EliumCoin Review

EliumCoin (eliumcoin.com) is a cryptocurrency which enables smooth transactions of sending money across the borders without paying a significant banking fees.

They also have their own crypto wallets which allows the users to effortlessly exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other major cryptos and enjoy financial flexibility while benefiting from integrated instant exchanges.

Read our comprehensive review to find out everything you need to know about EliumCoin.

What is EliumCoin?

EliumCoin is a cryptocurrency which can be used to make payments without any fees associated. It runs on blockchain. The decentralized network of this digital currency allows users to transact directly. A.K.A Peer to peer without the intervention of anyone to manage the exchange of fund.

What are the uses of EliumCoin?

EliumCoin can be used just like the traditional currency. You can use it for buying or selling anything from anyone regardless of their geographical location in a totally secure and private way.

In comparison to Bitcoin which takes up to 45 minutes to confirm the transaction, EliumCoin’s confirmation process takes only 30 seconds.

Apart from the above stated uses EliumCoin can also be used as voting mechanism, global identification and reputation application, a micro-tipper, crowdfunding platform, initiate trusts, wills and contracts, decentralized domain names, future markets and much more.

EliumCoin Company and Support

EliumCoin.com is operated buy Quantum Invest Limited, located at Corporate Trust Company complex, Ajeltake Island Road, Mauro, Marshall Island.

This platform does not establish accounts to residents of certain jurisdictions like Iran, Iraq, Libya and Kenya.

For more information regarding this firm the users can reach them via email – support@eliumcoin.com.

Domain Insight

According to whois.com, this domain was registered on 18/12/2017 and it expires exactly after one year.

There isn’t much information about the major sources of traffic coming to this website.


There are a lot of testimonies on this website wherein the customers have shared their views about this service. There  is no information apart from the below photo which means we were unable to trace their identity.

Considering the fact that all testimonies are extremely favorable towards them without the user profile details revealed is certainly suspicious.

Also we were not able to find a single testimony about their service apart from those put up on their website.

Additional Features

This website educates the users about the basic of crypto currencies along with providing them with ways to differentiate fraud services. They inform the users about how the fraudulent exchanges act and the ways they steal money from the innocent visitors.

Apart from enlightening the visitors about how they can protect themselves online, they also explain about how the phishing scams work.

Phishing scam is basically a fraud company trying to appear legitimate by lying to the end customers. In this article, they have even revealed some of the major platforms through which they reach the mass audience.

This website features an article about common mistakes to avoid when Cryptocurrency Trading by Steven Bnehko. Note that this article was originally published at coincentral.com.

This article mainly deals with the basic terminologies used in crypto markets along with some tips and prerequisites which will help the traders or investors get focused on long-term perspective and ignore market noise in order to make an informed decision.

The KYC policy on this platform is also pretty standard. To get their account verified the users have to upload the front and back photocopy of National ID, Drivers licenses or Passport. Getting the account verified ensures the transfer of higher amounts.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Neteller, PayPal, Perfect Money and Bank wire transfer.

Is EliumCoin a scam?


Since there is no serious complaints against them as of now, we believe that EliumCoin is safe to invest.

Update (February 2, 2022): We just received the following complaint regarding EliumCoin:

Invested in Eliumcoin and they kept requiring more fees (investments) to recover my earnings, now I owe a ton to three credit agencies. Visa, Chase and Verizon. Also, scammed me into purchasing iPhones.

This person claims to have lost $80K to this company. We therefore advise our visitors to not invest with EliumCoin.

EliumCoin Review Conclusion

EliumCoin has a purpose behind their payment network. However, there are almost more than hundred Cryptocurrencies which aims to change the payment industry, such as Initiative Q.

Until and unless you get a clear understanding about the crypto markets, do not blindly invest.

Will you invest in EliumCoin?

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