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Coins 247 Review – A Reliable Crypto Broker?

Coins 247 is a new cryptocurrency broker who claims to offer one of the most sophisticated trading platform. Their interface is user-friendly and can be accessed through any device which has an active internet connection. The maximum leverage offered by them is 1:40, but that is normal if you compare it to the other alternatives.

Their client base is growing gradually and looking at their marketing efforts, it might have caught your attention too. Go through our review to find out all the facts about this broker and decide for yourself whether they suit you or not.

Disclosure: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Coins 247 Review

Ownership and Customer Care

Transparency and the legality are the two things every legit broker upholds. Coins 247 is owned by ™ Capital LTD, this firm is incorporated under the law of Bulgaria.

Registration Number – 205296441

Registered Office – 1505 Sofia city, Sofia District, Metropolitan Municipality, Slatina Region, 21 Brichitor Street, app 4, Bulgaria.

If you need any help on their platform, then you will be happy to know that they offer 24/7 customer support. Clients can reach them through many methods which is listed below.

However, note that they also have telegram channel. It is good to know that they are taking every step to interact with the customers directly.

Phone – +3728801448

Email – [email protected]

Charting Platform and Interface

This topic is a subjective one, but there are a few things you should be aware of Coins 247 does not offer MT4 platform. So, all the automated trading Expert Advisors cannot be run with this broker.

Moreover, the lack of MT4 integration means that you cannot import most of the custom indicators. On the bright side, TradingView also has a number of unique feature. Since the whole platform is web based, the experience of using iw will be seamless across all your devices.

The number of indicator available by default will be enough for most traders. However, the users might have to pay to unlock all the features.

We do not know whether this broker offer account management services, but even if they do keep an eye on the fees. As far as asset management is considered, always make sure that you check the entire trading records of the person whom you would like to copy the trades from.

Account Types and Leverage

Leverage on this broker depends on the account type you choose. There are a few distinctive advantages for choosing the more premium versions, but it depends on your approach to the market.

Here are the list of factors you get with the specific types of accounts.


Minimum Deposit – $250

1:10 Leverage

Account Manager

50% Bonus

Platform walkthrough


Minimum Deposit – $10,000

1:20 Leverage

Senior Account Manager

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75% Bonus

Technical Education


Minimum Deposit – $25,000

1:30 Leverage

Executive Account Manager

100% Bonus

Technical and Fundamental Education


Minimum Deposit – $50,000

1:40 Leverage

VIP Account Manager

150% Bonus

Technical and Fundamental Education

Domain Insight

This domain was registered privately. So, we could not trace the identity of the owners. However, here are the main details of this website.

Domain –

Registered on – 20/09/2018

Expires on – 20/09/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 3,409,154

Due to lack of data, we do not know the traffic source of this site.


Depending on the amount of your starting capital this broker provides you a matching bonus. However, before you accept them, read all the terms and conditions.

Most of the time traders are required to generate 10 times to 25 times the bonus amount. So, if you do not have a clear idea about what you are doing, then definitely avoid that. On the other hand, if you are starting with low initial deposit amount, then taking bonus will give you more money to play around with.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Coins 247 accepts major credit and debit cards along with wire transfer. The fees associated with the deposit and withdrawals are unknown. Minimum deposit is $250, but there is no information of the minimum payout or about the time they take to process them.

Before dealing with them, get in touch with their support team and gather the details once. Although, lack of e-wallets might be a deal breaker for some, majority of the people might be comfortable with the current options.

Coins 247 Review Conclusion

Coins 247 lacks credibility. Since they are new, there aren’t any feedback from the clients about their service. We are not saying that it might be harmful, but it’s always better to stick with FCA regulated brokers. Given the amount of choices available, right now it is not all that safe to indulge with them.

If you have used Coins 247, please share your feedback below.

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  1. laurent

    I had e good contact with hem now and did got already some withdrawls, and good tradings… They are on the right track now..

    • Deryck Stokes

      Do not trust any positive comments on this website. They are fake as well. Coins247 constructs them to deceive you. The Coins247 Trading platform is owned, operated, changed by Coins 247 using their own algorithm. They have just widened the spread by changing the algorithem. I quote ‘to make money’. When you place a trade with this spread USDT/BT $121 you automically start with a very high NEGATIVE take profit. I always wondered how they managed to adjust the algorithm to negate my investment strategy. I may be contacted by e-mail [email protected] for anyone who is contemplating or is using Trading platform.

