Jet Mining Review – A Deceptive SCAM!

Jet Mining is an epitome of a fraud cloud mining service. They claim to generate returns which average at 20% per day. If you are an experienced crypto enthusiast, then you already know that it is impossible to generate these type of profits.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of newbies in the crypto field who do not know how things work in the fundamental sense. If you are interested in joining this service, then read our entire review to find out the truth about this platform before it is too late. Jet Mining Review

License and Support

Whenever a firm takes money from the public they should make sure that they have proper licenses. If anyone is caught off guard regarding this aspect, then the consequence will be severe. This platform does not feature any of their legal documents on their site.

So, we checked the database of the FCA. Sadly, we could not find any information about them which means this service is a confirmed scam. There is a Contact US section on their website. However, many people have confirmed that their service is very poor.

Apparently, they will only interact with you until you deposit. Once they have the money, they simply don’t care. The Contact information are as follows.

Address – 20-22 Wen lock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

Email –

How does Jet Mining Work ?

There is no exact answer to this question as they have completely avoided talking about it. They claim to be a cloud mining service. So, they must own the mining farms and look after the computers along with keeping an eye on the cost.

From the customer’s perspective, there is no data which will instill confidence about them. We do not know the physical location of their farms or about the machinery and scripts they use. Without knowing these crucial data, how can a rational person indulge with them ?

Mining is a complicated process which involves high amount of resources. So, if anyone claims to make you rich through mining, never entertain them. Moreover, to gain 20% ROI per day is statistically impossible, right ?

Jet Mining Plans and Profits

There are 3 plans on offer by this service. As a rule of thumb, know that they are pushing you to invest more in order to get alleged huge returns. Easy ways to make money sounds exciting, but remember never to yield into the temptation.

Once you send them the money, it is game over. Have a look at their packages, isn’t it too good to be true ?


BTC/Minute – 0.0000020

BTC/Day – 0.00288

Affiliate Bonus – 30%


BTC/Minute – 0.0000210

BTC/Day – 0.03024

Affiliate Bonus – 40%


BTC/Minute – 0.0002100

BTC/Day – 0.30240

Affiliate Bonus – 50%


BTC/Minute – 0.0012600

BTC/Day – 1.8144

Affiliate Bonus – 100%


Providing customers with social proof is a tactic used by many online merchants. However, you should never trust them blindly. There are a ton of positive comments on their website. Unfortunately, they are all fake and deceptive. Jet Mining Fake Comments The identity of the so called customers are untraceable. Moreover the profile photo of all the user profiles are same which means these crooks simply don’t care at all. Whenever a service lies about their performance, it means the odds of you getting cheated are higher. So, never be the one to give them the benefit of doubt. Here are the actual feedback of the victims of this scheme.

Source – TrustPilot and Beermoneyforum is a scamming POS. you can’t trust them!, it’s nothing else than a fraud. If you are looking for a highly trusted site then visit (www. I have received a few successful payments from them since I got hustled by is a scam site. be aware. I paid 0.001 bitcoin three weeks ago to this site, But they did not pay my balance bitcoin to my wallet. is a scam site.

Affiliate Program

Traffic is the main component which every online business needs to grow. Majority of the services use affiliate program as a means of effective marketing strategy. However, this firm has used that with a touch of their evil intentions.

They offer high commissions to their promoters for every investors they bring on board. So, essentially there is nothing related to mining going on. The cash flow is generated by following ponzi model and the only winners will be them. In short, if anyone is pushing you to invest with them, then they are getting paid for it.

Domain Insight

Below we have gathered the key details of this domain. Note that, since it was registered anonymously, the real identity of the creator is still a mystery.

Domain –

Registered On – 10/01/2018

Expires On – 10/01/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 418,326

Major Traffic Sources – Iran, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Algeria

Jet Mining Review Conclusion

Jet Mining is a confirmed ponzi scam. They are creating a cash flow for themselves by creating a false narrative. There is nothing going on with their operational model and mining. So, regardless of all the temptation stay away from them.

Moreover, they take bitcoin payments only. So, once you send them your money, there is no way to get it back.

Verdict – Jet Mining is a Deceptive SCAM!

If you have any feedback about this service, please share it with us below.


  1. Dirk

    I found this app linked through another app google play called bitcoin plus.

    Thee are a whole lot of other apps linked to the BITCOIN PLUS app that seems screwy.

    I can supply a screen grab of all the other dodgy apps related here if you cant find them.

  2. Collins is a kind of pure fraud,stop referring other people to this sites. They are facing problems now on there daily dubious activities. They are stolen publics bitcoin away.

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