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Statum Global is a cryptocurrency mining solution which supposedly uses renewable source of energy. They advertise some of the highest returns in the sector which tops out at 1,260% after 180 days.

If you are a crypto enthusiast who understand the basics of the sector, then you can already tell that, the claims are false. Unfortunately, there are still many people who have fallen prey to their marketing tactics and get rich quick claims.

There is no information about the owners of this organisation and we do not have a clue about the actual physical location of their mining farms. Join us in this review wherein we will expose the real agendas of this platform. Statum Global Review

Registration and Customer Support

The term transparency always goes hand in hand with the legality of the firm, because no legit organisation will ever operate without acquiring proper documents. Statum Global Registration Certificate

This firm feature a registration certificate on their website. However, do not consider it as a seal of trust. Many scams nowadays portray these incorporation certificates just to convince you into depositing with them. There is no details about their employees which should serve as a huge red flag.

The ways to contact the support team are via email and telephone. Since, there isn’t many testimonials at the time of writing this review, we don’t know the average time taken by them to respond.

Remember, the way they handle the clients tells us a lot about their ethical values. Here are the contact details of this service.

Phone – +86 132 47 555 333

Email –

How does Statum Global Work?

Statum Global is a cloud mining service which is backed up by physical miners. Basically, they are enabling the people to indulge in mining without having to go face the technicalities and maintenance issues.

However, there is a catch as well. They claim to have mining centres across all the continents and are alleged to have 99% server uptime, but there is no proof to back up their statements. We do not know what equipments they use or the scripts they are employing.

Moreover, even the location of their farms are a mystery. Mining was a profitable venture, but it certainly isn’t an easy way to earn a fortune. The current amount of volatility and the increasing cost of electricity is making the entry barrier difficult to the retail clients.

If you are not strategically positioning yourself, then chances are you will lose a lot of money. With regards to this service, it is impossible to trust them with our money without knowing the basic parameters

Plans and Profits Promised

Mining cryptocurrency was a rewarding business opportunity a few years ago. This firm advertise returns of over 1,200% returns within 180 days. These kind of return is impossible to achieve or sustain via mining or any other financial activity.

Easy money always sounds intriguing, but do not let greed clog your decisions. Check out their popular investment plans, if it was really possible to hit those targets, would they offer it to the public for free?

Prestige S

Returns – 250%

Period – 100 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100

Prestige M

Returns – 5220%

Period – 180 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100

Prestige L

Returns – 1260%

Period – 360 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100

Referral Program

The main reason for all the favorable reviews about this firm on blogs and YouTube channels is the referral program. To drive more traffic to their offer and increase their reach, the creators are paying huge commissions to the affiliates.

Though, there is nothing wrong with the affiliate model, they are clearing using it to motivate shady marketers to create hype by misleading the public.

If you are told by anyone to invest in this service, then chances are they are making money off of you and are intentionally causing you a financial loss. So, for you own good, stay away from these kind of typical HYIP services.

Domain Whereabouts

Main reason as to why we conduct a background search of the domain is to trace out the owners of the firm. However, with regards to this service, the search ended in vain. Below is the key aspect of their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 13/08/2018

Expiry – 13/08/2017

Global Rank – 44,906

Rank in Japan – 12,456

Audience Geography – Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia and Greece


Check out what the people are saying about this platform on popular platforms like Beermoneyforum. Every single time whenever an online product or service gets hyped, it is always better to keep an eye on the trail of testimonials as they appear to gives us the overall picture.

Looks like a well prepared scam, they have even uploaded modified photos of alleged location in China, that were edited in Russia placing the “statum global” logo on the building… However a detailed photo analysis (error level analysis, noise analysis) reveals that the logo was added in Photoshop 🙂

Statum Global Review Conclusion

Statum Global is clearly a high yield investment program wherein they lure the customers by promising them a fortune and blatantly cheat them. They might pay some of their clients once in a blue moon, but that does not make them legit.

Mining crypto is an enormous task which requires huge amount of capital. Moreover, even if you put up the bankroll, the yields are not guaranteed. So, unless you have a clear idea about the risks involved, stay away from it. After all, lack of knowledge can cause serious amount of damage.

Do you have any personal experience with Statum Global? Feel free to share your opinion with us below.


  1. Joe Frank

    the Chinese government should pursue global statum because this one stole people making them believe it has the support of Chinathe Chinese government should pursue global statum because this one stole people making them believe it has the support of China


    fraude, invertí en statum y fue pura tranza, 600 dolares y nunca recuperé nada, como podemos hacer para recuperar??

  3. Maricel ceniza

    What happen to your website I cannot open not found

  4. Sanjeet kr bhagat

    Statum global invest my 3200$ plz replay frend

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