Constan Traders Review – HYIP Scam

Constan Traders is an alleged easy to use investment solution designed for retail traders. The owners of this institution is unknown. However, they claim to be legally operating in the UK.

Their platform has excellent layout and definitely deserves credit for it. Unfortunately, everything you see on their website is not what it seems to be.

During our investigation, we found an endless amount of flaws and criminal activity regarding this firm. Make sure to read our review till the end to know exactly why you should stay away from these con artists. Constan Traders Review

Legal Documents and Customer Support

Every firm which operates in the financial sector has to hold proper legal documents and its mandatory. This firm flaunts their registration certificate on their homepage.

Many newbies might find them to be extremely convincing. However, the actual reality is far from what they portray. There is no information about them in the database of the FCA. So, it is very clear that they are bluffing when it comes to their legal status.

Moreover, their support team operates in an odd manner as well. The only mode of communication they use is via email. Think for a moment, if they were really legit, wouldn’t they offer basic telephone assistance just like the major institutions?

Address – 22 Wenlock Road, Islington, London, United Kingdom, N1 7GU

Constan Traders Business Model

Constan Traders talks about the forex and cryptocurrency trading environment in general on their platform. They go on and on about their achievements over the years.

The funny thing about their narrative is that, they do not have any proof to show for it. Moreover, they haven’t shown any trading history as well. These issues are not the kind of ones you can live with and it raises serious suspicion.

The names of the fund managers are unknown. We do not even have the slightest clue about their trading approach as well. Usually, funds reveal the parameters they use to evaluate the position they might open, but this firm hasn’t done any of that.

This type of unorganised working nature should tell you a lot about them.

Investment Plan and Profits Offered

There are 3 investment plans wherein for higher returns, the investors are pushed to spending more upfront capital. Always remember their main goal is to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account.

So, regardless of what fancy things they promise you, never give them your credit card details. Check out their plan, no hedge fund ever have been able to achieve these type of targets ever.

Plan 1

Returns – 2.3% Daily

Duration – 60 Days

Cumulative ROI – 138%

Plan 2

Returns – 2.4% Weekly

Duration – 60 Days

Cumulative ROI – 144%

Plan 3

Returns – 2.5% Every 10 Days

Duration – 60 Days

Cumulative ROI – 150%

Affiliate Program

Without marketing, it is very difficult for any business to get a big client base. With Modern technology it is easy to connect with a lot of people leveraging the internet.

Unfortunately, these crooks are using the latest technology to conceal their identity while making the best out of it in terms of marketing. They encourage marketers to send traffic to their website and provide incentives for doing so. Constan Traders Affiliate Program

Moreover, to keep the promoters motivated, they hand out huge perks every now and then. To make a quick buck affiliates create fake review and mis-guide the public. In short, run away from any platform which is promoting them.

Domain Information

Here are the key infographics of this website.

Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/03/2019

Expiry – 27/03/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 798,995

Rank in Philippines – 19,257

Target Audience – Philippines, Bangladesh and Thailand

Fake Reviews and Mysterious Nature

There is a testimonials column on their website. They will only approve the positive comments and if you try to reveal their real nature, then you will never get your message out.

Many scams have incorporating these type of innovative deceptive tricks for years now. So, always make sure you question everything you see, especially on the internet.

We ran a search to find the details of the owner of this platform from many angles. However, the results were negative. Given all the points above, it is not worth your time to indulge with them for any reason.

Constan Traders Review Conclusion

Constan Traders is a clever scam. The narrative they have come up with shows their creative side, but it is of no use to the client. These crooks know that they have to instill confidence among clients.

So, they will pay some clients once in a blue moon just to boost their trust. However, one fine day the whole scheme will crumble and they will flee away with all the cash.

Trading is a serious business which generates huge rewards, but it requires a unique set of skills. If anyone promises you a highway to riches, then it’s time to move away from them.

Have you lost money to Constan Traders Scheme? Share your opinion and insights below.


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