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Coin Arena Trade is a weird money making type platform which presents itself in a confusing manner. Their business model revolves around cryptocurrency mining and advertising world.

The payouts for watching ads or inviting friends is unknown. However, note that they do advertise 10% returns per week. If you know the way cryptos work, then you can tell that, their statements are false.

Unfortunately, many people haven’t recognised the flaws in this platform and have lost their money. Before their aggressive marketing team convince you otherwise, read our full review to understand their agendas.

Coin Arena Trade Review

Company and Customer Support

As a rule of thumb, it is always better for everyone to deal only with entities which have proper certification. Nowadays technology has made it possible for everyone to invest through online means.

However, keep in mind that, more than 95% of the offers on the marketplace are scams. With regards to this firm, they claim to be operating from the US, but they fail to provide any information about their location or licenses.

This kind of mysterious operating style is a common trait of a pyramid scheme. If you have to speak with the customer care of this platform, then you can do so via telephone. Due to the lack of information, we don’t know the way they handle the clients. Anyways, here are their contact details.

Address – 50 West 23rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10010, USA

Phone – +1 9294760111

Coin Arena Trade Operational Model

Coin Arena Trade claims to work from two angles. At first they talk about watching videos and inviting friends to the platform to make money. Once you register with them, then they present you with cryptocurrency mining plans.

A lot of people try to make consistent money by watching ads or taking surveys, but those are just not viable options. The workflow will always be off balance and it certainly is not a good alternative for your day job.

As far as mining goes, their explanation is vague as well. For starters, they have not disclosed the location of their farms. Moreover, the exact costs and expenses list is not shown.

By some miracle even if they show the above two things, making 2 digit returns per day through mining is impossible. In short, they do not have nothing of value to offer and are just looting the public under the name of investments.

Blatant Profit Claims

There are numerous packages currently on offer at their website. The investors are kind of pushed towards spending more upfront capital for higher returns. Passive income is something which interests most people, but mining certainly is not the way to achieve it.

In fact, nowadays the mining sector does not render any profitability to the retail clients due to severe competition. Moreover, the entry barrier to the sector has increased as well. So, do not trust any offer wherein you are promised 2 digit returns per week, because it’s impossible.

Affiliate Program

The only thing without which this scheme can’t last is new victims. Just like all the MLM scams out there, this platform creates cash flow by taking the deposits of the new victims to pay the old clients.

To keep their dirty scheme afloat for long, they do offer an affiliate program. Basically, the promoters only have to direct traffic to this offer and they will get fat commissions for it.

So, to make money, these shady affiliates create fake reviews and manipulate the masses. If you come across any website or channel promoting them, then be very cautious and stay away from them.

No Testimonials or Track Record

In modern times testimonials are a crucial part when it comes to building up the credibility of a product or a service. This platform makes claims about huge earnings and other achievements.

However, there are zero testimonials about them on the internet. If they really achieved everything they have mentioned, wouldn’t there be a list of comments about them floating on the web?

Moreover, if you find any cheesy kind of comment with referral link, then avoid clicking on the link. At the end of the day, their story just does not resonate with the world.

Domain Information

We gathered the following details about this website. Source –

Domain –

Registered On – 05/01/2018

Expiry – 05/01/2020

Registrant Name – Tony Reeds

Phone – +91.12896235871

Email –

Coin Arena Trade Review Conclusion

Coin Arena Trade appears to be a well planned ponzi scam. Their returns are not sustainable and the people working for this organisation are unknown.

Schemes like these might pay one or two clients every now and then, but ultimately should complete a circle and collapse. Accept the harsh reality that money can’t be made unless you have the necessary skills. In order to protect your financial wellbeing, stay away from this platform.

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