HashPlanet (Hash-Planet.com) Review

Hash-planet.com - Scam Review

HashPlanet claims to be the most profitable Bitcoin cloud mining solution which according to them is designed for retail investors who do not have enough funds to run mining farms on their own. They state that no fees or mining power will be charged from the end users but that makes us suspicious about their business model which we will go over in this article.

After thoroughly checking about this service, we want to warn all our readers not to engage with this platform because of the shady methods they follow which will eventually leave you empty handed. Read our detailed review to know why we have called this firm a deceptive fraud.

Company and Support

Generally firms which operate under the category of any type of make money online niche and includes some amount of capital initially from the investors should be regulated in order to do so. HashPlanet represents an ICO. By definition they accept money from the public for investment purpose and are obligated to return their capital with certain amount of profits.

We always suggest everyone to deal with licensed firms only due to the increasing number of scams which will burn a deep hole in your pocket if you are not careful enough. Many of you might have noticed that on this platform, there is details of registration but if you know financial world well then you can already tell that they have no power to raise funds from the retail pool of investors.

Moreover the regulatory authority of UK which is FCA does not recognize this firm. Since this firm is being operated both anonymously and illegally know that once you send your money to these frauds there is nothing in your power to retrieve them back in case something unusual happens.

If you check out the Contact us Section of their website, the only means to reach them is via email seems like this company which claims to allegedly double the funds every month does not have the necessary monetization to hire a full time support staff.

Email – [email protected]

How does HashPlanet work ?

HashPlanet is supposedly a noob friendly platform which does not require too much knowledge from the user side to get started. The only thing user have to do according to them is select the mining power they want, rest of the job is said to be taken care of by them. They say that they are using BITMAIN Ant Miner 59 which is a pretty good device for earning Bitcoin and is the most sought after hardware equipment.

These miners consume relatively less power which makes it the best fit for the mining industry. There is no mining capabilities shown by this firm and the details regarding their data centers are kept as a secret which means we do not know or verify if the things they claim to do are real or bogus.


Furthermore they haven’t stated the kind of profits they are making for the past year, quarterly. Also they have provided too little information about how their mining farm is structured and not to mention given their fake license, we can hardly trust them.

Mining Contracts and Returns

The investors are in complete liberty to pick the contract size they want and see fit for their needs. Also on every purchase the users are said to be credited with 175 GH/S hashpower for free. Returns offered on this platform might seem like dream come true especially for the newbies who are on the lookout for mining platform but unfortunately all that glitters is not gold.

The faceless scammers are using income claims as a bait to hook you on to their service but once you deposit with them it won’t be long before you realize what type of swindle it was. See the returns they offer, it is out of the blue, isn’t it.


Daily – 8.220%

Weekly – 57.541%

Monthly – 246.603%

Affiliate Program

Most of the viral fake schemes have realized the fact that the main reason behind penetrating the attention of many people is to structure the deal wherein even the promoters get a decent size of the revenue. There is a multi level affiliate system in which every affiliate are paid 10% of the contract size bought by thee user sent to this platform through their link.

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Hash-planet.com - Affiliate Program

All the necessary tools to ease the promotion process are provided to the marketers and on top of that if the marketers manage to impress the company with results the commission percentage will be increased to their liking. This operational model is similar to the pyramid scheme and as most of you already know the money made by all the creators and marketers are coming from the client’s pocket.

Domain Whereabouts

From whois.com we were able to find the following details


Domain – hash-planet.com

Registration Date – 23/08/2018

Expiration Date – 23/08/2019

Registrant Details

Name – Corey Reynolds

Address – 53 A Barkston Gardens, Kensington, London SW5 0ES

Phone – +44 7757438456

This website ranks 8,802 in Iran and has a global rank of 150,705 according to Alexa.com. The secret behind this website reaching so much audience is because of their promotional plans which included ad-networking sites. Countries where the majority of their visitors come from are Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil and India.

Is HashPlanet a Scam ?

A Viral one,

Within a couple of months this service has tricked thousands if not millions of investors into buying lucrative mining offers from them but the truth cannot be hidden for long. Take a look at the comments from actual users of this service on BeerMoneyForum.

hello everyone .. thanks for your comments , but the question is as always … is it mandatory to invest so that i can withdraw ? or i can use it without any deposit ?

All the positive comments had referral links attached with them which means they are getting paid for spread lies so do not believe anything blindly.


HashPlanet Review Conclusion

HashPlanet is yet another shameless ponzi scheme operating in the name of cloud mining while in reality it is a rip off. If the above discussed elements are not enough look at their business structure, they say that they do not charge fees or claim a part of your earning then how do they make money? The answer is simply by scamming people they get rich. Never be the one to feed these type of scams.

Have you lost money to Hash-Planet.com?  Let us know by leaving a comment.

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