Review - Scam Review is an autotrader which mainly focuses on crypto trading.  The founder to this software claims to be the co-founder of bitcoin and blockchain.  All the explanation and information on this platform is either fake or highly misleading to say the least.  

They state that on average the investors earn more than $1,400 per day but they fail to provide us any payment proof.  There is a lot of unethical practices followed by this firm which makes us very uncomfortable while dealing with them.

If you are a beginner who thinks you have found a reliable service or simply want to know more about them, continue reading our complete review which will help you take informed decision about proceeding with them.

Company and Support

Any firm which provides investment advice has to be licensed and authorized by certain authorities depending upon where they are situated.  

Since this firm does not disclose any details about their registration or incorporation, it means they are probably operating illegally.  No legitimate solutions will maintain the type of anonymity this firm embraces as it makes them seem unreliable.

Lack of transparency is a major red flag which should tell you about the legitimacy of the firm.

How does Work?

The narration provided by these crooks is something which literally makes any experienced investor laugh.  The owner of this autotrader claims to be one of the co-founders of bitcoin. He states that he has coded blockchain in such a way that he knows the movement of the cryptocurrencies before they happen.  

He further adds that he has predicted the exact turning points in the market for the next 200 years.  All these telltale stories does not make any sense at all. These fraudsters have nothing to do with bitcoin in the first place.  

They are just trying to convince newbies in the crypto markets that they have some kind of sure shot system which will earn them millions at a push of a button.  In reality there is no information about what indicators or parameters are considered by this software before opening a position.

Apart from selecting the trading quantity the users does not have any option to tweak around.  There is no information on risk management methods and remember there is no assurance about the reliability of their trading algorithm so we don’t know the maximum drawdown we can expect.  Looking at all these facts it is very uninspiring to say the least.

Returns Promised

There is no straightforward answer to this one.  They state that the returns depends upon the initial capital but the users can expect to make around $1,400 per day which is just another fabricated lie.  

Trading the cryptocurrencies is undoubtedly a great way to earn money but before starting you need to have some basic education and strategy without which the longevity of you account will be decreased drastically.  Never fall for any of the easy money claims as there is no such thing as free lunch in this world.

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 05/02/2018 and it expires after one year.

We were not able to collect enough information as to what countries they target or figure out where the major traffic to this website is coming from.  This website has a global rank of 726,643 according to

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum amount required to get started with this platform is $250.  The brokers synced with this software accept e-currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other major altcoins.


There are a few testimonials on this website which feature positive comments about this service.  The funny thing about them is that they are all from bogus profiles and these scammers are not at all bothered about changing the names of the imaginary persons.  Why would this service feature fake testimonials unless they have to hide something from us?

Can I trust

No Way,

This whole fraudulent autotrader exists only for their benefit.  Once you put in your email address you will be taken to a broker platform wherein you have to make a deposit in order to gain access to the bot and whenever someone deposits these fraudsters get paid via commissions. Review Conclusion

If you are willing to put in the time and effort required for succeeding in the market surely you can earn significant amount of money but do not dream about becoming a millionaire by clicking a few buttons.  

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