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BTC Mining Crypto is a new mining platform allegedly operating from China which is turning a lot of heads in the niche. They promise a huge reward of over 85% every 96 hours once.

While newbies drool over these kind of numbers, every experienced professional trader knows that, it is impossible to achieve them consistently. Moreover, they have somewhat believable narrative around their shady scheme which is tricking newbies into depositing with them.

The sheer number of red flags we found during our investigation is mind blowing. Read our detailed review till the end to find out all of their flaws and take an informed decision with regards to their platform. BTC Mining Crypto Review

Company, License and Support

A firm regardless of what they do, if they raise money from the public in the name of investments which have a high degree of risk, then it should be regulated. The last couple of decades have shown that, it is not worthwhile to deal with any sort of unregulated entities as the conflict of interest between the parties will be huge.

This platform claims to be operating from China and even provides the address details on their website. However, when we tried to find the details about them on the regulatory bodies, nothing relevant showed up.

So, it is clear that, they are bluffing about their legal status which makes them outright frauds. As far as their support staff is considered, these crooks clearly know how to operate without leaving a clue about their whereabouts.

If you have any queries to ask, then the only way to get in touch with them is through email which means it is extremely hard to track them down. In short, these traits clearly indicate the shady behaviour of the firm and it should tell you a lot about their moral values.

BTC Mining Crypto Operational Model

BTC Mining Crypto as the name indicates is a firm which allegedly is involved in trading and mining bitcoin. While the crypto market sees wild swings every day, it certainly should not be considered as an easy way to make money.

Many fraudsters are using the glory of Bitcoin along with ridiculous narratives of their own to delude the investors. This firm though it brags about their accomplishments, they haven’t gone into any of the details about their approach nor have provided any proof to back up their claims.

The physical address of their mining farms are unknown and the equipment they employ are also a mystery. Moreover, we did not find any trading history on their platform.

In short, do they expect us to believe their words blindly? No rational investor would even dare to invest their money with them regardless of what they promise.

Investment Plans and Profits

The motive of most of the business is to make money. After all, without profits sustainability of a firm is impossible. However, just like every successful business, you need to acquire certain skill set to gain an edge.

This platform advertises returns which tops out at 85% after 96 hours which is impossible to earn through trading or mining. If anyone in the whole world would really be able to achieve that, they would certainly never give it away for free, right?

So, always avoid the hype around a product or service and understand the fact that, they are using fancy numbers just to lure people in. Take a look at their investment plans, don’t they look like a pure fantasy tale? BTC Mining Crypto Investment Plans

Affiliate program

This firm uses the affiliate business model to drive new clients to their platform in a pocket friendly manner. They provide some percentage of the revenue from the cumulative deposits made by the investor to the marketers.

So, for the sake of fat commissions many shady networks are already creating fake reviews and misleading the public. If you ever come across anyone promoting them, then they are just financially slaughtering you for their benefit.

Refrain yourself from indulging with any source or the channels associated with this scheme because their only goal is to make money off of you.

Fake Withdrawal Proof

There is a screenshot of the so called recent transactions on their website. At first glance, many newbies might consider them as a sign of transparency. However, the reason behind these fancy screenshots are more sinister. BTC Mining Crypto Fake Withdrawal Proof

Scams like this one put up these sort of altered screenshots only to seem legit to the potential investors, but none of the transactions showcased are true. So, do not make the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt because if you do, then you will lose your money for sure.

Domain Insights

Here are the general info of this domain and website. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 19/04/2018

Expiry – 19/04/2020

Alexa global Rank – 8,027,761

Target Audience – Currently Unknown

BTC Mining Crypto Review Conclusion

BTC Mining Crypto is a fraud organisation which is following the ponzi operational model. Basically, they are just using or circulating the cash received from the new victim to pay out the old ones while skimming something on top for themselves.

All the platforms which follows this method will crumble and it is just a matter of time before the inevitable happens. In short, the likelihood of making money from them is zero which means you should never indulge with them for any reason.

Have you lost money to BTC Mining Crypto? Please share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Mfanimpela Mndebele

    I have been scammed with similar fashion company called miners benefit they don’t pay out profit after mining

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