BTC Fury Review ( – Fraud!

BTC Fury is supposedly a new online investment program which aims at generating passive income for its users. Do not take the word passive so lightly on this platform, because apparently 5% ROI daily is their daily target.

If you are someone who has a firm grasp of economics, then you know that these claims are false. No one can sustain these numbers over the long term. This firm has done an excellent job in terms of marketing.

However, that means they found enough victims for their pyramid scheme. Go through our full review to find out the real purpose of this company. BTC Fury Review

Registration, Company and Support

Proper license and conduct are necessary for all the firms in the finance niche to be operational. This platform features registration certificate boldly to create good impression in front of the potential investors. BTC Fury Registration Certificate

However, the steps taken by them is just a deceptive trick to fool the public. We personally ran a search across all the regulatory authorities and there is no information about them. In short, we can confidently call this whole operation as a scam.

If you need to contact the support team of this firm, it can be done via email. When interacting with them, regardless of what miracles they promise you, never give them your credit card details. Here are the contact information of this platform.

Telephone – +44 5603871339

Address – 2 Norfolk Place, London, United Kingdom.

BTC Fury Operational Model

BTC Fury talks about the advantages of the blockchain technology and the general concepts. However, they never reveal any details about how they generate the revenue.

We do not know what parameters they use in their decision making process. Cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular have huge hype surrounding them. Nonetheless, do not take part in the craze, unless you have a clear idea about how things work.

As far as transparency is considered, their way of vague presentation makes it very hard for any rational investor to trust them. In short, since we as investors do not have any statistical edge, it is definitely not a worthwhile investment.

Profits Advertised and Guaranteed

3% to 5% is the kind of returns which this firm advertises. Moreover, they have the audacity to guarantee the profits. 5% per day is a thing which is mathematically impossible to sustain.

If their claims were indeed true, then why are they offering it to the public for free? Plus they do not have any verifiable trading history to back up their claims.

So, do not be generous enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, because you will regret it later on.

Affiliate Program

This firm is well aware of the fact that, without proper marketing their scheme will fail. To gain popularity and increase their reach on the internet, the creators offer an affiliate program.

The online marketers are given a decent revenue share in exchange of supplying them quality traffic. This operational model benefits only the promoters and owners while the only ones to bear the expenses are the clients.

If you happen to land on any channel or website which gives them positive review, then you might be dealing with a scammer.

Domain Whereabouts

Just like we anticipated, the details of the creators are masked. Nonetheless, we were able to gather the following demographics of the domain using and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/07/2018

Expiry – 27/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 48,035

Rank in Iran – 2,493

Target Audience – Iran, Brazil and Russia

Lack of Transparency and Pyramid Structure

Nowadays, most of the online businesses consider transparency as an important aspect. After all, it is the thing which directly correlates with public relations.

The owners of this platform have maintained a low profile which is a major cause for concern. Usually, the legit firms take pride in putting a face in front of the names. The sole reason the creators are staying in the shadows is to avoid criminal prosecution.

Moreover, they follow pyramid operational model which is illegal in most countries. Basically, they create cash flow by using the money from the new investors to pay the old ones. So, as you can already tell the scheme is bound to collapse sooner or later.

BTC Fury Review Conclusion

BTC Fury is just a viral scam with a seemingly convincing narrative. They prey on the lack of knowledge of the newbies to make money for themselves.

5% per day compounded forever means that, within a couple of decades you will own the entire world’s wealth. While these kind of riches seem interesting, do not slip into the fantasy world.

After all, it’s only skill which determines the amount of wealth one can procure.

Have you lost money to BTC Fury? If yes, then please share your experience with us in the comments section.



    Unfortunately, my brother and I have invested 800$ on this site, and now we lost it all. We couldn’t withdrawal them anyhow.

  2. Kamal sidra

    I joined btcfury since one month with $10 . in the beginning , I got a profit $5 to encourage me to continue depositing , then I redeposited $5 . suddenly they stopped withdrawal of profits and when I wanted to withdraw the deposit , I couldn’t . please don’t waste your money and time with those scam sites like also : 1) golden tea
    2) golden farm
    3) motormoney.

  3. Jenna

    Hello everyone, please do not be fooled like i was. So a “lady” by the name Maria Hudgens approached me with how to trade online. I made a deposit of $300 via luno into and she said she’d trade for me (very naive of me).

    After two days my account had made a profit of $7000, it was too good to be true!!!! After a week it was $34000. She says to me when do you plan on withdrawing, i said when do you think it is best? She advised that i withdraw 30k, which i did.

    After i did the process of withdrawing from their website i received an email stating that i should pay $1500 for USA gvt tax!

    I stopped right there, i tried to call her and boom!!! she was nowhere to be found. I have since tried to login to my account but the account has been deleted.

    Please be aware of such, the other guy that is scamming people is Phillip Powell. So in summary i have lost $300 and wasted my time!

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