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Created as a byproduct from the roaring demand and surge in popularity, crypto enthusiasts, and more specifically Bitcoin investors, are confronted with what feels like endless solicitations. Ranging from cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin mining practices, illicit exploiting systems along with crypto robots, it feels like the list goes on and on. Among one of these unethical solicitations would be a tactfully engineered investment platform known as Coinergy.

Hosted at, Coinergy operates as a fraudulent Bitcoin investment operation where investors who deposit their Bitcoin into the platform can expect to receive a 2% hourly return after 100 hours. While in theory this may sound like a fantastic investment opportunity, the reality of it is that Coinergy is nothing more than a deposit trap meant to steal inexperienced investor’s bitcoins.

As you will shortly find out for yourselves, Coinergy is blatantly deceptive and anonymous cryptocurrency platform operating without a moral compass. Willing to betray and victimize any and all investors that may stumble across their operation, Coinergy is a ruthless and misleading investment opportunity.

About Coinergy

Coinergy functions as an online platform that accepts investors’ Bitcoin deposits where their team of “investment experts” will then professionally manage your funds for you. After an investor has deposited into their platform, their deposits will disappear from their account where it will then be managed by their team of experts. Allegedly, after 100 hours, members who utilize their platform will then be able to earn 2% hourly forever.

Reflecting the active slogan of “Think Big and Earn Big,” Coinergy is meant to appeal and mislead newbie investors out of their bitcoins. While it is obvious to us that Coinergy is nothing more than a deposit trap meant to entice gullible investors, others appear to remain unconvinced or uncertain of their legitimacy. Promoting outrageous returns and not disclosing any information regarding the practices that their alleged investors are exercising while failing to render any identifiable information are red flags that cannot be overlooked.

The Scam Test

Is there any information regarding the owners of the site?

Coinergy does not disclose any information regarding their owners, operators or creators. Privately registered through NameCheap Inc, only supported contact methods would be through their Support page where a contact submission form is located or through their email address While the footer of the site features social widgets for Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube it should be known that those social toggles along with their Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages only redirect the visitor to the anonymous contact form featured on their Support page.

Do the website promote unbelievably high return?

If you do the math, Coinergy promotes some of the most outrageous returns that we have come across. Promoting a 2% hourly return after 100 hours, Coinergy is promoting returns of 17,520% on an annual basis while providing no transparent investment portfolio evidence or the qualifications that their team of investment experts possess.

How old is the website? was registered on August 8th, 2017 and operates through the NameCheap Inc registrar. Privately registered, there is absolutely no information regarding this sites owners and operators while the complete lack of Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers and a Privacy Policy make it quite clear that this operation is not legit and is accepting zero responsibility for whatever may occur on their site.

Does the site disclose a physical address?

The only disclosed address featured at would be the email address Besides that there are no other forms of active communication supported through their site.

How popular is the website? had a SimilarWeb global rank of 12,843,077 with a Germany rank of 1,948,721 as of February 8th, 2017. According to the report over 42% of the sites traffic is referral based while their relatively poor rankings indicate to us that Coinergy is not a popular site and fails to accrue any significant visitor counts. Review Conclusion

Coinergy is an anonymous Bitcoin deposit trap created by conniving con-artists. Promoting unrealistic returns to entice newbie investors while lacking significant transparency or credibility, every component of Coinergy is fabricated and deceptive. If you value of your hard-earned bitcoins, we advise that you give this scam operation a wide berth and seek more promising alternatives.

Review Verdict: Coinergy is a SCAM!

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