Review GIVEAWAY - Scam Review is a service which is said to double your Bitcoins instantly. There is no information about how or what they do with the money. If you are a trader or investor who has gained the fundamental knowledge about how markets function then you know that instant results is non – existent.

We were sure that this platform is a scam and our investigation further proves it. Before you waste your money on ponzi scheme like these check out our complete review which will be an eye-opener for you.

Company and Support

All the companies in the realm of trading or investing other people’s money have to operate only after acquiring license from regulatory authorities depending upon the physical location of their or firm. represents an ICO, they have created their business in a peculiar way wherein the investors have to deposit some amount of upfront capital which enables them to double their funds with the stipulated time period.

When we checked with the FCA and FTC database to know whether this firm is legally authorized the results were negative. On top of the fact even on their platform they have failed to provide the potential clients with any information concerning the legitimacy of their business.

If you run into any issues on this platform then you will be frustrated about how long you have to wait to hear back from the support team. By the way the only means to reach them is through a form provided on their website. Apart from an email address, these fraudsters have not provided any contact details as they are aware of the fact that it might help the investors to trace them down.

How does work ?

The popular methods of earning bitcoin are by mining or trading. Since we all know mining does not yield returns at the rate this firm claims the obvious method must be through trading. The most disturbing factor of this service is that they haven’t put any information.

Assuring that it is an investment firm which generates revenue from trading, the investors can’t trust them just like that. We do not know how they allocate the money raised from investors or based on what parameters they trade.

These tricksters have not even provided any documented history of the previous accounts handled by them, so the bottom line is the investors have no idea about where their money is going and in terms of risk reward, the risk over-weighs.

Returns Advertised

All the investment plans offered by this service is very flexible but here’s the catch you have to send money to them first and from the existing user feedback we can tell you for sure that your chance of getting back your money excluding the profits is only very slim.

Moreover the returns they offer is unbelievable. Does 400% ROI in an internet sound real to you ? This is what they are offering. Never get caught up in the flashy and attractive claim they come up with because we can assure you it will be very dangerous for your finances.


According to this domain was registered on 01/04/2018 and it expires after one year. All the registrant details are masked as they are using privacy protection service.

The website metrics are absolutely interesting accomplishment. Considering the fact that they are a HYIP scam. Thanks to we came to know that this site ranks 224,980 globally and it ranks 56,784 in Russia.

Is scam or legit ?

The answer is a 100% confirmed scam,

Their platform is filled with lies from start to the end. Apart from a long list of alleged payment proof they have nothing to show the potential clients. The creators of this supposedly preposterous investment firm is too shy to show his / her face to the world because they know that they have earned a one way ticket to jail for the things they have done.

They do not have a single legal document which proves that they are a full blown fraud. The list of things wrong with this platform keeps on growing and growing but you got our point which is to stay as far as possible from them. Review Conclusion

Just take a look at their website which is nothing but a dull looking sales page which will make money for them. They employ a lot of classical scam tactics such as creating a sense of urgency. On their platform they have a widget which supposedly shows how much bitcoin you will get if you deposit immediately but if you refresh the page it again goes goes back to the top.

Moreover we can assure you that no company can afford to give 5000 BTC to each and every client unless another miracle is about to happen.

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