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Bets4you is a new firm which is apparently registered and operating legally from the UK. Their website is well designed and adequate attention has been given to small details. At first look, they will definitely look very real.

However, the facts and the scenarios hidden from plain sight hides a lot of their agendas. They promise clients returns of over 1,500% every month which is just ridiculous.

Moreover, they use photos of famous athletes and have tried their best to appear as legitimate as possible. Read our review till the end to know all about this platform and why you need to avoid them at any cost. Bets4you Review

Company, Location and Customer Support

Generally the firms which raises money from public in the form of investments have to adhere to strict laws. Nowadays since it is almost impossible to track down the criminals, governments around the world are doing their best to educate the customers.

After all, it is the duty of the clients to make sure that they are only dealing with regulated entities to ensure proper handling of the funds. This firm claims to be operating from the UK and even provides a registration certificate.

While this approach might be enough to fool most newbies, do not fall for it. We checked with the FCA and there is no information about them which means they are bluffing about their legal status.

As far as customer support is considered, they do not provide any worthwhile assistance as well. The only mode of communication between the public and the firm is through email. In short, they have successfully managed to operate from the shadows.

Bets4you Operational Model

Bets4you supposedly has hired a group of expert and self proclaimed sport bettors who will be handling the funds. The names of the people involved are not mentioned anywhere. Moreover, they have even refused to put up any kind of verifiable history.

In other words, they have no tangible proof to back up their claims. Usually when most legit firms offer gambling software, it will be followed by years and years of data. Seems like the crooks running this firm wants the public to believe them blindly.

Sport betting is a billion dollar industry and there are many individuals who managed to earn a fortune through it. However, do note that most of the people who made big revenue were the owners of the casinos and not the players.

As the saying goes – “The house always wins”. Remember, unless you have statistical odds on your side, this industry will never get you anywhere.

Investment Plans and Profits Advertised

The plans offered by this platform depends upon your starting bank roll. Returns range from 4% daily to over 1,500% monthly. While we can agree that, these numbers are attractive, they are unreal.

Numbers like these are impossible to sustain and even if they were able to achieve it consistently, then wouldn’t they keep the system for themselves instead of offering it for free to the public? Always walk away from any offer which sound too good to be true. Bets4you Investment Plans

Affiliate Program

This firm has a huge network of affiliates working for them. The owners offer high cash incentives to anyone who is willing to drive traffic to their website.

Conflict of interest between the promoters and the clients is the main culprit behind all the positive reviews, this website has got till date. So, do not indulge with any website or channels which are pushing people to join this platform.

At the end of the day, the only ones to make money will be the owners and the marketers while the sole bearer of risk will be the clients.

Domain Insights

Take a look at the type of audience this website is currently after. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 20/04/2019

Expiry – 20/04/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 396,066

Rank in Brazil – 12,809

Target Audience – Brazil, Russia and Egypt

Lack of Transparency and Testimonials

Most of the legit firms which operate around the sports betting sector reveal the identity of their employees and owners. Transparency is the number one thing especially in today’s world wherein most of the things are done online.

Since this firm has completely refrained itself from displaying any of the details about their whereabouts, it is a huge red flag which acts like an alarm bell. Moreover, if all their success stories were true, then why aren’t there any testimonials about them on the web?

Seems like these fraudsters have skipped over this part thinking that, most people will not notice. In short, given all the things we have discussed above, dealing with them is clearly a risky venture.

Bets4you Review Conclusion

Bets4you is a scam which is looting all the gamblers in the name of sports. They have nothing to do with the sports sector and they do not have any software or analytical approach which gives them an edge.

Their only motive is to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account. Looking at the way, this scam is getting attention, they will get shut down by law in the near future.

Moreover, they appear to be following ponzi operational model as well which is already considered as illegal in most countries.

Have you lost money to We invite you to share your views with us by leaving a comment below.


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