Review is a typical cloud mining service that mines Dogecoins and Litecoins. This platform offers free and paid plans, and once you register with them, you will be pushed towards making a purchase which makes the free plans just a cold bait to lure you in. - Scam Review
This mining service’s returns are a ridiculous and outright lie; they cannot achieve a 4.72% ROI. Cryptocurrencies are the new trends that are making leaps and bounds in terms of volatility every day. Before you deal with this fraud organization or try out their so-called free plan go through our review, which will give you a clear insight into them.

Company and Support

All the businesses revolving around the financial markets which provide investment opportunities have to be legally competent, and there is no exception to this rule. The reason why firms are so heavily regulated is because of the damage done by scams in the past, so in order to prevent that authorities are doing their best. is an ICO that mines altcoins; they raise the money required for the mining process and maintenance from everyday people and give them a chance to get involved in that process by sharing profits with depends upon the initial investment and period. It was daunting when we were investigating this service as we couldn’t find any details about them on the FCA platform, pointing out that they are operating illegally.

Even on their website, apart from the fact that they are supposedly based in Manchester, UK, these fraudsters have concealed any other information. Most legitimate businesses showcase the licenses on their platform as a credibility-boosting factor, but it looks like these crooks do not care about things like these.

Do not get disappointed if you cannot find any ways to reach them; we couldn’t find them because they are non-existent. If you were unlucky enough to sign up with them, deposit funds, and then face any problem, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

How does work?

They state that they sell the hash power of their mining devices so that the clients can mine the altcoins without being near the computer. They are dealing with a large-scale mining operation that raises people’s funds for expanding their business, effectively optimizing them, and providing the clients with an easy way to mine the coins which interest them.

According to them, they are employing ASIC miners, yielding an enormous profit. Apart from this one-line explanation, there aren’t any in-depth details about their operations.

The location of their farms and maximum mining capacity is not discussed. We do not know the gross and net profit they achieve on a monthly or yearly basis. Due to the lack of information, any rational investor will never invest in this firm as they have no solid track record, reputation, or evidence to prove anything they say.

Mining Contracts and Profits

There are 2 Miner plans which are Domonthly or yearly of two. Plans each segment has ten types of contracts. Like all fraud schemes, this one is designed to suck you in, show attractive contracts, and make visitors spend more.

We have listed popular Miner plans below; if you are a veteran crypto enthusiast, you will have a good laugh once you see the returns they offer.

Doge Miner Plans

Doge Miner V2.2
Cost – 3000000 Doge
Profit – 5.5% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 7.5%

Doge Miner V2.3
Cost – 5000000 Doge
Profit – 5.83% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 8%

Doge Miner V2.4
Cost – 10000000 Doge
Profit – 6.17% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 9%

LTC Miner Plans

LTC Miner V2.2
Cost – 100 LTC
Profit – 5.5% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 7.5%

LTC Miner V2.3
Cost – 250 LTC
Profit – 5.83% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 8%

LTC Miner V2.4
Cost – 500 LTC
Profit – 6.17% Daily
Duration – 30 Days
Affiliate Bonus – 9%


A search on showed us that this domain was registered on 18/07/2018 and was supposed to expire on 18/07/2019. All the reluctant registrant contact details are masked as they appear to be using a privacy protection service.

This website received around 400,000 visitors every month; it ranked 26,285 in Iran and had a global rank of 327,955 at the time of writing. The countries where they have gained popularity are Iran, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia. They also use ad networking sites as a part of their promotional strategy.

Vega Miner Reviews

On May 12, 2023, we received the following complaint against them from a person who reported being scammed for $2,000:

Hi, I fell victim to the scam and lost 15 Litecoins.

Is a Scam?

Yes, it is.

For starters, know that the security of your funds is very scarce. Since you are forced to send money through cryptocurrency, the odds of chasing or narrowing your identity and location are also very low. Everything about this platform is either deceptive or a flat lie. For example, take a look at the image below. - Results

They state that they make average returns of roughly 1,698% per year. If it were true, they would be featured in all the popular magazines and channels, but since they are all fake, it would be preposterous for us to believe them. When investment banks can’t achieve more than 20% yearly, do you think these crooks can surpass them? Review Conclusion. at best is a Ponzi scheme and nothing more than that. Since they are new and getting promoted aggressively by vlogs and blogs, they resist the desire to make what appears to be seemingly easy money. Remember, they are still very new, and as of now, the chances are you might see some,e profits, but that does not make them legit. To remind you, they are a criminal organization in the first place.

The only difference between success and failure when it comes to investing is knowledge; if you try to proceed without that, you can’t last long.

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