BTC Enjoy Review – A Stupid SCAM!

BTC Enjoy is supposedly an ultimate trading solution which is said to earn consistent income to its users. They advertise returns ranging from 1000% after 2 hours to 40,000% after 30 days.

If you are a novice or even have a slight clue about the market functionality, then you already know that, they are bluffing. Unfortunately, many newbies have already sent them their funds and have fallen for their shady marketing tricks.

After all, greed is the inseparable part of human psychology. Read our thorough review to gain an understanding about the real nature of this firm and why you need to avoid them. BTC Enjoy Review

Company and Customer Support

BTC Enjoy accepts money from the public in the name of investments. All the firms which operate in similar manner regardless of their location should hold proper legal documents.

Though, there is an incorporation certificate provided by them, do not let that confuse you. We ran a background search about their firm and they are not overseen by the FCA. So, we can confidently say that, they are nothing more than a fancy fraud.

They interact with the clients via live chat and email only. Isn’t it a little odd for a company which allegedly generates 40,000% monthly to operate without providing telephone support? Seems like these crooks were on a budget.

Here is a list of contact details we were able to gather from their platform.

Address – 597 Sherbourne St Toronto, On M4X 1K7, Canada.

Email –

BTC Enjoy Business Model

This firm is said to make money via forex and cryptocurrency trading. There is no explanation about the process, parameters or the accuracy of their analysis. Moreover, the names of the fund managers are also unknown.

So, Without knowing all the parameters and track record, how can they expect us to trust them with our money? Cryptocurrency are the hottest sector now and considering the volatility they display, it can make or break your account.

Trading is a process of taking calculated risk and have a mathematical edge over the markets. If you have none of the above characteristics, then the odds will always be against you.

Remember overnight fortunes are a myth and these kind of scams are only trying to exploit the basic greedy human nature to rip off unsuspecting newbies. So, do not give then your credit card details regardless of what kind of returns they promise you.

Profits and Investment Plans

The goal of every participant in the financial market is to make profit. However, you should never set any unrealistic goals because chances are it will either bring you disappointment or it might make you take high risk opportunities.

This platform claims to generate returns which tops out at 40,000% on a monthly basis. At this rate within few short months, you will be the new world order, but isn’t that just a fantasy.

Looking at their way of presentation, it clearly shows that, they are targeting newbies because they are more likely to believe these narratives. Have a look at their plans, do you really believe in them? We hope not.

Plan 1

Returns – 600%

Period – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $30

Plan 2

Returns – 5000%

Period – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $300

Plan 3

Returns – 40,000%

Period – 30 Days

Minimum Deposit – $3,000

Domain Insight

We were unable to trace out any details about the owner of this company. However, we did manage to find the following key information about the domain with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/11/2017

Expiry – 27/11/2019

Global Rank – 778,535

Rank in United States – 488,612

Audience Geography – United States, Pakistan, Venezuela and Bangladesh.

Referral Program

Promoters and marketers of this firm get fat commissions whenever they bring onboard new clients. The creators offer an affiliate program which enables them to get more traffic at reasonable cost and increase their revenue without any firsthand risk. BTC Enjoy Referral Commission

As you can clearly see, regardless of what happens with the market or their platform, both of them will have a guaranteed cash flow. However, the sole loser at the end of the day will be the investors.

Many websites are giving this service fake reviews to make a quick buck, but do not indulge with them for any reason whatsoever.

Fake Statistics and Withdrawal Proof

There is an entire section on their website which display the stats of the service. By looking at the client base, capital generated and withdrawal screenshot, many might think that, they are legit.

However, this trick is nothing more than a desperate attempt to earn your trust. All the withdrawals they have featured is fake and are done intentionally to confuse you.

Whenever a firm uses shady tricks like these, it means they have something sinister going on and that point alone should be a huge red flag.

BTC Enjoy Review Conclusion

BTC Enjoy is undoubtedly a ponzi scheme. Their source of revenue is dependant upon the number of recruitments they make and they have nothing to do with the markets.

Moreover, they violate the lawful in a horrific manner which means the longevity of their firm is not long. Easy money making schemes always have a catch and once you truly understand the way it works, you will definitely realise that, it is just not worth the risk.

With regard to this platform, we strongly advise you to stay away from them or else you will be the next victim.

Do you have any experience with BTC Enjoy? If yes, We invite you forward to share them with us.


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