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Coin Gains is supposedly a new investment platform which takes advantage of the quant systems to make money via trading. The history of the trading software is unknown and the accuracy rate is also not put up on their website.

Their marketing skills are way too good and that is the reason why many people fell prey to them. Regardless of what fancy promises they make, be in your senses and do not give them the benefit of the doubt.

Join us in this review wherein we will expose all their dirty and filthy motives. Coin Gains Review

Company and Contact Details

Investment firms in most countries are subject to strict laws which ensures the safety of the clients and gives no room for shady practices. However, even after more than 2 decades, the world of online investing is plagued by scams.

Regulators have done their best to create awareness, but still since many people still lose their money to fraudsters. This platform does not share the details of their physical location.

Moreover, they have even refused to put up a registration certificate. In short, they are not under the radar of any committee which means they are in direct violation of law. The way the customer support of this firm works is also mysterious.

They interact with the customers only via email. Now, think for a moment, would any investment firm operating without providing basic telephone support? Isn’t it suspicious?

Coin Gains Business Model

Coin Gains claims to be active in trading the stock market and the cryptocurrencies. They allegedly have some sort of trading algorithm which makes investors money on autopilot.

While all this narrative sounds good in theory, the reality is a lot different from what these crooks portray. Algorithmic trading certainly has a lot of merit, but it is not flawless. There have been many instances wherein the trading bots have caused huge drawdowns in times of high volatility or due to some technical error.

Moreover, since they do not publish their previous statistics showing the performance of the bot, it is not worth the risk under any scenario. Trading any market comes with mastering a certain skill set.

If any stranger over the internet is promising you instant riches by clicking a few buttons, then it is better to turn down the offer. After all, there is no substitute to dedication and hardwork.

Investment Plans and Profits

There are 5 investment plans on their website. The maximum returns is capped at 1,000% after 5 days. These kind of numbers might entice newbies. However, all the professional traders knows that, these targets are simply unsustainable.

If anyone on this planet could consistently make 1,000% every week, then he or she would become the richest person in the world and would never offer it to the public for free, right? Coin Gains Investment Plans

Affiliate Program

The owners of this fraud enterprise offer an affiliate program. In simple words, their program enables anyone who has substantial web traffic to make money by featuring referral links.

All the promoters are paid a certain percentage of the deposit amount made by their clients. So, to increase their commissions, the marketers put up fake content and create hype.

If you see any positive reviews about them or testimonies, then understand that, the people who put them up are intentionally misleading you. Run away in the opposite direction if you are approached by anyone claiming to be an agent of employee of this firm. Do not let these crooks make the best out of your greed.

Domain Information

Here is the information about the kind of traffic this website is currently targeting. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 12/06/2019

Expiry – 12/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 510,479

Rank in Brazil – 19,599

Target Audience – Brazil, Vietnam and Spain

Fake Withdrawal Proof and Red Flags

There is a big window on their homepage which shows the alleged deposit and withdrawal transactions. Most of the high yield investment program incorporates this trick only to gain the trust of the potential investors. Their bold move might seem transparent to the unsuspecting eyes.

However, the reason behind doing it is a lot more sinister. Some of the transaction shown might have been processed, but the vast majority certainly is just fake. Coin Gains Fake Transactions

The main intention behind showcasing the transactions is to appear genuine so that you feel motivated enough to deposit with them. Think for a moment, they have not put up any details about the owners of the platform.

They work from the shadows and have ensured that, there is zero clues about their whereabouts. With total lack of transparency, isn’t it a huge red flag which is already dripping a lot of traits about them?

Coin Gains Review Conclusion

Coin Gains is a total fraud designed to swindle the innocent investors. Instant riches is something which everyone likes, but it is just not the way the world works. While trading is an excellent way of earning a living, do not hope to make huge returns unless you have reasonable skills required.

If any program, platform or course promises to make you millions, then it is most probably just another scam.

Have you lost money to Coin Gains? Feel free to share your story with us by leaving a comment.


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    Stay well clear of LegalCFD.They WILL take your money and return to the shadows blocking you from any contact.Be warned.

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