Review - Scam Review is said to be an U.S. based Cryptocurrency investment program which supposedly doubles your investment amount the exact period of time required for them to do that is not mentioned. Along with the investment option they do claim to provide attractive payouts for doing simple tasks like watch a video and refer people to their platform.

Looking at their simple and dated website design, it reminds us of fake faucets which have caused a lot of users time and money. During our investigation concerning this service, we were completely disturbed because of their unethical practices and their care free attitude regarding the law. In order to know what you are dealing with go through our review before you sign up with them.

License and Contact Details

The rules and regulations dictating the conduct of investment firms are very strict in the US. If any firm is operating without holding proper contracts and authorization they will be facing high penalties and criminal prosecution. is an ICO which is allegedly involved in cryptocurrency trading and mining.

This firm raises the required amount of funds through public and offers them a chance to make profit by depositing with them for certain period of time. Since there is not even a single drop of information about this fraudulent company on the database of the FTC without a shadow of doubt we can say that they are operating illegally.

Though we spent a lot of time on their website trying to find any details regarding the licenses, we couldn’t find any. This kind of behavior is a common trait of a scam. If you were unfortunate enough to trust them with your money then we are afraid that we have some more terrible news for you.

The support team of this company can be reached only through email and if you manage to annoy them for any reason then they will simply block you and there is no means to track them down.

Email –

How does work ?

This platform portrays itself to be a complete package any crypto enthusiast could wish for as far as mining and trading is considered. Apart from the hyped one sentence information there is no detail as to what they plan to do with the funds.

Assuming that they are actually trading with the money we have many doubts in mind. First of all they haven’t exhibited any reports revealing their past performance so how in the world can the investors know that they are actually profitable in trading.

Moving on, the names of the strategies they use or the type of draw down they have got over the years are not specified and as expected there isn’t a word about risk profiling aspect. With regards to mining the investors are not briefed about the important factors. We as users do not know the location of their mining farms nor do we know the profit they make on a monthly basis.

The fees they incur on electricity or maintenance is also not disclosed. Bearing all the above factors in mind, anyone who has been around for a decent amount of period in the crypto space will never invest into this scheme.

Profits Promised

Apart from few people everyone in the world would like to become free from financial restraints. People often dream about these kind of things which sometimes forces them to trust some enterprise blindly. After looking at the returns these fraudsters advertise on their platform we couldn’t stop laughing.

However on the other hand many innocent investors have lost their hard earned money to this scam. The crooks behind this firm promises the users 200% ROI but there is a catch they haven’t specified the time period of the contract so that is a cliff hanger.

Minimum deposit amount for various cryptocurrencies are as follows:

Bitcoin – 0.0001

Bitcoin Cash – 0.0015

Ethereum – 0.0035

Affiliate Program

Just like all the other services this one also wants to increase their user base as we all know more customers means higher revenue. This firm pays the promoters $5 for every person they bring on board. - Affiliate Program

The commission rate is obviously low and it is not the main reason behind their popularity but who knows how much they might pay if an online marketer is able to drive high amount of traffic to them consistently. For your information know that the affiliates are not required to be an active investor of their program in order to earn their commissions.

Domain Insight

Here are the details we extracted from regarding this domain

Registration Date – 02/05/2018

Expiration Date – 02/05/2019

Registrant Details

Name – Penny Abdul

Address – Yorkshire, New Haven CT, US

Phone – +1 2165032973

Postal code – 06501

Can I trust ?


If you want to try their free things like downloading the app or watching few videos in exchange for points then it is okay but even then it will consume a lot of time. Remember the payments are not guaranteed. From investment perspective it is not at all advisable to entrust them under any circumstance.

Assuming they are legit still it would not instill confidence because all the regulated firms have to follow KYC policy, these scammers do not follow that also. Before sending funds to them bear in mind that the chances of retrieving them back is slim to none. Review Conclusion is a classic Bitcoin doubler scam which continues to loot new participants under the context of investment program. Whenever you encounter unregulated and unlicensed firms which is not embracing transparency that too especially when money gets involved do not heed to any kind of flattering claims or offers they throw at you instead be realistic and stop believing all the get rich quick schemes.

Have you tried ? How would you describe them? Let us know by commenting below.


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