a minimum of $300. I saw close to $3000 profit after 3 days but next thing you know he says that my investment will freeze and be out on hold unless I invest another $700 to “upgrade” my account to the Deluxe Pack. After that I had a gut feeling that this guy was a phony. DO NOT INVEST IN ANY HYIP UNDER BIT ELITUM NAME.

  6. Banks

    I think the guys that contacted me claiming to be from a company called, it’s the same scammers who just changed their name yet again.

  7. v

    totally and absolutely scammers: now they have a new name, is
    please stay away from that site and denounce everything!

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