Crypto Trade Fair Review – Classic HYIP Scam

Crypto Trade Fair is an alleged crypto mining solution which is exploding in terms of virality in the retail sector. The advertised returns tops out at 10% daily which is absolutely ridiculous.

Most of the crypto enthusiasts who have reasonable experience with the markets already know that, the claims are outright fake. Unfortunately, a major part of the masses still believe in these narratives which will ultimately cost them a lot of money along with regrets.

Regardless of what you have been promised by them, go through this detailed review to understand the real nature of this firm. Crypto Trade Fair Review

Company, Registration and Support

Any firm which takes in money from the public in the name of investments have to uphold certain guidelines laid by regulatory authorities. Failing to adhere to strict rules will have severe consequences to the owners of the enterprise and it involves criminal prosecution as well.

This firm features some kind of registration number on their website and claims to be operating from the UK. However, when we went over the details on the database of the FCA, there was no information regarding this platform.

So, it is obvious that they are misleading the public and are in direct violation of law. As far as their support team is considered, there isn’t much to adore.

The only way to reach the staff of this platform is via email and that makes it almost impossible to track them down. Think for a moment, isn’t it strange to see a firm which supposedly generates 10% per day to not provide basic telephone assistance?

Crypto Trade Fair Operational Model

Crypto Trade Fair claims to be actively mining and trading cryptocurrencies. Their narration consists of going over some basic terminology and process involved in mining.

However, the explanation is not convincing enough. First of all, they have not revealed the physical location of their mining farms. There is no rundown analysis of the costs involved and they haven’t even mentioned the coins they mine.

Moreover, they have even skipped talking about the investing part also. On top of that, the employees of the firm are unknown and there is no proof to back up any and all of their claims. With so many unanswered questions and red flags, it’s definitely not worth the risk.

Investment Plans and Profits Advertised

The world of cryptos are filled with many fake promises and stories. To navigate around this sphere, an investor certainly needs to have realistic expectations and should know how blockchain works in the first place.

This platform promises returns which tops out at 10% per day. At this rate, if you sustain the numbers, then you will become the wealthiest person on the planet within a year max.

However, do you really think without skill and effort anyone can achieve that status? We hope not because it is not going to happen anytime soon.

Fake Narratives

There is a big section on their website which shows alleged withdrawal transactions. Every newbie finds this gesture as a sign of transparency, but that is not the agenda behind it. Crypto Trade Fair Fake Statistics

Most of the scams feature these kinds of bogus data only to attract the public. Their main goal is to instill confidence among the investors and plant the idea of making money easily.

Once they have complete control over your funds, they are quickly going to block you and you will never get your money back from them. With that being assured, do not make the mistake of sending them your money or giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Affiliate Program

Platforms like these need ton of web traffic to sustain and grow. To achieve virality, these firms collaborate with shady affiliate networks and split the revenue amongst themselves.

While we don’t know the exact percentage given to the marketers, we sure bet that it is huge. Marketers are creating hype involving this firm to get their commissions and are coming up with fake reviews.

So, if you come across any channel or website promoting this platform, then do yourself a favour by ignoring them at any cost. After all, they only make money if you lose.

Domain Insight

Here are the general information of their website and domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 13/12/2018

Expiry – 13/12/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 7,759,753

Target Audience – Unknown

Crypto Trade Fair Review Conclusion

Crypto Trade Fair is another fraud enterprise in the crypto niche. They have nothing of value to offer the investors and are present only to make money by misleading the public.

Moreover, they clearly follow the ponzi operational model. So, their end days are numbered and inevitable. Do not fancy huge numbers especially from mining, unless you are strategically positioned in the marketplace.

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