Crypto Deal Review – Pyramid Scheme!

Crypto Deal is apparently a new arbitrage bot which earns 10% ROI per day. Their platform looks decent and has a better chance of deceiving most of the newbies.

We went thoroughly through the data put up by them and it is no wonder that, they will go bust in the near future. Though, they talk about complicated trading related process, do not buy into the idea of making money with them.

Read our review till the end to know their true nature and the reasons as to why you need to stay away from this scheme. Crypto Deal Review

Legality and Customer Support

Crypto Deal showcase an incorporation certificate on their website. However, it is nothing more than a deceptive trick to earn your trust. We did a background search on this firm and there is no information about this platform on the database of the FCA.

So, keeping the above fact in mind, it is clear that, they will get shut down at any period of time. Moreover, the details of the owners are also not clear. Lack of transparency along with bold claims are the common traits of a scam.

The only way to reach the support team is via email. Isn’t it strange for an investment firm to operate without providing proper telephone assistance? Remember not to indulge with them regardless of what offer they might throw at you.

The contact details of this firm are as follows.

Address – 437 Uxbridge Road, Ealing Common, London, W5 3NT, United Kingdom.

Email –

Crypto Deal Operational Model

This firm is said to employ arbitrage on the cryptocurrency pairs. Arbitraging is a small difference between various exchanges wherein it allows the participants to make quick and easy profits.

However, due to the modern technology, these kind of scenarios are becoming ultra rare. Moreover, do not consider arbitraging as a way to earn a fortune, the returns they yield is not not sufficient to meet any sort of ambitious goals.

Cryptocurrency in general is a very lucrative markets and have enormous volatility. So, if you are planning to get involved with them, always remember to have a tested process or else it will be just a period of time until you lose it all.

They haven’t talked about any of their trading approach or accuracy. We do not even have access to their trading history. In short, there is no proof to support their claims and we certainly are not ready to give them the benefit of doubt.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 3 plans currently on offer wherein the returns range from 5% to 10% per day. Few newbies might think or believe in these kind of returns. However, it is impossible to sustain them.

Check out any of the top hedge funds returns over the last decade, none of them have been able to achieve these numbers. So, it is extremely important for you to have realistic targets and never believe in anything which claims to offer you easy money.

Here are the details of their investment plans.


Returns – 5% Daily

Duration – Forever

Minimum Deposit – $25


Returns – 7% Daily

Duration – Forever

Minimum Deposit – $1,000


Returns – 10% Daily

Duration – Forever

Minimum Deposit – $5,000

Affiliate Program

The more traffic a website gets, the more revenue they make. Creators of this firm are providing the promoters an easy way to monetize their traffic via affiliate program.

For every investor these promoters bring on board, they get certain amount of commissions which is why many sites out there are giving fake reviews. Simply put, if anyone is suggesting you to join them, then chances are they are profiting from it. Never let these crooks exploit your greed.

Domain Insight

The following details are the key aspects of this domain.

Source –,

Domain –

Registered On – 28/03/2019

Expiry – 28/03/2020

Global Rank – 697,104

Rank in United States – 227,209

Target Audience – United States, Brazil, Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh.

Fake Withdrawal Claims

On their homepage, there is a section wherein they feature the history of alleged withdrawals. If you are a beginner, then it might trick you into believing that you are dealing with a reputable institution. Crypto Deal Fake Screenshot

However, rest assured know that, they are all fake. The only reason as to why 99% of the scams incorporate this trick is just to provide you with fake social proof and encourage you to indulge with them.

Crypto Deal Review Conclusion

Crypto Deal is a classic ponzi scheme. Their narrative is built around actual trading methodology, but they have nothing to do with the financial markets.

Looking at the way they are expanding their client base through false presentation, they are bound to meet their horrific end very soon. So, control your temptations and never be a part of an illegal organisation like this one.

Have you lost your funds to Crypto Deal? Let us know in the comments section below!


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