Review – Worst Investment Scam Ever claims to be an investment platform that is mainly involved with Ethereum mining and cryptocurrency trading. They feature few certificates and pretend to be a regulated authority.

On their website, we found a US based address, but we couldn’t verify the details. To be on the safer side, we checked the database of FCA and FTC, as it turns out, they are not listed in any of them.

Legally speaking, they have no right to take money from the public and everything they do can be considered as criminal activity. As expected, the real creators or the masterminds behind the hustle are not known.

Moreover, they do not leave any kind of clue that might help the authorities trace them. Mining cryptocurrencies is still lucrative, but it won’t give you double digit returns.

Plus, the risk can be managed, but it can never be eradicated completely and anyone that disagrees most likely does not understand the landscape pretty well.

This platform also talks about trading, but just like all the other fancy investment schemes out there, they do not offer much details about anything.

By looking at the sheer lack of data and transparency, we can confidently label them as a scam. To understand how these crooks work from multiple angles, read the following data.

Preliminary Checks

SSL layer is the first element we hope to find on every platform we review regardless of whether it is a legitimate one or not. Presence of a SSL layer implies that the underlying entity cares enough to at least pretend like a trustworthy institution. features a padlock and that means data shared on their platform are encrypted. Their domain ( was registered on 31/03/2020 and unless renewed, it will expire on 31/03/2022.

Registrant information is hidden and they do not have any domain authority score.

On the positive note, they do get a considerable amount of traffic. As of now, around 112 websites link out to them and they are not blacklisted by any popular search engines or browsers.

All in all, things do not look good for them and as far as things like brand value are considered, they are not up to par with any legitimate organizations. Website

The fact that this platform is a scam becomes obvious as soon as you see their platform. They promise returns ranging from 20% per day to over 100% after 72 hours.

Figures shown by them are attractive for the newbies, but sadly they are something which will never unfold in reality. So, do not let some random figures and promises fool you into depositing with them.

If this platform was really capable of doubling their money, then why in the world would they be allowing the public to be a part of the action for free?

Moving on to the narratives, this firm claims to be involved with ethereum mining and cryptocurrency trading activities.

Location and cost run down of the mining operations are not revealed. Even the address is not mentioned. Trading aspect is also not explained well by them.

Moreover, there is no supporting piece of document to prove anything. The management side of the firm is also maintaining a low profile. Some people might be confused when they witness an incorporation certificate, but do note that it does not mean that they are regulated.

Double digit returns in the world of finance is the kind of target only a few people will ever achieve in their career. Sustaining high returns while managing risk efficiently is no joke and it takes years of trial and error to reach that position.

Anyone that promises to show you the elevator to success is most likely bluffing and they will always have hidden agendas. As far as this platform is considered, the facts suggest that they are not involved with the crypto world in any way which means they have no real source of income.

Contact Details

All the legitimate investment solutions make sure they follow certain standards. The reputable firms constantly monitor user experience related aspects and do their best to keep them engaged.

Part of caring for the customer includes providing a quality support team. Telephone support, live chat, email responders are the preferred ways of communication.

In addition to the things mentioned above, a lot of new firms are building audiences on social media platforms as well. The use of social media platforms enhances trust and helps build brand value. does not do anything mentioned above, they just operate from the shadows and they clearly hate attention. Below are the contact details of this so-called investment firm.

  • Email –
  • Address – 2303 State Road 120, Lake Geneva WI53147, United State User Reviews and Feedback

Every investment firm will earn customer reviews as they age. If they perform well, people praise them or they will express their frustration.

The good thing about user feedback is that it speaks louder than words and helps outsiders assess the reality of the situation. We are not saying that every user testimonial out there will be genuine, but in general, it is a very good indicator.

If you Google the term “ Reviews,” you won’t find much information about them at all. The lack of feedback is not a good sign and it means something more sinister is likely taking place behind the scenes.

Apart from a couple of reviews on Scampulse, we weren’t able to find any information about them anywhere.

The facts prove that this firm is not a reliable one and people who ignore the red flags present on this platform will have to pay a dear price for their actions.

In other words, indulging with them will not do you any good and as such, the only other logical choice is to either ignore or avoid them.

Conclusion is a platform that will crumble down and cause immense pain to all the users. Anyone that invests with this firm will most likely lose it all and the worse part is, they might not be able to do anything about it especially if they are not geeky enough.

Reporting them to law enforcement authorities is a good idea, but it may not yield any result. Nonetheless, do not give up, instead take quick action and gather as much evidence as you can.

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