Invest Reactor Review – Height of Deception

Invest Reactor is the new viral sensation in the world of high yield investment programs. While many people are throwing their money at them, very few understand the way, this platform truly works.

Their website is apt and is as close as possible to a legit one. However, just like all the frauds, they have left certain subtle clues behind. They promise upto 5% ROI per day which is ridiculous as the probability of sustaining it is almost zero.

If you want to know the real intentions of this scam, then read our review till the end. Invest Reactor Review

Company, Location and Customer Support

Since the online investing became a huge hit, the number of scams have also consumed a fair share of the marketplace. The fake platforms usually targets naive investors and swindle them without leaving a clue.

Though, the regulation has done its part, it doesn’t look like it will be able to completely eradicate it. So, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you are dealing with legal entities.

This firm claims to be registered, but fails to provide any details about the legal document. Given their mysterious way of operating from the shadows, do not give them the benefit of the doubt.

They interact with the public only through email and that makes it a lot harder to trace their real physical location.

Invest Reactor Operational Model

Invest Reactor primarily is an investment service. They state that their goal is to enable people earn passive income by investing the funds with them. This narrative sounds too good to be true, but it does not have any credibility to it.

For starters, the markets they are supposedly trading is unknown. They do not provide any sort of free trial or demo accounts. Moreover, there is no trading history available on their platform as well. So, in other words, these clowns wants us to blindly trust them with our money.

The names of their employees or fund managers are also kept confidential. With so many obvious red flags, it is certainly not worth the hassle. Trading involves a lot of moving parts and if one is not familiar with the process, then the odds of winning will be very slim.

Investment Plans and profits

There are 3 investment plans currently on offer at their website. The maximum ROI is capped at 5% per day. While the number they mention looks easy to achieve, reality dictates otherwise.

5% per day means, you will be doubling your money every month which is statistically impossible to achieve over the long run. Ask yourself, if these people were really able to accomplish these kind of goals, then why would they give it away for free?

Moreover, to gain quicker returns, they push you towards starting with high upfront capital. In short, they will do whatever they can to get your money. Invest Reactor Investment Plans

Affiliate program

All the scams on the internet heavily rely on their marketing abilities. After all, if they can’t reach more people in less time, they will either get caught or won’t make any revenue.

So, to achieve their goal, this platform features an affiliate program. Any person who knows how to generate web traffic can opt in to work for this company.

The promoters will get huge bounty and rewards for every investor they bring onboard. So, if you come across any website or channel promoting them, then know that they are misleading you for money.

Domain Information

Using and, we were able to gather the following information about this domain and website.

Domain –

Registered On – 06/03/2019

Expiry – 06/03/2022

Alexa Global Rank – 381,840

Rank in Brazil – 18,112

Target Audience – Brazil, Canada and Iran

Ponzi Model and Red flags

The way platforms like these create a source of income is through ponzi model. Basically, they build a client base and use the deposit amount made by the new participants to pay the old clients.

The scheme will keep on expanding and some of the early investors will gain revenue. However, once they are unable to replace the dying traffic, these crooks will disappear with all the money.

Since the risk is clearly enormous, it is better to never take a part in it. Most newbies will be inclined towards trusting them because of their way of presentation. Ask yourself, if they were truly legit, then why would they hide behind fake narratives and names?

The owners of this scam are well aware of the consequences for their actions. So, to avoid getting caught, they are doing their best to stay anonymous.

Invest Reactor Review Conclusion

Invest Reactor is a fake investment program which will cause nothing but regret to the investors. They are creating massive hype and the results unfortunately have been favorable to them.

While making money by doing nothing sounds exciting, do not fall for their trap. If you make the mistake of trusting them in any way, then it is going to cause a loss to you in one way or the other.

Are you a victim of scam? Please share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.


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