      • Diane

        Hi Derek

        I actually wrote coins247 an email explaining the reviews written were genuinely bad and It would be good for them to redeem themeslves and pay back my £275.00 which they did yesterday!. This was after my request for my refund 3 weeks ago.
        I still wouldn’t recommend using them as dealing with them has been a dogey experience.
        Yes its a smaller amount to give back than some of the people who lost money, but I will NOT be using them again.

        Just so you know I’m genuine, I’m Diane from London 07979201502

  2. Diane

    I’m still waiting for my refund of £250.00. They tried to scam me out of £4000. Thank God my bank blocked the payment!
    Now since I don’t want to invest moooore money, they suggested I close my account. Weeks later, I’m waiting for my refund of £250.00. I take it I shouldn’t bank on it!😒
    I feel really feel bad for those of you who have been scammed out of more money than me.

    • Laurent

      Halo diane
      I just spoke with coins247 , the are verry nice. I have now a verry good contact with them. They have a new mangement i think and i got a 1000 euro back to my account TODAY !! . I can proof that if you like, sent me your email and will sent you the bank proof!! . I would again mail them on the support line. Before it did not work so good , but in my feeling they are on the right track now. So pleas ignore and forget all other negative remarks

  3. mihael

    The one claiming that they got their money back are all fake, as the company is well organised in deliberately scamming people! They owe me more than 10 BTC, and I am not the only one! Demanding more and more BTC (which they say is not real money) to make the turnover, which they lose every time! Then they say I lost it. One guy Keagan is regularly calling me wanting more investment, telling me with a sarcastic voice that instead 100000 € I have left only 26 € and that they can give it to me if I want! They want to close my account unless I send them more money to lose, better said to take! They are a well-organised group of more than 10 people, but so is the group of injured parties. If you had a bad experience with them, let us know on [email protected]

    • laurent

      same story
      did invest more than 10k , got bonus, did trade on there advice, bad trades… you hit the sell button they say…on there advice
      Al the time new account manager, built up thrust, than emergency, other trader.. again down ..
      Can not witdrawl, since i lost to much, have to buy out the turnover with 6K, did refuse, new account manager, building up thrust… I can now buy out with 3K…
      i think this is also not thrue , and tehre will never be a withdrawl, and in the end the money is all gone.. you can say nothing since you place the trades. you can nit ring them since the tel are IP numbers

  4. Krzysztof

    Hi guys, I have invested minimum deposit 250€ made few trades and Ive got 500€ I decided to withdrawal 400€ for a test. After two weeks of waiting still got no money but they’re asking me to make some kind reverse transaction.

    “We express our sincerest apology for the delay in your refund.
    We are experiencing difficulties with the payment service provider in releasing your funds after we gave multiple instructions to issue refunds to you, but with no success.
    We hereby request of you and give you permission to reverse the transaction (your deposit made with Coins247). Please find the below details for your attention to provide to your financial service provider (bank)”

    Anybody had similar situation?

  5. laurent

    I spoke with my bank
    maybe this company can be part of a higher plan, to work togheter
    but i am not sure
    Can somebody help to investigate

  6. laurent

    We have answers and most likely a solution.

    Many traders are not aware that they have experienced fraud due to the nature of investing. If you have made an investment with an online company and suddenly experience severe losses over a short period of time, you have most likely been defrauded.
    If a company insisted on you adding more and more funds with no results, you are most likely entitled to receive all your funds back.
    If these circumstances sound familiar, please contact me in order to discuss your options. Help us build our case against Illegal companies, and get your money back as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,

    May Shapira
    PayBack Ltd

    Toll Free: 1800077165 | Office: 033094596

    US:1-6469680944 | UK: 44-2033188546 | AUS: 61-283174997

    Address: Ben Gurion 38, Ramat Gan, IL

    Email: [email protected]


    • laurent

      why you think there are a scam. did you invest money. Did you get money back already.
      My story so far
      Thanks for your answer.

