CCG Mining Review

CCG Mining ( is a Cryptocurrency Mining Solution which offers customers an easy way to procure Cryptocurrencies regardless of where they live and knowledge about Cryptocurrencies.

This service has been around for around 2 years as of writing this review.

If you are considering buying any plans on this platform then continue reading our full CCGMining review which will help you to make a sound decision.

CCG Mining Creator, Company and Support

CCG Mining was founded in 2016. This firm has 6 branches located in 5 countries which are Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria and Czech.

The CEO of this firm Michael Kwieiuski. Apart from his name, we were unable to find any details about him anywhere on the internet. Despite all his success stories, it is very strange that there is no information about him on Google or Wikipedia.

Their head office address is:
CCG International LTD
85 Great Portland Street
W1W7LT London.

The support team of this firm can be reached via Livechat, Skype and Email.

Email –

Finance department –

International department –

B2B department –

Representative offices:

Crypto Capital Group SP. 200
ul Dzialdowska 11
01 – 184 Warszawa Poland
NIP 7010425093
Phone – +48 500 043 034

Types of Mining Contracts offered

This firm provides both the mining rigs and cloud mining contracts. The customer can select any type of mining process and get started.

1. Mining Rigs are used to generate the hashing power to calculate Blockchain algorithm. Owning mining rigs should only be done by people who have technical understanding about how it works, also they have to self configure and manage them.

There are 3 offers under this section.

Base – 3810 USD (excluding VAT)

  • Based on – 6X AMD RX580
  • Motherboard – AsRock H81 Pro BTC 2.0
  • GPU Cards – RX580 8GB – 6PCS
  • CPU – Intel Pentium G3260 LGA1150 3.3 GHZ
  • RAM Memory – RAM DDR3 GoodRamplay 4GB
  • PSU – CCG custom PSU 2100W
  • Hash power – ETH – 168 Mh/s, Equihash – 1740h/s

Advanced – 3549 USD (excluding VAT)

  • Based on – 6X NVIDIA 1060
  • Motherboard – AsRock H81 Pro BTC 2.0
  • GPU Cards – NVIDIA 1060 6 GB – 6PCS
  • RAM Memory – Intel Pentium G3260 LGA1150 3.3GHZ
  • PSU – CCG custom PSU 2100W
  • Hash power – ETH – 128 Mh/s, Equihash – 1620h/s

Fury – 4510 USD (excluding VAT)

  • Based on – 6X NVIDIA 1070
  • Motherboard – AsRock H81 Pro BTC 2.0
  • GPU Cards – NVIDIA 1070 8 GB – 6PCS
  • RAM Memory – Intel Pentium G3260 LGA1150 3.3GHZ
  • PSU – CCG custom PSU 2100W
  • Hash power – ETH – 180 Mh/s, Equihash – 2580h/s

2. cloud mining contract

In cloud mining contract the users can choose which Cryptocurrency they want to mine. There are 6 options

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • Litecoin
  • Bch

The cost of each plan depends upon the cryptocurrency chosen but by default . There will be 3 plans under each of the asset and a custom plan where in the users have to configure the settings, after calculating TH/S the exact price and conditions of the contract is shown.


Testimonies are always a credibility boosting factor unless they are fake. This website showcases a lot of testimonies which are favorable towards them but there is no way to verify that they are form real users.

We couldn’t find any testimonials outside their website but here is what the users are saying about this service on forums.

I watched the video and I must say these guys have made a good one. I still want to point out a few flaws in their website.1. If they are so proud of their data center facility why they have made the office in London ? 2. How do they intend to pay users while they have electricity costs no matter how low electricity maybe in Poland where they tell us their datacenter is, they have a staff of technicians to pay to maintain the rigs, where will they find money to pay the users ? Mining with graphic cards is profitable but not at the level they are telling us in their video.”

Here’s are a couple comments from Not paying. 2 month and never received anything despite several tickets and emails. Scam or Ponzi company.

Hi Admin,
Can you check about ? Coz I paid for their cloud mining, but until now no revenue in my dashboard. I was talking to support by email and said no profitable for my cloud mining now.
I got scamed ?

Domain Popularity

According to this domain was registered on 31/03/2017 and expires on 31/03/2021.

This website has a global rank of 68,451 and it ranks 28,270 in Germany. Majority of the users coming to this website are from Germany (14.5%), United Kingdom (14.3%), Romania (11.8%), United States (8.2%), Russia (5.2%)

Affiliate Program

CCG Mining has an affiliate program wherein the affiliates are paid 6% of the purchased cloud mining contracts and 3% of the all the other products offered by this platform.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Payeer and Bitcoin.

Is CCG mining a scam ?

Apparently, they are.

We found some evidence to say that CCGMining is a fraudulent platform and it certainly lacks clarity in some areas which might make some investors uncomfortable.

CCG Mining Review Conclusion

If you want to purchase any contract or product from this platform use extreme caution, but it would be better to avoid it.

Do you have any first-hand experience with CCGMining? How would you rate them?

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  1. Marcel

    there scammers the stole 900 euro’s from me because of there high fees and unrealistic profits i never made a buck.

    • Brandon

      I am not sure when you put your money in but in January bitcoin was around $3,700ish and there is no possible way you could have been making money with bitcoin being that low, if you are talking about how there was profit shown on the profit calculator, not sure how hard you looked but a the bottom, it says a possible maintenance fee is not included, bitcoin being at $5,000 including the maintenance fee is not profitable, since the maintenance fee is more than what you will be making day to day, so when bitcoin was at $3,700ish, there was definitely no way you could have been making profit, yes the profit without the fee might seem unrealistic compared to others but when you factor in the maintenance fee, it really isn’t, you can’t blame them if you didn’t do your research, I think CCG is great, but I haven’t put anything in because I did the math first and realized I wouldn’t be making any money, why do you think most cloud mining businesses shut down their contracts when Bitcoin dropped? Well for most they straight up tell you that it is no longer profitable at the current price with the needed maintenance fee.

  2. Phil Wright

    I lost 2btc @ $8k x 2 to these scammers.
    Don’t under any circumstances give them yr btc.
    I started with them in Jan 18, & got about 1k back before payments stopped…

    My name is

    Mr.P. Wright

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