PortalRealm Review – Strange Unregulated Broker

Portalrealm is a broker that does not like transparency in any way, form or manner. This anonymous entity claims to support MetaTrader 5 platform.

According to the data on their website, they offer numerous trading instruments to the retail side with varying leverage. They claim to be a NDD broker which should technically reduce the conflict of interest.

However, it does not always mean that the brokerage is always going to put the best interests of the clients before their goals. After spending some time on their platform, we found more scary things and it was clear to us that they aren’t the best broker out there by any means.

Certainly, they do use some fancy words and features to entice the public. Nonetheless, at the end of the day anyone that proceeds with them will be exposed to a huge amount of risk which is simply unjustified.

There are different account types offered on this platform and the minimum capital required to get started with them is at par with most of the regulated brokerages.

In simple words, you can get much better service and execution by sticking with the reputable firms and get negative balance protection as well. Continue reading this detailed post to know more details about this platform.

Preliminary Checks

The main goal of preliminary checks we conduct is to figure out whether this business is linked to other trustworthy platforms. Their website contains a SSL layer which is a good sign.

Sadly, only two websites link to them and as far as backlink profile is considered, they have not earned one. A weak backlink profile also implies that their marketing efforts were not at par with the competitors and it diminishes their reputation to a certain extent.

The domain employed by them (portalrealm.co) was purchased 6 months ago and we are happy to report that they are not banned by any search engines or browsers. Note that as this platform does not get much traffic, we cannot analyze the regions they are targeting.

Also, they are not listed on any of the popular trading related forums. All in all, we have to mention that the way they have positioned themselves is not good and nothing about them can be considered exceptional or truly unique.

Portalrealm.co Website

Once you land on their homepage, you can find details about all the instruments available with them. From FX pairs, stocks, energies, treasuries, metals and CFDs, everything a trader needs is present.

As they do not provide access to unregistered users, we couldn’t get a glimpse of the kind of spreads they have. They claim to offer managed account services, but the fees are not disclosed beforehand and it creates a grey area.

On their platform, they mention that they offer educational material. However, we searched for hours on their website and couldn’t find any relevant section. This brokerage supports MetaTrader 5 and it is the crowd favorite.

They also allow all kinds of strategy and apparently, they have deep liquidity providers and flawless mechanisms. Algorithmic trading is supported, but just to be on the safer side, test it using a virtual account first.

Leverage offered ranges from 1:50 to 1:400. Note that leverage depends upon the kind of instrument you are trading and as they are subject to change, keep an eye on it before establishing any position.

To open live accounts, traders have to go through a rigorous KYC process and the time it takes for them to process the application is not specified. As you can already tell by now, the way the key things are not disclosed is disturbing to say the least.

Also, as far as legality is considered, they haven’t shared any details about their status and that kind of behavior is scary. Trusting them with your capital is as good as trusting a stranger to watch over your valuables, the odds are certainly not in your favor.

Contact Details

Many brokerages nowadays maintain a social media presence to interact with the clients in an efficient manner.

A lot of top platforms offer not only telephone support, but also multilingual support to enhance the user experience and retention ratio. While the big players in the sector focus on bringing value, shady ones are doing the exact opposite.

Portalrealm.co communicates with the outside world via email only. Working hours are specified, but response time is not guaranteed.

Given the way they operate, it will take a considerable amount of time to get your queries addressed and in today’s world, that kind of interaction might be a liability. All of their contact details are listed below.

  • Sales – sales@portalrealm.co
  • Operations – ops@portalrealm.co
  • Compliance – compliance@portalrealm.co

Deposit and Withdrawals

Just like a lot of brokerages, the minimum amount required to open an account with this platform is set at $200. Base currencies supported by them are USD, GBP, and EUR.

Portalrealm.co accepts payments from debit cards, credit cards, and e-wallets. Keep in mind that there might be fees present.

Average processing time is not mentioned by them and we do not know whether there are any dormant charges. They do not have clear policies about funding and payment so it is safe to assume that there might be hassles arising every once in a while.

Minimum withdrawal amount is also not specified. Looking at the way this firm creates uncertainty, it is hard for anyone to stick with them for long.

Portalrealm.co Community and Feedback

Portalrealm.co claims to be in business for over 2 decades, but their domain registration date says otherwise. User feedback about them was very hard to find and the data we collected was not significant enough to reach a firm conclusion.

Apart from Wikifx, we couldn’t find any other forum or website wherein the name of this brokerage was mentioned.

With so little social proof and terrible trust rating, ask yourself, is this really the broker you want to tackle the market with? Do you really want to take on unnecessary risk?

Check out the comment below to get a sense of the consensus. Aren’t you scared to see such concerning allegations against this brokerage?

People luring me to use Portal Realm Limited (http://www.portalrealm.co) claiming that PRL is legit, and is a member of NFA (National Futures Association) with

NFA ID 0537783. Before checking into the details of it, I transferred over $16K to

PRL. Only after a week, my account was locked and unable to

withdraw. The so called account manager said that I need to transfer additional

$40K to reactivate my account and enable the withdrawal.

I wrote email to PRL compliance department and do not get any

reply. There is no other way to direct

communicate with PRL other than the emails.


Portalrealm.co is a broker that is flawed beyond imagination. Their terms are weird and their policies are far from being transparent. They have huge control over the feeds and user feedback reveals disturbing data as well.

Owners are unknown and trouble seems to be their middle name. For the reasons mentioned above and due to the fact that they are unregulated, we suggest you stay away from them.

If you have deposited with them already and are unable to cash out, then do not panic. Leave a comment below and let us know a few details about the incident.

Our team will help you in any way possible and shop you for all the legal options available at your disposal. Note that all of our services are free and we strive every day to make the internet a safer place.
Have you faced any kind of problems with Portalrealm.co? If yes, then feel free to share your story below.



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      Do you have a working web address? Because MOINEXO.io is not a valid URL.

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