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Bit Earn is an online investment platform which brags about the returns they generate for their clients. They are run by an anonymous bunch of people with no track record.

However, they do have a world class marketing team which is the main reason behind their popularity. Profits up to 300% may seem enticing, but do not let greed blind you from seeing the truth. We ran an investigation about their platform and found out all their hidden motives.

Read our full review wherein we will unravel the nasty agendas about the criminals peddling this platform. Bit Earn Review

Legality and Support Details

This firm takes pride in calling themselves as registered and lawfully operating entity. Moreover, they even have put up a big registration certificate on their website, but that does not mean they are legit. Bit Earn Registration Certificate

We personally went over the database of the FCA and there is no clue about this firm. In short, this platform is bluffing about their legality and that is a huge red flag.

As far as the support team goes, the only way to contact them is via email. Now, stop and think for a minute, have you come across any investment bank or hedge fund operating without providing telephone support?

Though, this company feature their number on their website, they only interact through email. So, be very cautious if you are being contacted. Here are their contact information.

Address – 23 Fore Street Lower Edmonton, London, United Kingdom, N9 0NR

Email –

Bit Earn Business Model

Bit Earn’s business is said to revolve around the world of forex trading. Their About Us section talks about the basic concepts of the market. Unfortunately, many people will be convinced by looking at their way of presentation.

However, you have to consider the fact that, they do not have any proof to back up their claims. The investors are not told about their trading system or the set of parameters they employ. Their way of managing money and risk is unknown.

Moreover, they don’t even have the courtesy to showcase their trading history as well. With all these facts in mind, how can you even justify investing with them?

Trading for the retail clients have a lot to offer, but it needs skill to take full advantage of that. So, do not entertain any offer which claims to earn you thousands of dollars per day.

Profits Guaranteed

Do you like to earn up to 3 times your capital every 4 days once? Of course, right? And that is exactly the kind of returns this firm is promising.

Take a look at their plans, but do not believe them because it is all one big lie to lure you in.

Gold Plan

Returns – 140%

Period – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100

Diamond Plan

Returns – 200%

Period – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Platinum Plan

Returns – 300%

Period – 4 Days

Minimum Deposit – $5000

Affiliate Program

The only things this platform knows well is to market themselves. To get more clients onboard, these crooks offer an affiliate program. In simple words, they give high cash incentives to anyone who is willing to drive traffic to their website.

At the end of the day, the creators and promoters do not have any risk and will get a huge slice of the revenue. However, since their sole motive is to make money, they will create fake narratives just to create hype and mislead the public.

So, if you see any positive reviews about them, then chances are you are interacting with someone working for Bit Earn.

Fake Statistics and Withdrawal Proof

There are many screenshot of withdrawal transactions shown on their platform. However, do not believe them blindly. Everything done by these crooks has the intention to give a false impression to the public. Bit Earn Fake Statistics

None of the transaction shown on their site is true. Moreover, their sole motive is to seem like a transparent institution which pays their clients, but that is a trap.

Ask yourself, why would they put up all these narratives, unless they have something to hide from the public?

Domain Whereabouts

We did our level best to trace the identity of the creator. However, the search was unsuccessful and ended in vain. Here are some of the important details about their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 11/04/2019

Expiry – 11/04/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 5,821,405

Bit Earn Review Conclusion

Bit Earn is obviously a ponzi scheme. They do not have anything in common with the markets. Their main job is to create a cash flow by using the deposits made by new victims to pay a fraction of their old clients.

Once they are happy with the money they have accumulated, they will be gone. Moreover, since they seem to be skilled at looting the public, it is very hard to track them down. So, stay away from them for your own good.

Are you a victim of Scam? Share your opinion and views by commenting below.


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