GPU Mining Review – Reliable Mining Solution?

GPU Mining as the name indicates is a cloud based mining solution which has peaked the attention of crypto enthusiast’s lately. Their platform is self explanatory and easy to use.

However, the amount of criticism they have is also huge. The profit claims on their website is quite vague and a little misleading as well. If you are on the fence and want to know everything about them, then read our full review which will help you take a firm decision. GPU Mining Review

Firm Legality and Support

Whenever a company accepts money from the public, it is of best interest of the customers to check their legality. After all, you can’t be too safe in today’s world of online investing.

This company does not feature any of the legal documents on their website. Moreover, we searched the database of FTC as well, but there is no information about them.

As far as transparency goes, this firm does not have much going for them. However, if you are planning to get started with them for free, then it should not bother you.

The support team can be reached via a number of different modes such as email or phone. It is nice to see the effort they have put in to address their clients. Below is the rundown of the contact information.


Phone – +1 364 4444 991

Address – 755 Baywood, DR Petaluma, CA 94954

GPU Mining Operational Model

In simple terms, this platform is a cloud based mining solution. It relies on the local physical farms and is powered by the GPU’s. The location of the farms is unknown and there is no rundown of the operation expense.

Moreover, we do not know the actual brains of this company. The anonymity factor is really overwhelming. Mining cryptocurrencies is not as easy and profitable as they portray.

A few years ago when Bitcoin was dirt cheap, mining was a profitable venture, but now it is just not worth for the average people. We are not saying that it is not profitable anymore, it’s just that it involves a lot of money to scale it.

If you are starting out with the free plan, then do not expect any type of large gains. It definitely will supplement your income, but is not enough to make you quit your day job.

Profit advertised

The amount of Bitcoin you mine depends on the mining power and the script. This platform is said to use SHA 256 script, but it does not have any drastic effect on the outcome.

However, you can speed up the mining process by purchasing a paid plan. The details of the packages are as follows.


Cost – Free

Power – 1 MH/s

Period – 3 Months Free Usage


Cost – $25 Per Month

Power – 10 GH/s

Period – 1 Year

7 Days Money Back Guarantee


Cost – $175 Per Month

Power – 1 TH/s

Period – 1 Year

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Domain Whereabouts

Every legit business tries to stay transparent because that is the feature which is going to earn them loyal customers. This firm has used whois Guard service.

So, we do not know the actual registrant of this website as the details are masked. However, here are some of the key details we got with the help of and

Domain – Bitcoin –

Registrant – Namecheap, Inc

Registered on – 24/02/2019

Expires on – 24/02/2020

Global Rank – 948,283

Rank in Brazil – 37,633

Main traffic Source – Brazil, United States, South Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.


Testimonials is the way used by most of the investors to judge an online service. This firm has a reputation of being blotat to the customer’s needs. However, there are some extremely positive comments as well.

So, it gave us a mixed impression. Check out some of the comments on, we are sure that it going to help you in assessing their character.

I just checked the site, there is no cloud mining going on there. That just looks like a ponzi. There are no ToS or FAQ at their site. They are just talking bullshit at their site with statements like “You can easily use Bitcoin mining, which has a higher performance than other cloud mining systems. ” I copied that from their site. Such sentences are just completly retarded. I am sure, this is a ponzi and no cloud mining site.
I have the same problem. I made a virus and adware clean in my PC and the same message appears. I will see if I will be able to log in from another computer. If suddenly will not able to log in from the other computer which I was able to log in. The means for some reason they do not allow you to log in. Or something like a selective blocking accounts. This site is very good to be true. You can earn even 100000 Satoshis per day with this if you press the start mining button after these 1000 seconds. There is no website which you can earn 100000 Satoshis per day. If I will log in from the other computer (I am 1 day user only) and I will try to withdraw these Satoshis.

GPU Mining Review Conclusion

Keeping in mind all the facts we went over, it  is very hard to recommend this service. If you want to stick with the free plan, then it is okay. However, if you are asked to pay, then know that there are a lot more reliable services out there.

Even in the free plan, you are required to keep your laptop or PC running. So, the wear and tear costs are always present. If you are fixated on joining them regardless of the cost, then it is highly advisable to wait for few more weeks so that more testimonials will reveal the true nature of this company.

Have you used GPU Mining? Feel free to share your experience with us below!

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  1. Tess Caringal

    Hi! I am using it at present. I want to ask if they are paying? I have requested a payout of 0.05 BTC last week but up to the present time, it has not been reflected in my account. I sent an email to their support but have not received any reply.

    Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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