Review - Scam Review is an online investment platform which was supposedly founded by a team of blockchain enthusiasts to raise funds from investors and then invest in the ICO and new startups.  

They are also said to be involved in trading bitcoin and other altcoins.  This firm states that it generates returns of up to 135% after just 6 hours.  All the claims on this platform are just empty promises and have no auditory records to prove their expertise.  

While we were investigating this service, the fact that we are dealing with a ponzi scam was crystal clear.  Read our full review to find out why you should not bother to buy any investment plans from these anonymous investment firm.

License and Contact Details

To protect common people from getting looted from cyber criminals and online scams, the regulatory authorities are doing their best to help people identify fake investments but still many innocent investor fall for these fake get rich quick schemes. represents an ICO which basically takes money from general public and in return promises them certain amount of profits.  The firms which are indulged in providing these type of activities have to hold special license. While we were trying to find any licenses they must hold in order to operate lawfully, there weren’t any.  

We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed which means these crooks are operating illegally.

This platform features a registration certificate but do not be confused by that.  They are just trying to appearing like a reputable firm in front of the potential investors while in reality they are unregulated.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – Palmerston House, 814 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2BR.

There is no telephone or email assistance provided by this firm, seems like these fraudsters does not care to provide any type of service once they have got your money.

How does Work?

This company is said to analyse each project carefully using something called as neural network which saves us time and minimizes risks involved.  This platform is supposedly fully automated and protected which excludes the possibility of theft of funds and the human factor.

Unless you are a complete beginners who does not have the slightest idea of how markets work, there is no way anyone is going to entrust this firm with their money after going through this narration which is too vague.  

The actual factors involved in trading are never discussed and we are not briefed about any trading approach or plan they follow.  We do not know what factors have to occur in order for them to enter the trade and there is no assurance about the reliability of their software.  

There is no verifiable trading history of these alleged expert traders.  Will you trust an anonymous person who does not have any proof of being profitable to trade on behalf of you?  Because that is what this firm is asking you to do.

Returns Offered

Cryptocurrency is a lucrative market full of opportunities.  If you manage to find a right strategy which gives you an edge then it is just a matter of time till your account balance grows but unfortunately many people do not have patience.  

Many inexperienced investors are always searching for methods which promise them literally overnight riches which is why many of them fall prey to scams similar to this platform.  This firm advertises returns of up to 135% in 6 hours with little to no risk involved.

If this platform could really generate returns like these, why would they offer it to the public for free?  

Here are the investment plan details:

Plan 1

Returns – 135%

Duration – 6 Hours

Minimum Deposit – 1.51 BTC

Plan 2

Returns – 125%

Duration – 12 Hours

Minimum Deposit – 0.51 BTC

Plan 3

Returns – 115%

Duration – 18 Hours

Minimum Deposit – 0.051 BTC

Plan 4

Returns – 105%

Duration – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – 0.005 BTC

Domain Popularity

A simple search will reveal that this website has a global rank of 1,633,083 and it ranks 227,616 in Russia.

The majority of the traffic coming to this website are from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bangladesh and Belarus.

According to this domain was registered on 22/09/2017 and it expires on 22/09/2019.

Affiliate Program

The amount of money made by a ponzi scheme is directly dependent on the number of investors involved.  To grow their revenue, this firm offers any individuals attractive incentives to refer more people on to their platform.  The affiliates are are paid a flat 10% of the deposit amount made by their referrals. - Affiliate Program

Remember it is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to receive their payments which is the main reason why many blogs promote them, simply put they are making money not you.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The only payment method accepted by this platform is Bitcoin.  The minimum spend is 0.005 BTC. We do not know if there are any transaction fees associated with deposits and withdrawals.  

Be aware of the fact that the payments made through bitcoin are hard to trace which is why many fake investments accept them.  The time taken for processing withdrawals is not stated.

Is a Scam?


They are operating without having proper licenses.  Looking at how their platform is set up, it appears just like a ponzi scheme.  They offer unrealistic returns which not even the best hedge funds can ever dream of achieving.  These scam artist’s livelihood depends upon the gullibility of the new entrants of the crypto markets and they are ready to do whatever it takes to earn it. Review Conclusion is a phony platform with a number of alarming facts which all points towards the direction of a scam which is why you should not bother about interacting with them.  Unless a firm provides you with a solid verifiable trading history, do not jump into any conclusion because if you are wrong then there is no way of getting back your funds in most cases.

If you were scammed by, please share your experience and feedback by commenting below.


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