      i did invest and we where making money in plsu till i reacht like euro
      then my account manager, did some mistake and was suspended ( noy sure that was the case)
      another guy did advice me some trades and do go -6000 euro
      than the original guy was back and i only did trade with him.. we went back to 20.000 and we would mak a witdrawl the next day, so far so good
      than suddenly, this guy, had personal famely problems and left suddenly, and again, he fied of him wil make the final trade and money would be sent back
      you can imagine what happens, in 3 sec we did lose 15.OOO
      now there is 9000 left but i can nit take them back since i did hitt the button, on there advice, and all my money is gone , and the 9000 whasbonus money
      again this guy was suspented, and the bog was wan’t to help me to recover the lost money
      i had to invest againl like 7000 and the company would invest also 7000
      and we could make the trunover soon and al all money would come back
      i DID refuse, and i do not know what to do
      i had an insurrance, for losses of 10.000, so thay wil bring it back in balance, but i can only trade with it, not withdrawal
      this wil happen tomoorw
      we did some trade san wnet back up 300 euro
      i think , even if i trade tille , 50.000 they will always have an excuse not to pay back
      so i do not know what to do

    • laurent

      please say.. IT IS A SCAM, does not help me
      can you give more explenation , seems this company can help
      did you hear about them

  7. laurent

    i need help with the company
    i think they are not honest and uses tricks to take money
    can somebody help

  8. Boris

    I spoke with original KD. His case is exact same as mine.

    For all readers of this posts/comments if you are in similar situation, lets get together and get more evidences so we can use it with legal authorities, which can act and hopefully return our investments and profit, which Coins274 scammed us.

    My email:
    [email protected]

  9. Boris

    I spoke with original KD, our cases are exactly the same.
    We have been scammed in a same way.

    For all readers, we need to collect more cases where scam happened, and then there will be more proof for legal companies which can process this scam company and hopefully return our investments, maybe profit too from coins247.

    My email is
    [email protected]


  10. KD

    Somebody pretending its me wrote that they got their money back.! An other dirty trick on top of the rest !!This is not me the original KD so whoever is impersonating me to stop! If you have paid with credit cards your original deposits and you are still within the 90 days
    period you may have a chance to go via the credit card system as they are a fraudulent company so you were victims of fraud . You may need to use a legal firm that specialising in scammer claims or speak to your bank .It is a long painful process but if many of us victims of same tricks gather momentum we may get justice although we will never get our profits back. Do not let them get away with it. You can email me at [email protected] with your case info and we can advise you what to do next but up to you

  11. KD

    Day 2 of them robbing totally my equity and despite emails from Lev Rosenberg that he will call me soon and he is trying to sort it out i hit a blank wall when I ask how and when and he avoids calling although he sent email saying ready when you are .I replied now and sent a number of angry emails but as of now nothing ! To have a proof of how much the loss of my equity by them deliberately is costing me in loss of opportunity I placed a 100 euro with the standard 1:10 ( I was VIP before at 1:40 till they forced me to loose it all )trade yesterday noon and watching the P/L daily as BTC surges . Currently I would have gained a 50% increase of my equity should the 191k they lost me at one go and this proves how deliberate this is as it is happening every time they want me to put more of my own money. I am waiting to see what happens tomorrow and with what a fantastic proposition they will come back to try to extract more money instead of paying me by now only 16k euro against an equity of 191k euro I had generated with profits . Should they have not every time loosing my money with their trades my bonus entrapement would have been minimal and I would not be in that position now so it seems to me it is a well studied and rehearsed approach involving also well practiced lines of remorse or sympathy according to what they think will trigger most your confidence in them . To those still with them stay clear from allowing them to place trades from you. Place your own trades either late the night or over the weekend but how you are going to repatriate your money back is an other question as I found out any request I made was canceled in their web site to allow the equity disapearance act to happen . If others in same position let us have emails to see if we can pursue them some how as what they are doing is morally and professionally unheard of !

