One Atom Review – Scientific Scam

One Atom is an online investment program which supposedly generates money by using graphene. Their narrative is irrelevant to their claims, but many people have fallen prey to their fancy claims. The owners fearing the consequences of their actions are maintaining anonymity.

Moreover, the details about the corporate side of this firm is non-existent. They do not have any credible history or track record as well. Making money passively is something everyone wants, but it is not as easy as these crooks portray.

Join us in this review to find out the dirty side of this institution.

One Atom Review

Company and Registration Details

Any company on Earth which accepts money from the public is subject to regulation. There were many grey areas in law which scams were taking advantage of. However, most of the loopholes are eliminated and the governing bodies are stricter than ever before.

This firm features an incorporation certificate on their website. If you are a newbie, then it might be extremely convincing. We searched for the details of this firm on FCA official website, but the results were disappointing to say the least. In short, they are bluffing about their legal status which means they are definitely not trustworthy.

The customer support of this firm interact with the clients through email only. Remember, their only intention is to convince you to deposit and are already known to use pushy sales tactics. So, be cautious while dealing with them. Here are their contact details.

Email –

Address – 34-35 Moulton Street, Manchester, Lancashire M8 8FQ.

One Atom Business Model

One Atom claims to profit from the growing use of graphene. Their entire sales pitch talks about how this product can change the face of the science. Many of the concepts they talk about are real.

However, they have failed to mention how it helps them make money. Technology and innovation change at a phenomenal pace, but that does not mean anyone can take advantage of that.

Graphene is undoubtedly the new trend when it comes to a wide array of applications, but trying to time the market will be a herculean task. Trading any asset class includes a lot of variables, unless a person has an objective plan, the markets will slaughter them financially.

So, just because you heard about something which may resonate with the core cause, never take impulsive decisions.

Daily Plans and Returns

There are 4 investment plans currently on offer at their website. As a general rule, they allegedly generate more returns by charging higher capital. The idea of making money on autopilot may be enticing. However, reality works a lot differently, right?

One Atom Investment Plans

Their packages tops out at 125% ROI per week. While this number sounds interesting, do that math, is it really sustainable? The short answer is no. They are only trying to lure in newbies by featuring miraculous returns and will leave them empty handed.

Affiliate Program

Since we have already shown the real intention of this firm, the following facts will be no rainer. First of all, the main motive of this firm is to make as much money as possible before getting caught by law. So, to increase their revenue, they are offering an affiliate program.

Anyone who is willing to drive traffic to this platform will get cash incentives for their work. Moreover, if they truly outperform and reach milestones, they get bonuses as well.

To create hype these shady affiliates put up fake reviews and cause a hole in the wallet to all those who believe them. In short, stay away from anyone who is working for this company.

Domain Information

The owners of this domain seems to be seasoned scammers. Thankfully, we were able to uncover the following details about the website.

Domain –

Registered On – 30/05/2019

Expiry – 30/05/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,342,205

Rank in Brazil – 71,569

Target Audience – Brazil, Iran and South Africa

Illegal Ponzi Model

This platform has no real cash generating activity. So, they create cash flow by using the money deposited by the new client to pay the old participants. Since their system is flawed from the core, eventually they are bound to crumble to death. Logically speaking, the owners and marketers do not carry any risk at all.

One Atom Ponzi Scam

However, the end loser and the sole bearer of risk will be the investors. Ask yourself, is it really worth the effort and the hassles present?

Moreover, as they are already operating illegally, chances of them getting caught are very slim which means you might never see your money again.

One Atom Review Conclusion

One Atom is an innovative scam which is trying to stay under the radar. All the traits of HYIP are present on their platform and the facts pointing at their inefficiency is undeniable.

Just to keep the investors community, they might have processed some withdrawals. However, when it’s convenient for them, they will flee away with all the cash. To be on the safer side, regardless of the returns claims, do not indulge with them.

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