Hour Just Paid Review – Blatant SCAM!

Hour Just Paid is a viral high yield investment program which is taking the internet by storm. Most of the people indulging with this firm does not have a basic understanding of finance.

Moreover, their lack of knowledge is the main exploit which the scammers are taking advantage of. Their business model is without a doubt an illegal one and they are bound to face severe consequences in the near future.

We all can agree that making money per hour sounds interesting. However, do not let those dreams enable these crooks to burn a hole in your pocket. Go through our review to fully understand the real nature of this firm. Hour Just Paid Review

Company and Registration Details

The whole financial sector is overseen by regulatory bodies in most countries. Much of the strict rules is due to the fact that, this industry is full of manipulation and the average investor was not able to identify it.

This company takes pride in displaying their incorporation certificate. Many newbies have fallen prey to this deceptive trick because their certification should not be taken as a seal of trust. We went over the database of the FCA and there is no information about this firm.

In short, they are not legit and their only motto is to give you a false impression by featuring some legal documents. The customer support of this company communicates only through email.

So, it is almost impossible to track their real physical location. Here are their contact details.

Address – 36 Lewisham Road, London, United Kingdom, SE13 7QR

Email – admin@hourjustpaid.com

Hour Just Paid Business Model

Hour Just Paid is supposedly a cryptocurrency trading institute. Their only tagline is that, they want to help people become financially independent. Trading has the potential to enable everyone to earn a living.

However, the process of mastering it requires skill and dedication. With regards to their approach, this firm hasn’t put up any sort of explanation. We do not know their statistics till date.

Without having any idea about their win rate, maximum drawdown and average profit and loss statement, it is certainly not the one you want to mess around with. After all, how can anyone justify sending them their money without knowing all the parameters?

Remember trading any markets is like stepping into a battlefield, if you are not prepared, then your account will get slaughtered.

Investment Packages and Profits

Realistic returns is one of the main things every newbie should give attention to. After all, no one can become rich overnight, right? This firm promises huge returns in the span of hour which tops out at 18% per hour.

At this rate, you can triple your money every day. However, think for a minute, is it really possible to achieve or sustain them? Check out their investment plans, aren’t they the perfect bait to lure people in?


Returns – 1.80% Hourly

Duration – 70 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $5


Returns – 6% Hourly

Duration – 30 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $480


Returns – 18% Hourly

Duration – 15 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $4,850

Affiliate Program

This whole platform is nothing more than a swindle. They need traffic to spread their false narratives and in turn earn more revenue. So, to achieve their goals through pocket friendly method, they feature an affiliate program.

In simple words, if anyone drives traffic to this website, then he or she will get a piece of the revenue. As you can clearly see, the conflict of interest between the promoters and the clients are the reason as to why many websites are giving them fake favorable reviews.

Seems like these people will do anything to make a quick buck. Stay away from them regardless of the kind of hype they create.

Fake Testimonies and Withdrawal Screenshots

There are a few testimonials floating on their website. From early 200’s many websites started to incorporate social proof to increase their reputation. However, this firm is manipulating this idea to their favor. Hour Just Paid Bogus User Profile

All the glittery comments showcased by them are from bogus profiles. The images shown are stock photos which can be found for free on the internet. Ask yourself, why on earth would they lie about their performance unless there is something fishy going on?

This platform is known to provide a lot of payment proof in the form of screenshots, but they are also fake. So, under any circumstances, never give them the benefit of the doubt.

Domain Whereabouts

We were able to find the details regarding the kind of demographics they are targeting. Unfortunately, any information about the owners is still untraceable.

Domain – HourJustPaid.com

Registered – 17/01/2019

Expiry – 17/01/2020

Global Rank – 24,606

Rank in Ukraine – 1,843

Target Audience – Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico

Hour Just Paid Review Conclusion

Hour Just Paid is a viral swindle which will only make the owners rich. They will certainly pay some of their earlier clients. However, once they are happy with the amount of money they have made, they will flee away.

In short, this scheme is not the one which is going to help you financially. So, to be on the safer side and protect your hard earned money, do not entertain them.

Have you lost money to Hourjustpaid.com? Let us know your feedback and opinion by leaving a comment.


  1. Soumitra Bose

    I invested $470 on 15th July,2019 in their CFO scheme 7.00%-8.00% hourly for 30 hours. The scheme has matured on 16th July,2019. I requested for the withdrawal of my profit on 17th July,2019 but I haven’t received my profit till now. I have contacted Ms. Judy (customer support) and I have written several letters to her and their email address “admin@hourjustpaid.com” regarding my profit which stands pending in my account but she is not helping me to get my profit at the earliest. She is saying that you have deposited in multiplan scheme so you will not get your profit, you are against our FAQ, you are against our rule, you will have to deposit another $470 so as to bring your account back to normal and after that you will get your profit and all that.

  2. Raphael

    I get to invest $8 only then i got scammed, it says ‘Settings are broken. Contact developers please’ who else experienced this?

  3. Chris D

    I’m investing $480 I did not my money back and they want me to put another $480 to activate my account.

  4. Sicelo

    I invested in hour just paid, i got my interest and I was able to withdraw successfully

    • Robert

      Sobald sie in höheren Plan einzahlen wird ihr Konto deaktiviert, also wenn sie 400$ einzahlen

  5. Banane2662

    Ich habe geld eingezahlt und auch was ausbezahlt bekommen, am Anfang. Habe 5 uds und dann nochmal 100 USD eingezahlt und 40 USD ausbezahlt bekommen aber jz zahlen sie nicht mehr aus seitdem ich nochmal 500usd eingezahlt habe

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