    • KD

      Day 3
      They offered a bonus back in my account of 3k euro against a turnover 322m I need to make before I can take any money out !! I have my suspicions of how they operate now by deliberately loosing your equity by using an algorithm that maybe divert your equity to some other account they control ,whilst you think you lost the money in a trade, as in order to do this you surrender control of your trading via any desk and you simply execute what they are asking you to trade with . Again do not allow them ever to have access via ‘any desk’ in your account and do not accept to put the algorithm they will give you in order to withdraw into your account . Problem is that unless you perform their turnover as a slave trapped within their clutches even if you can make large gains you will never see your profits or even your capital back into your own account . Run away from them if you can and find an other reputable regulated broker . They may have robbed me from my equity and gains a number of times with the same trick but now I know for sure how they operate and I have shared my experiences with others so a collective approach in pursuing them with any legal means possible may save many others from the same predicament as us .

      • Boris Manola

        Same thing happened to me.
        Invested 0.5BTC (around 3700 $ then)
        I was having stable equity(around 7500$,making many trades to fullfill bonus agreement leverage amount) and then one day (month ago) “expert” guy named Logan called me to quickly make trade.
        Press buy press sell and i lose 6000 $ in matter of second.
        I looked at graph thousand times,it was flat line in that time,but something was changing and money was lost.
        They keep telling me ,we will sort this out, but nothing happen.

        Coins247 is a scam company , avoid it .

  12. Mihael

    I am very sorry to be using their platform!!! I placed them approx 80000 €, (most of it borrowed money) in BTC and they lost them all!!!
    First I put inside 3,3BTC, and got 1 BTC bonus and not 150% bonus as they write here! And the real problem started with the trading expert used this money to put trades on their trading platform and told me to activate them by pressing sell and buy orders. I followed his instructions exactly and the money was almost entirely gone, lost in seconds!
    He went to one of the “bosses” explaining what he did, and he yelled at him about his wrong doing!
    Than they said that this is a very unfortunate situation and that they will do everything they can, to resolve the situation! They would solve the situation, by me paying insurance, another BTC, which would enable me to get the lost money back. After I send it they said now we need another BTC in order to get my money back in the same day… by the way, they non stop change people you talk to, and conditions of the arrangement and when I was upset with them and their demands, they said that nobody forced me to press the button and even one guy laughed at me saying BTC is not money!
    Thing escalated as they said I have to put in 3 BTC more in order to have enough to make the “turn over” with which company would cover their loss in returning my wholesome. There was pressure made to do it as quickly as possible and after me telling I have enough of changing guys, one guy said he will help me till it would be resolved. He did not keep his promise, apparently he had a minor car accident and the next day a family issue! Another guy came front telling me this “trustworthy “ guy sent him, as he is a “turn over specialist “ and he will safely do the installments so they can “liquefy” my account and I can take now all my money out. I said I will not put money to trading and even if “trustworthy” guy said at first they want to avoid it, this “eXpert” said this is the only way and that he is the best in making turn overs for the company and that it is either this or I never get it back. He bragged why they put him in charge of the turnover process. I could not collect more than 1,5 BTC and in the next two days they call me, telling me that from 7,35 of invested BTC (in that time 70000€) I am left with 26€. All the bonuses that I never saw were gone as well ( together over 100000€)!!!
    They said if you want to get all back, put in another 1,5 BTC! Which I couldn’t!
    So I will never see invested money again?! This is legit?! FUCK NO!!! I have recorded all our conversations, but they say they have to do it by law themselves anyway. Till I don’t get my investment back I consider this platform a tool for collecting money with lies and company a well organized criminal organization… as today one of the top guys calls me telling me repeatedly I have only 26€ as I lost all money! And if I get 1,5 more they will “possibly”(his words) give all money back to my account. Of course no one talks about BTC went up almost 20%! The fact they are calculating in € and the fact that they promised 4 times and did nothing but loss(according to the numbers they are showing) and even made fun out of me loosing, joined with the fact that they call themselves Christian family people, I have nothing but the worst to say about them…
    If there is someone with similar situation, please contact me through email and we can use legal claims both statutory and common law!

