Work Mines Review – Is it Worth It?

Work Mines is a new viral platform which supposedly rewards people for doing simple online task. They advertise some of the best industry rates, but they are too good to be true.

Though, their website is popular, there isn’t much positive testimonials out there. Moreover, the details about the owners are also a mystery.

If you are wondering whether this platform is worth your time or not, then continue reading our in-depth review which will enlighten everything about this firm. However, remember regardless of what they say, their site is definitely not an alternative to your day job in terms of financial aspect.

Work Mines Review

Company and Customer Care

Work Mines is owned by a company called Time4Work Global, Inc. Apart from the name of the incorporation, they have not put up any details regarding their whereabouts.

Usually, whenever a firm display lack of transparency, it means that they have something to hide from the public. We searched the internet to find any details about the creators behind this program, but it ended in vain.

So, keeping the above factors in mind, it is very clear that, the actual owners are operating from the shadows and that is a huge red flag. If you need any help with regards to their platform, you can reach the support team via email.

Ask yourself, isn’t it odd for a firm which has alleged to have paid out millions of dollars to operate without providing telephone support? Below is the rundown of their contact details.

Address – Aristida Briana iela 9/1, Riga, Latvia.

Email –

How does Work Mines Operate?

In simple terms, Work Mines is an ad agency. Their main job is to connect buyers and advertisers. At first glance their operational model might seem fair, but it really is not what it appears to be.

They claim to offer $0.4 per video to their clients. These kind of numbers are way too high and majority of the advertisers would never be able to break even with this kind of costs. Moreover, think for a moment, if their claims were actually true, then everyone would be making millions right now, but that is outright fantasy.

There is no details about their employees as well. So, it clearly means that, they do not deserve the benefit of doubt. Exaggerated claims along with easy money making solutions are the typical trait of every scam and this platform seems to be doing it quite well.

Subscription Plans and Profits

Work Mines might claims to be free. However, their terms and conditions does not allow anyone to withdraw their funds, if they are not a paid member.

The amount you earn per video depends upon the package you opt for. However, note that there are times wherein no jobs will be available. The paid subscriptions range from $50 all the way up to $1000.

Referral Program

This platform features an affiliate program wherein the promoters get high cash incentives for bringing people on board. The average salary of the representatives is said to be around $750 per week.

To get promoted to regional representative level which comes with additional benefits, promoters need to have a credible track record of recruiting at least 10 clients a week.

In short, regardless of what might happen in the future only the creators and promoters will be the ones to make money. Be very cautious if anyone is recommending this service because chances are, they might be making money from it.

Domain Insight

Below are the important details regarding this domain which we were able to gather with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 02/11/2017

Expiry – 02/11/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 100,186

Rank in South Africa – 1,004

Audience Geography – South Africa, Japan, Zambia, Philippines and Vietnam.


Testimonials are an integral part of every online service. It presents the amount of trust and credibility a firm has earned over the years. However, do note that, due to the modern technology sometimes even those comments are sometimes shady.

Here is what people are talking about this firm on Beermoneyforum.

Upon reading this post,I realize that this is an investing scheme.A little PONZI strategy.Having said that there is an account upgrade and it was too high only few people can invest in there.Those people who are risk taker.Base on my own experience,a program like this pay only from the start but in the middle they gonna start telling they were just hack or whatsoever reason they pertend to tell their members.Yeah we supposed they are paying but how long they could take to do it if there are no more people will gonna invest with them.Where did they get money to give salary to thei members?There is nothing wrong with investing but make sure you not will cry in the end. Invest only what you can afford to lose.
Do you think that earning $3 per video watched is realistic? If yes, anyone with a internet connection can become a millionaire in a week. No advertiser would also be willing to pay such high advertising costs. This site also demands thousands of dollars for “membership plans” which claim to boost your earnings drastically. This has all characteristics of a Ponzi scheme: Unsustainable returns and compulsory investments.

Work Mines Review Conclusion

Work Mines appears to be a ponzi scheme which relies on new members for the cash flow. Statistically speaking, these kind of business is bound to collapse. It will ultimately benefit only the creators, not the investors.

We highly recommend you to avoid indulging with them because it frankly is not worth your time or money. Remember there is no easy way to make a quick buck and if someone says otherwise, it is better to run in the opposite direction.

Verdict – Work Mines is a SCAM!

Do you have any experience with Work Mines? Feel free to share your feedback with our community.


  1. Jear


  2. Ivan

    We are a living Testimony of this FRAUD. They have stolen our money and they have gone to enjoy themselves. I have learnt a lesson

  3. Jeanne

    Please send money back
    Gold plan 2 account
    Business plan for invites
    Too much hurts

  4. Moses88

    Please send me my money back please send to my payeer account P1012413096

  5. Tony

    I wanted to open an account with work mines but having their servers down has got me rethinking my decision..

  6. XYZ

    To those people who are responsible for this you really have no idea how you left misery to those people who trust in your false hope. Yes, you may call them a fool but remember KARMA is prudent. To those people who are so proud for this easy way business lucky you because you spot a good timing. How about those people who invested their hard earned money earlier this time ? Can you tell me what’s going on ? Where are you now!? Is it stil not a SCAM? To those people who are mourning for their hard earned money, I guess this should be a lesson for you. It is never wrong to take risk but make sure pick a risk you can surely win. There’s no such thing as easy way sometimes we have to work for it. It is something that we must be proud of because we made it by ourselves that is the free from any encumbrances. #KeepGoing !

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