Review - Scam Review claims to be some kind of Bitcoin investment program which supposedly yields returns ranging from 120% – 190% in just 6 days. We both can agree that these claims already smells like scam. The mystery about this firm is that it does not reveal what exactly they do with the funds but nonetheless the risk is enormous and unjustifiable.

They do claim to offer some carrier opportunity but that is another tactic used by fraudulent platforms to seem reputable. Do not make the mistake of sending them your money, go through our full review which will explain every factor in detail as to why we suggest you to avoid them.

Company and Contact Details

The interest in cryptocurrencies is still present among the masses despite the bear trend from the late 2017. As cryptos boomed many ICO was perpetuated around them have emerged and disappeared with a span of few days. represents an ICO, they are allegedly involved in trading or mining cryptocurrency and they relay on the money raised from the retail investors to carry out the activities. On the other hand all the investors are supposed to get some returns on their investment as dictated by the contract they select earlier.

Legitimacy is a huge concern for us, when we went thoroughly through the platforms of FCA and FTC. We couldn’t find an ounce of information about these con artists which shows us the undeniable fact that they are operating illegally.

In addition to that this platform also have disappointed us by not sharing any details of their registration or licenses. Why do they have to be so discrete unless they do not want us to find something about them.

There is no contact detail provided by this firm and they do not even have a basic FAQ section. The only way to reach support team is via a contact form put up by them on their platform. Do not expect speedy replies from them as the chances of getting them is next to zero.

How does work ?

This firm claims to be around for more than 5 years which is a bluff. No one knows for sure what they do with the money as they have not publicly acknowledged anything but from their presentation we are guessing that they are either involved with trading or mining. The concerns with both the ways is that we are not briefed about anything.

If we assume that they are trading then how do we know that they are indeed profitable ? The fraudsters behind this company have not put up any plan of action or goals let alone talk about thing like risk control and diversification which are all the integral parts of trading.

For an instance if we believe that they are involved in mining then the income claims will be nothing but dust. So to put things into a clear perspective we do not know or have any solid evidence to verify anything they say.

Are you kind enough to give them the benefit of doubt ? We would never do that.

Returns Offered

The amount of profits these faceless scammers promise makes investment bank’s portfolio look small but sadly they are all fake. We all know it sounds exciting when one is assured the possibility of making money without any sort of efforts and dedication but ask yourself if this preposterous system worked for real, why would anyone give it away for free?

These are the plans advertised by this service-


Profit – 120%

Duration – 2 Days

Min. Deposit – 0.0005 BTC

Loyalty Bonus – Medium


Profit – 150%

Duration – 4 Days

Min. Deposit – 0.001 BTC

Loyalty Bonus – Normal


Profit – 190%

Duration – 6 Days

Min Deposit – 0.0001 BTC

Loyalty Bonus – High

Domain Insightb

The list of details about this domain we extracted from are as follows.

Domain –

Registration Date – 03/06/2018

Expiration Date – 003/06/2019

This website ranks 32,535 in Iran and carries a global rank of 91,148 according to alexa traffic ranks. The list of countries they seem to be focusing are Iran, United States, Poland,Brazil and Taiwan.

Is a scam ?

A popular scam.

This whole enterprise is a simple 3 to 5 page website containing deceptive tricks and false information. The details of the people working for this firm is kept confidential that is apparently because they are well aware of the consequences of their action.

The entire operational model of this firm is that of a ponzi scheme. In the beginning to attract new participants they will process some withdrawals but once they are at their peak they will disappear causing the scheme to collapse. Take a look at what the victims of this scheme are saying on BeerMoneyForum.

Same here.. the status is paid.. but no visible payment in my wallet.. 🙁 date of paid 7/29/2018 time 1:30pm.. til now didnt receive payment.. Review Conclusion is a scam which will drain your money if you dare to invest in them. All the withdrawal proofs are fabricated lies and in no way makes them reliable or legitimate.

The carrier opportunity offered by them is another joke, they are doing that only to appear like a reputable service but at the end they are fraud and the amount of evidence supporting it is undeniable. If trading or investing interests you start out by acquiring proper knowledge or guidance.

Have you been scammed by We invite you forward to share your opinion.


  1. Anonymous

    i lost my bitcoin this site,bitcoin square/bitcoin spire they are scammer! don’t invest this site

  2. William Walker

    Yea there a scam they got me .00345678 bitcoin they need to be shut down


    I lost my 0.001 btc. This site is purely a scam site and they never pay to the investors. My recommendation is that don’t invest with this site

  4. Jaime Valencia

    Yes, I was Scammed by this site. They never gave and Returned to me my 8 investments. I lost big amount of money in this site. Please stay away and don’t Invest, they are Scammer, Deceiver, Thief and so Wicked…

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