    My email is:
    [email protected]

  13. KD

    This is a total scam operation stay away from them and also spread the word to protect others . Whenever I was making gains in the trades and had substantial equity by trading alone up to 121k euro once I asked to repatriate 16k euro they said that my turnover of trades in order to release this money needed an other 4m euro trades so they proceeded in making me via themselves positioning via all desk as you hand the platform to them I was protesting that it sounds strange they wanted to put such large trades which carried the risk of loosing all equity but they insisted they need to do that as my withdrawal requests were getting blocked by their “financial department” .Within few minutes all my equity was wiped out and the trader who was on the line with me pleaded dismay and oh my God I will loose my job but to me it was a set up to make me loose all my equity .Where did this equity go I don’t know. I have requested someone who presented himself to be the chief executive called Lev Rosenberg based in South Africa to call me as he was supposed to look after me and had told me repeatedly he was a man of his word and had promised at the end of this month I will be able to repatriate profits. The profits exceeded expectation of course and this is when they tried to interfere with my account and rob me from my equity . I wrote in my email that unless he processes my money to be paid to me as expected and reinstates my lost equity as per various securitisation contracts signed with their own initiative to protect trade losses which they instigated I will go public and look what other legal options are there as a recourse . All I got back was an one liner email “I understand” . Wow ! Make your own conclusions but I am very upset and distressed from this experience and I would like to warn others. If they act honourably of course I will report back so stay attuned if you need to find out the outcome of this

  14. dnm

    Stay away from these scammers! I have been trying to get my 400 euro back for more than a month now but no luck. Better safe than sorry

  15. Jerry

    They use completely predatory tactics. Any company that needs to resort so won’t be around. I was lured in by an artie talking about how Elon musk had an ai platform that was going to give you profits while using excess for development projects in developing countries. The site was not the same as coins 247. Then within 10 minutes I had them calling me asking about deposits etc. I waited and they called me from various call centres around work continuously hounding me despite always saying no. I told them to bugher off today. Let’s see if they get the point.

  16. Brew

    CFreserve is a total scam. The article with Andrew Forrest via ABC in Australia is fake and you can see that on his website – Fortescue metals etc testifying to this.
    Don’t invest the $250 deposit and especially the next 5k they ask for. We have possibly lost the 250 plus some personal data. i will try and recover that, just glad i didn’t get sucked in as he (the broker) sounds soooooo convincing.

  17. Be

    this sounds very like a company called CFreserve… i’m wondering if it is also a scam. sounds very convincing on the phone, but the documents look a little “homey” from my untrained eye. dubious and will try get my $250us deposit back.Would love to hear if others have had any experience. I think they are recruiting money/clients… but I’m new to all this anyway so completely unsure.

  18. J-dawg

    Reggie, did you withdraw your money with ease? I believe a similar company called CFreserve is the same people as they do all of the above also.d I put the deposit of $250US down, now I am certain it’s gone but trying my efforts to get my money returned as they are replying to my emails (unusual if a scam). Is it legit to get it returned or should I just give up and say goodbye to my losses?

    • Brew

      how are you going with your investigating with cfreserve reliability? I’d be interested on your thoughts? Have you ever traded before ? thanks

      • J-DAWG

        I never did a trade, I am still waiting for my money to be returned. The process hasn’t been easy and it’s been over a week now. I am just hoping for the best. I had issues trying to withdraw my funds but the support emailed me to tell me that they have applied for it and then a week later they approved the withdrawal…but there is a waiting period for my money to be returned.. and I’m still unsure of how it is being returned as I have been very specific of how I would like it to be returned but their emails are vague. The people of the phone sound genuine, telling me my money will def be returned and they aren’t going to hold it against my will…so I am still conflicted / uncertain on them.

        If it’s returned then I guess it’s legit, but only time will tell…it has been a week or two now. Oh and not to mention trying to contact anyone is next to impossible. One email works and they do actually reply, but you have to wait for someone to call you if you want to talk in person.

        • Brew

          Aah yes it all sounds too familiar. I’ve just done a request for my deposit $250 to be returned. We shall see. Very smooth talker my “broker” is. But if you look at the statement on Andrew Forrest website and ABC they say its all a scam. And that where i got my link from that article, which landed me at Cfreserve. So weather they send our money back will be interesting. Fingers crossed. On another note we can apply to our bank- they have contingencies for these scammers to hit them up directly, you might get it that way. 🙂

          • J-dawg

            Yep. I did the same thing, I am hoping so. I have taken precautionary measures ensuring they cannot take any more of my money. I will give them another week and if nothing then I will give up. It’s strange how a scam replies to the emails tho. Normally that doesn’t happen. I have spoken to my bank and because I gave my card details out willingly they can’t do anything. I wasn’t happy but it is what it is. Hoping they just return it haha. Goodluck, I will keep you posted if the money is returned or not 🙂

          • J-DAWG

            Hey Brew,

            Great news I got my money back today!! Has been a long process, over a month but the full amount has been deposited into my account.

