KryptexFx Review – Not a Crypto Trading Platform

KryptexFx dot com portrays itself as a brokerage entity that operates with all the valid licenses. The people behind this firm are unknown and the lack of transparency is the least of our worries.

We took a thorough look around their platform and found boat loads of information about them that are way outside the realm of legality. We can confidently say that this firm is following the ponzi operational model and as such, the longevity of the firm is extremely limited.

Moreover, when the firms come crashing down, apart from the creators and the people who peddle the schemes, no one will ever make any money. On their platform, they claim to be involved with crypto options and spot markets.

Nonetheless, the link between them and the real markets is an imaginary one. Scammers behind this platform have incorporated a few good widgets and feature the latest market news, but do not let their presentation fool you.

The kind of profits advertised by them is around 25% to 80% after 4 days. While the numbers are certainly jaw dropping, it goes without mentioning that it is a lie.

To be aware of all the gimmicks fraudulent platforms like this one uses and the manipulative narratives they feature, keep on reading this unbiased report.

Preliminary Checks

As we have already established the fact that this platform is a scam, we were curious to see the kind of things they had done with their website.

For starters, they did employ an SSL certificate and their domain is registered for 1 year from 26/04/2021. Registrant of the domain is unknown and they have hidden the details about the creators from the public’s view.

Using Ahrefs, we found out that this website does not have a considerable backlink profile. Only 1 website links out to it and that is not the kind of trait that is desirable in this sector.

This platform does not get high web traffic so sadly, we cannot find any information about the people they go after or the age group they are specifically targeting.

To sum up the preliminary checks, apart from the SSL layer, everything they feature acts like a disturbing factor. Website looks like a professional crypto options trading platform. They have used few tools and widgets that add a touch of professionalism to their website.

As they claim to be a broker, our first priority was to find out their documents and licenses. We were shocked to find out that they haven’t shared any kind of details about their certificates or other related things.

Outright refusal to remain transparent should tell you a lot about them. The details of the employees and the members of the top management are not revealed. Moreover, audited reports and trading history is not available.

They claim to offer account management services, but without seeing any proof about their capabilities, how can anyone trust them? The bizarre thing about them is that they claim to generate 25% returns to over 80% returns in less than 7 days via trading short term options.

Options trading does provide leverage, but it is by no means a sure shot thing. So, instead of dreaming about the profits, try to grasp their true nature.

Isn’t it obvious that they are luring unsuspecting retail investors and are trying their best to raise money?

Leveraged instruments can work both ways and without planning and proper allocation of funds, it is impossible to beat the odds. To find the perfect portfolio that works best for your trading capital, you need to talk with a licensed financial planner and even then it is not something that will make you money overnight.

You might have heard stories about how people made millions using cryptocurrencies, but at the end of the day lady luck is not something you want to count on.

Contact Details

This platform is not as updated as most of the brokerages in this sector. They do not have dedicated pages on any of the popular social media platforms. On LinkedIn, we couldn’t find any details about this firm or about the employees.

Apart from an email address, this firm has not shared any other contact information. Note that as their domain was privately registered, we literally cannot find any other way of contacting the true owners.

If you carefully notice, subtle things like the aspects mentioned above play a huge part in gauging a firm.

Our advice is to never proceed with any entity good or bad, new or old that does not like to be open with the client base. If you are looking for their email address, it is listed below.

Email – Feedback

Customer feedback tells you what to expect from a firm. We completely agree with the fact that in this online world, anything can be faked.

However, certain ways are immune to an extent of manipulation and user reviews are one of them. is a website that is not even six months old.

It does not receive much web traffic and as we mentioned before, they have zero social media presence. Due to the size of their user base, feedback about them is hard to find.

Nonetheless, they have got a dedicated section on Trustpilot and take a look at the comment below made by a user about them.

We completely agree with his words and we are glad to witness situations wherein people are seeing through obvious flaws of ponzi schemes. The trend of online scams seems to be slowing down and once the masses are completely educated, HYIPs might become a thing of the past.

Also, while looking for user feedback online due to conflict of interest present, it is better not to believe in any comments that have referral links attached.

While there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, the presence of conflict of interest is a big issue. On the flip side, if things are way too good, then make sure to double check the data you see.

In the digital world everything can be found out with a few clicks and it is a good practice to run a deep search on anything that might appear suspicious.

At the end of the day, being too safe is never a bad thing, right?

If I can give a zero star, I would. I was approached by a woman named Michelle Hickson in Facebook, telling me about investment opportunity with cryptocurrency at Kryptexfx. I made a $2,009 investment, and they promised to give me the profits a week after. When I tried to withdraw the profits, they asked me to pay $5,000 for the use of their WireX card. No profits were sent but they asked for another $6,500 and promised to send the profits after. But I did not receive, and they asked for another $2,000, and another $3,500. When i demanded for them to send me the profits, they in turn asked for another $6,500 worth of bitcoins! Then they said that if i dont pay within 5 hours i will lose all the money. What a scam! Please do NOT in any way deal with this company! I’ve learned my lesson.

Verdict rotates money in a very ingenious way. The crooks skim something from the cash flow every single day and rotate the funds in the typical pyramid fashion.

While they are active, few members might get paid. However, the doom will always come quickly for platforms like this one and everyone that joined late will have to pay a hefty price for the demise.

So, avoid indulging with fraudulent platforms like KryptexFX and always report the incident (if applicable) to your local law enforcement authorities. Raising a formal complaint might not create immediate results, but it will help the agencies create a sound database and record the patterns.

If you have been a victim of this kind of hustle, then consider talking with recovery agencies to get quick actionable intelligence. Use the link below to talk with our team for free. is a ponzi type scam and nothing more. In case you have been defrauded by them, then leave a comment below. We will try our best to assist you.

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    I was scammed by Kryptexfx. i was looking for a way/help to get what they took from me if thre is a way.

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