ETH Combo ( Review - Scam Review
ETH Combo is a cryptocurrency faucet which offers real money’s worth Ethereum for its users if they complete certain tasks as games, they provide the opportunity of using your old computers and laptops to mine for the free spins which in return increases your chance of making more by unlocking the rewards.

At first we thought this platform might be legit but because of the facts found during the investigation we are sure that they are a fake platform and do not deserve your attention or time. Read our full review which will give you a clear perspective of this faucet.

Company and Contact Details

In general of any business is registered that means the people behind the honor and appreciate professionalism. Also it gives a sense of security to the clients when we were looking for details of any sort regarding the registration of this firm.

We were disappointed as we couldn’t find any. Even their platform does not reveal any information regarding their legal states thereby have maintained highest level of anonymity. One of the most disturbing things about this company is that they have not provided a single contact information.

Usually when firms do not put the details for whatever the reason, they at least provide the users with a contact form so that they can share details, complain or ask for assistance if and when they want.

The lack of transparency means there is a catch waiting to pounce on you. In the past many people have complained about the technical issues like log in failure, tokens missing on many forums but still this firm does not care to provide solution to their problems.

How does ETH Combo work ?

On this platform the users just have to collect free spins which gets replenished every 3 hours once. It basically is a slot machine wherein you have to keep on playing to earn more money and to reach the withdrawal threshold.

We do not know if there are any fees imposed on withdrawals but if there is then you are simply wasting your time on this fake software game. Occasionally many bonus will be given, the main method of making with this service will be by referring people to this platform.

Note that even the affiliates are complaining that they did not get paid. The amount of red flags sprinkled in and around this firm is devastating to their reputation.

What kind of returns can you expect to make with ETH Combo ?

Do not think about any kind of decent pay from them. In fact consider yourself lucky if you ever reach the payout threshold because it takes many days to do so. Even after you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, the withdrawal might get stuck or worse cancelled.

In case if you were wondering the minimum payout is 0.15 ETH. Considering all the hurdles discussed above it would be better not to participate in this service as the operational model is structured in a unique way which only benefits the fraudsters behind this firm.

Domain Insight

When we did a check on about this site we found some important details except that identity of the owners. The domain was registered on 31/10/2017 and it expires on 31/10/2018.

A search on revealed that this website ranks 8,931 in Italy and has a global rank of 48,204. These rankings are impressive but unfortunately proves that many people have fallen victim for this scam. The countries where this company has captured enormous user base are Italy, India, Brazil, Russia and Venezuela.

Is ETH Combo a Scam ?

One of the biggest scam we have ever seen,

Free things always excite the public as they can test out the service before spending any money on it but these clever scammers have used exaggerated claims along with stressing on the fact that it is free to drive millions of users to their platform. Check out the comments from users of this service on BeerMoneyforum :-

This is a scam, unfortunately. We haven’t heard of anyone on any forum who has been able to reach the payout point. There’s beginners luck built in and then it becomes impossible to reach the .15 payout when one gets close to it. If we’re wrong and someone has gotten an actual payout, please do object.

ETH Combo Review Conclusion

Though the cryptocurrency in general are facing down trend for nearly 18 months, the hype around them have not dies. Many people are constantly looking for ways to stack up on Bitcoins and altcoins hoping to make a profit in the near future but do not get blinded by this type of phony platforms which promises you free stuff.

In most cases claiming to be free is just a trap used to get something or some information out of you like email address, withdrawal fees and ultimately leave you high and dry.

Have you tried Feel free to share your opinion by leaving us a comment.


  1. Melvina

    Yahoo, Google and now Dmoz killed their “listing”.

  2. Kavi

    Eth Combo is 6000% scam site. Please, don’t waste your time here. When your balance percentage will reach up to 80%, your account will be dull & you will not get any eth it doesn’t matter you’ve 50 clicks or 5000 clicks in one day.

  3. rené blanchemanche

    c’est effectivement une arnaque je suis bloqué juste en dessous du seuil d e payment depuis plusieurs semaines

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