BitFine.Biz Review – Ignorant Ponzi Scheme Revealed!

NOTE: At the time of posting this review, the site was down. Hopefully, it will not resurface at the same domain or a different one. If you have been scammed by BitFine, or know of any other domain they are using, please leave a comment below this review.

An investment through BitFine.Biz may as well be considered based treachery to the longevity of your Bitcoin wallet. Successfully pulling off the persona of a legitimate appearing investment destination, it is fair to say that the creators behind this manipulative Bitcoin operation have created a dangerous yet convincing service for cryptocurrency investors. Harvest and analyze the facts laid out for you in our scam review to understand why BitFine is an investment platform that cannot be trusted! - BitFine

What is BitFine.Biz?

According to BitFine.Biz, BitFine is a platform that specializes in multi currency trading. Putting emphasis on the Forex arena, this operation claims to have been existence since 2010. The mission behind this site would be to handle investors Bitcoin deposits with professionalism where they will apply their knowledge to conduct high-yield investments on your behalf. The quantity of bitcoins investors deposit will dictate whether they will accrue 10% to 25% daily returns forever.

Who is Responsible for BitFine.Biz?

BitFine.Biz is operated by a private limited company known as BitFine Limited. Filed under company number 10803890, BitFine Limited was incorporated on June 5th, 2017 and has a registered office address of 36 Gloucester Square, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, W2 2TD. The director behind BitFine Limited is Nick Shaw, a British citizen born in March 1979, whose correspondence address provided is the same addresses rendered for BitFine Limited.

While a CompaniesHouse search will reveal this to be true, it fails to add any credibility to the BitFine investment platform. For those of you who are avid readers of ours, you will have undoubtedly noticed this peculiar trend reoccurring amongst shady investment sites. Most of these sites under scope all promise unbelievably high returns while featuring an unsustainable business model that most closely resembles a Ponzi scheme.

How does BitFine.Biz Work?

BitFine functions under an operational capacity where investors deposit bitcoins through their platform, falling under 1 of 5 account packages, where their team of financial experts will then invest your deposit among a variety of investment options. Listed below are the 5 investment packages based upon a tier format.

Package 1

Deposit: 0.001 BTC – 0.5 BTC

Daily Return: 10%

Affiliate Commission: 5% (Lvl 1) – 2% (Lvl 2)

Package 2

Deposit: 0.050000001 BTC – 1.0 BTC

Daily Return: 12%

Affiliate Commission: 5% (Lvl 1) – 2% (Lvl 2)

Package 3

Deposit: 1.0000001 BTC – 1.5 BTC

Daily Return: 14%

Affiliate Commission: 5% (Lvl 1) – 2% (Lvl 2)

Package 4

Deposit: 1.50000001 BTC to 3 BTC

Daily Return: 18%

Affiliate Commission: 5% (Lvl 1) – 2% (Lvl 2)

Package 5

Deposit: 3.0000001 BTC – 75 BTC

Daily Return: 25%

Affiliate Commission: 5% (Lvl 1) – 2% (Lvl 2)

Red Flags and Complaints

BitFine is not a reputable investment site and therefore has virtually no feedback regarding their operation. Search results will reveal inconclusive reviews that will neither endorse nor condone investing through BitFine but nonetheless the incorporation of affiliate links can be found on these review sites so their stance is made quite clear. While not many complaints can be found regarding BitFine until it has drawn more victims, the same cannot be said about the warning signs regarding this operation.

Due to the ridiculous ROIs promised through BitFine, it becomes self-evident that this investment platform is not legitimate. Claiming to accrue earnings that are clearly unsustainable and that will last a life time is absolutely ludicrous and can easily be filed under the notion of being too good to be true. It becomes quite clear that the con-artists behind BitFine are solely trying to entice you into depositing through their platform because as they know Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once sent.

Can BitFine.Biz be Trusted?

Evidently not. Apart from operating like a bona fide Ponzi scheme, BitFine can best be classified as a get-rich-quick scam. For those of us experienced in the online investing realm, it is quite clear that the sole motive of the creators behind BitFine.Biz would be to defraud as many investors as possible from their bitcoins.


BitFine.Biz had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 29,031,895 as of December 2017. Obviously, BitFine is not a popular investment destination and receives little to no traffic.

BitFine.Biz Review Conclusion

BitFine.Biz is an unpopular and malicious investment scam targeting the cryptocurrency and Forex industries. Promising unbelievably high returns while not being transparent or upfront about their operation is a losing combination for any investment platform to employ. While this scheming investment site may appear legitimate, it is anything but. Make sure to avoid this site and their enticing traps of endless falsehoods.

Review Verdict: BitFine is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: BitFine.Biz

Have you fallen victim to the BitFine.Biz Ponzi scheme? Please share any feedback you may have by leaving a comment below!

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