            Such a relief.. they may not be a scam, but I don’t trust them still.


        • Brew

          Great news on getting your money back!!
          What did it come back to? You’re bank account or credit card?
          I’ve just closed the bank account I was going to use!! Whoops maybe I need to change my details … thanks

          • j-dawg

            CF’s ‘refund policy’ apparently states that they can only return the money to the card it was paid with (as I didn’t do any trades and asked for refund straight away). Even though I cancelled this card, I contacted my bank and the fraud team made a note on my account so when the company EVENTUALLY processed the refund.. even though it was to the closed card, the money will still be deposited into the account that the card was associated to. I kept hassling CF customer support as I didn’t think i would receive it back and one day, weeks later, it was finally there. I was worried because even though I gave them my account details to put the refund into, they would only refund it to the card I used to pay… legally for them, it had to be that way.

  19. Daniel McConlley

    Helpful and polite customer service and all around good and fair trading process. made 49$ on my first investment and will keep my money in balance until i have enough to cash out. Not a scam from what i can tell.

  20. JANE

    I was called within 5 minutes of registering my name and email account. My laptop was blocking their website….alarms bells ringing. I tried to get on several ways but couldnt…..I tried to recall the missed phone number but didnt exist! Then I got another call withing another 5 minutes and he tried to help me with log on, but couldnt get on my laptop. He then asked me if I wanted to join over the phone and deposit my money. I politely declined. I have come to the conclusion that this is a SCAM. Calls from South Africa, but located in Blugaria.

  21. H3l

    I have been requested 250Eur to open an account and I am reaching 500Eur.
    They are asking me now to deposit 1500Eur to enable the AI functionality and allow me to have a 4x session trading university. I am now to understand if i can withdraw money before i do it. Has anyone already managed to verify the account to withdraw money with them?
    Thanks in advance

    • Karl

      I got my money back (500€) but after insisting with them for several days. Had to verify the account with my id, a letter with address and copy from front/back deposit card (I covered the numbers, just left 4 last digits available). They blocked my account, but really I don’t need the services of a company that requires so much hassle to return your money/investment.

    • Sarah

      I fell for the hype and deposited the minimum £250 using my credit card – incurring a £12.50 fee and £3.50 interest charge in the process (that I only discovered when I looked at my credit card statement). Within minutes of signing up I was contacted and the account manager tried to get me to deposit £6k that he said would be refunded if he failed to make profits after a week of trading. I refused but was nearly duped into depositing another £1k. However my credit card company would not authorise this transaction (thankfully!). Trades were placed on my behalf and I found myself down by £100 immediately. A week later my account manager placed some more trades that were closed almost immediately having reached their Stop Loss limits. I have been trying to withdraw my £130 balance for over 2 weeks to no avail. Emails are being blocked and no one gets back to me on the live chat site. I am putting this down to experience.

  22. Andreas Hasenkopf

    As previous comments state, it’s a scam! They even try to get personal data, e.g. like your credit card’s CVV number!

  23. Leonardo

    Stay away from them… they called me 3 times… and after I told that I need more information and I want to verify on internet more safe information before to do a deposit… after all… the call attendant started to speak very fast and said “If after everything I told you… still remain doubts about our trading system, It is why you do not deserve our system… bye!!!

  24. PT

    I have tried to register but didn’t put deposit and then give a try to send an email to customer support. I got bounce back email as below. 100% scam.

    Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail

  25. bill

    Stay away with Coins247!!!!!! I have signed up with them but not make a deposit yet, they were calling me like 5 times in 2 days asking me if I need help for deposit also keeps on telling me how good is the market right now, at the last call they even swear to me for wasting their time and not making a deposit, this is 100% a scam company.

  26. Reggie

    I was scammed to get on Coins 247 because of an interest in a new BitCoin currency being released/offered.

    On a plus note, I earned $75 on my first trading day with the help of my advisor. Now, I need to withdraw my money (with no hassle I hope).

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