CoinStic Review – Legit or Shady Platform?

CoinStic is a new arbitrage bot which allegedly has high win rate. They are said to be compatible with top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. However, that does not mean they are completely reliable.

There are many concerns with regards to this platform as well. We did find some testimonials on the web, but they were also kind of neutral.

If you are a crypto enthusiast and are considering to join this service, then make sure to go through our entire review to make a firm decision. CoinStic Review

Ownership and Customer Support

Displaying the details of the owners is a sign of transparency and healthy relationship with the clients and the public. Most of the legit and legal companies gives utmost importance to this aspect.

Unfortunately, this firm does not reveal any of the details of their owners or employees which is a big red flag in our books. Moreover, they have masked their identity as well while registering their domain.

We are not saying that everyone who uses privacy protection services are a fraud. However, given the history of online investing, it is better to deal with only companies which have proper licenses.

If you need any assistance on this platform, then you can reach the support team via the contact form on their website. It is indeed strange to see a company which boasts of generating consistent results and yet does not provide telephone assistance. Below is the location details of this firm.

Address – 1-2 Berners Street, London, UK W1T 3LA

How does CoinStic Work?

CoinStic works on arbitrage principle. In simple words, whenever there is a price difference between two exchanges, it creates an opportunity for traders to buy low and sell high. Though, this concept sounds simple in theory, practically speaking it is a lot harder.

Decades ago, arbitraging for a living was profitable, but now due to the modern technology, the gaps get filled in an instant. So, unless you are really focused, it’s a lot harder to find them in the first place.

Moreover, you have to give adequate attention to your infrastructure as well. This software claims to make the entire process of arbitraging on autopilot. However, due to the fact that they are a new company and do not have much of customer testimonials on the popular forums of this niche.

It is hard to recommend them as of now. Also bear in mind that, if the slight miscalculation occurs, there is a possibility of loss.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are three types of investment plans offered by them. The distinction between the plans appear to have something to do with the speed and the number of exchanges.

However, since they have vaguely put up the information, no one knows the actual deal. The returns are also unknown. In the markets, the amount of money you might make or lose it always a mystery.

So, lack of stating any predetermined returns means, they certainly know the way the markets work. Pricing for the packages range from 0.01 BTC to 5+ BTC. We highly encourage our readers to start with the bare minimum to test them out and, then proceed with the higher price tag plans.

Domain Details

The details of the owners are still unknown. However, we did manage to gather the following details about their website with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/10/2018

Expiry – 27/10/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 1,024,129

Rank in Macedonia – 710


Every online service gets surrounded by testimonials sooner or later and this one is no exception. The comments from the public are kind of neutral and does not instill confidence. Check out what the users are saying on Beermoneyforum.

Thoroughly researched this company and it kinda seems legit to me One of my friends talked me about this company months ago it has been 2 weeks that he is in profit , he has returned all of investment and is getting paid everyday constantly.
I have invested myself a week ago everything seems to work perfectly
I’m still skeptical about coinstic, I heard for it a couple of months ago, but just now I decided to pay more attention, google search does not contain any information about the owner, as well as the other people’s experiences. I would be happy if someone could show me live how coinstic works.

CoinStic Review Conclusion

CoinStic is an interesting service, but not the most transparent one. There are a number of merits and demerits, but given the history of many money making solution which have gone bust, it is better to stay away from them until there is more data.

Remember, if it was that easy to profit from the market, everyone would be rich. However, according to statistics over 90% of the traders always lose. So, do not hope to make money on autopilot and more importantly, deal with only regulated exchanges.

Have you used CoinStic? Feel free to share your results and opinions in the comments section.


  1. nikolas

    Join here if you are scammed by them

  2. Me

    Haha coinstic is down! It seems that it was a scam.


    Scam!!!! Was working fine until today saying domain name doesnt exist

    • Roy Maaghop

      I’ve been with bitconnect, usi-tech, control finance before….haaaay!!! all went down…and now coinstic!…lol. When are this type of companies decide to become legit! hahaha, if ever they became one.

  4. Faith

    you can not trust them. I lost all my money. i was very stupid to think that it was so easy. Coinstic is a spam company.

  5. Paul Kiprotich

    I went also you to review the following cloud mining company

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