Crypto World Evolution Review – Canny Crypto Scam or Practical Bitcoin Venture?

CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade (CWE Bitcoin) has made quite the splash lately within the cryptocurrency community. Focusing their operations upon a bi-faceted model, Crypto World Evolution has attracted both cryptocurrency investors and affiliates alike. Presenting their online platform as a rather vague investment opportunity, first-time visitors who happen to chance upon their site aren’t able to find out much regarding their operation without committing and signing up with their site.

While the bulk of the crypto community has taken a neutral stand regarding Crypto World Evolution, we believed that there was more than what meets the eye when contemplating this platforms legitimacy and we were right. As you will soon learn for yourselves, Crypto World Evolution isn’t as credible or transparent of an operation as most crypto enthusiasts have been deceived to believe. Accrue the facts from our in-depth review regarding this platform and why you should avoid it by any applicable measures necessary. - Crypto World Evolution Trade

Who is Behind Crypto World Evolution?

The only reference we found pertaining to the owners behind Crypto World Evolution would be in their User Agreement where Crypto World Evolution, Inc is listed as their corporate entity. Of course we could find no hint of Crypto World Evolution Inc being an active entity which prompted us to conduct further investigations. User Agreement

As some of you may have discovered already, other CryptoWorld Evolution publications are claiming that CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade associates their platform as a Belize registered corporation under company number 168057, yet we were unable to find any corporations under that corporate number across Belize business registries. So in other words, their previously alleged corporate information is inaccurate.

What is Crypto World Evolution?

CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade is an online cryptocurrency private member club that is allegedly operated by a team of entrepreneurs who are experts in the field of cryptocurrency digital technologies. Actively functioning as a dual modeled operation, Crypto World Evolution enables their members to enroll with their crypto investment robots along with their residual affiliate programs. According to Crypto World Evolution, their hybrid automatic robots are compatible with exchange platforms such as Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken and a few select others.

Currently offering two separate investment packages, prospective investors can enroll with a basic or premium affiliate program where their memberships are determined in an incentivized format. Potential members who are looking to accrue additional income through Crypto World Evolution will need to enroll with the premium membership in order to receive the automated version of their micro trading robot.

Young Membership Package

Enrolls members with a 365 day subscription where they will receive access to the basic affiliate program model while enabling them to utilize the hybrid robot. The hybrid robot available for investors through the Young Membership does not operate in an automated format and may not work with as many exchanges as their premium robot. Coming with a 500 point level value, the Young Member offers the following commission model: 5% indirect commission, 10% direct commission and 10% binary (subsequent level) commission.

Pro Miner Membership Package

Entitles members to a premium 365 day membership that grants users access with their more lucrative affiliate program while enabling users to employ their automated investment robot. Despite no reference of ROIs being made upon the site, it appears that this automated investment robot can somehow function outside of your exchange platforms and is accompanied by a 2000 point level. Pro Miner provides the same commission model as Young Membership except for that their direct commissions are set to 15%.

Residual Commission ROI Structure

Crypto World Evolution employs a classic Ponzi scheme commission model. Following a 3×20 matrix commission tier, an affiliate is located at the top of the commission matrix and is provided 3 positions below them. Each level 1 affiliate is able to amass up to 3 affiliates allowing for a total of 9 positions to be payable at any one time. Affiliates who enroll users through their residual commission structure allegedly receive 20% daily on ROIs accrued from the affiliates placed within the matrix.

Popularity & Domain History

CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade is a privately registered domain that was created on August 16th, 2017. Reflecting a SimiliarWeb global rank of 212,535 with a U.S. rank of 121,733 as of February 7th, 2018, Crypto World Evolution has experienced substantial site growth which can greatly be contributed to the extensive efforts exerted by their affiliates where over 44% of the sites cumulative traffic is referral based.

Can Crypto World Evolution be Trusted?

Crypto World Evolution is a tricky operation to classify when it comes down to the wire. Providing no outward ROIs pertaining to their trading robots while making sure not to make any guarantees on their platform leaves us with only the transparency of their operation and our experience in situations such as these. Due to the discernible lack of transparent ownership information along with the inadequacy of providing proof of verifiable income besides those who commit with their platform, we feel that Crypto World Evolution is likely a Ponzi scheme that is not only untrustworthy but will become a full-pledge scam soon down the road.

CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade Review Conclusion

Crypto World Evolution may appear as a promising crypto venture for novice investors desperately searching for a way to supplement their income online but the risks associated with CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade are surely not worth it. We understand that you may be eager to make what appears to be logical online investment decisions but when it comes to operations such as Crypto World Evolution that lack substantial transparency and verifiable financial transactions we believe that there are much more suitable operations available that render more transparency and integrity.

Review Verdict: Crypto World Evolution operates like a Ponzi scheme!

Blacklisted Site: CryptoWorldEvolution.Trade

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  1. hugo

    I tried the service and for sure it is a scam, guys. 10= Scammy tactics and results. A classic ponzi.

    Take care and mark the other commenters here. Whoever is defending this wants to scam and steal from you. Stay away or use fair and transparent services.

  2. Tony S

    Too scammy for me. 9 months and most of my money is gone. Only 2 profitable weeks.

  3. Crypto expert

    I trade with the hpsi and love the hybrids I make a killing on the hybrids I’m a professional trader.
    I would advise anyone to use this software its well worth it!

  4. Crypto expert

    You are a idiot the company is legit you are the one with no credibility.

  5. Matse Kretow

    The robot does not count the fees you pay on exchanges.
    So if you have a volume of 2000USD daily, you pay around 0.15% on the exchanges. This is ~3USD daily. I have the robot since 2Monhs. In the first month it made ~3% of my invested coins(~8000USD),
    so it was a profit of 240USD. Bit the second month it lost!
    Now i am at 2.8%profit=~220USD. But the exchangefees are ~180 USD. And the robot price was 500USD. And I paid already ~40 USD Commoission(20%of profit).
    So to me its a loss. And somehow I get the feeling, the trades are no more to my favour. Maybe the robot buys coins if the company wans them to sell. Theres something wrong with that thing….

    • Crypto expert

      You don’t know what you are talking about!

      • Matse Kretow

        I know what I am talking about. I am doing nothing else than crypto-related work. Trading, Programming, Teaching. Yes and this time I fell victim to a MLMsheme, just only because the invested coins were under my control. Damn! Still an error. If you think the “company” behind this thing is legit, then just do a search at google. Its afake company. Anyway, I only told my experiences, and the show clearly, its nothing to maker money, except if you promote it and earn through mlm . NO professional trader uses this.
        Just be warned: NEVER EVER invest in a Crypto MLM

  6. aezel

    as far as i see is that the profit what is mentioned in cwe backoffice is only the closed trades from the bots. If the remaining trades stay in minus you make no profit. You also pay 20% over the profit mentioned from their closed trades. But if not al trades are closed you can not call it profit..

  7. JL just calls everything a scam to get page views…..this page is a scam to get subscribers

  8. Crypto Ninja

    Matthew Evans is right, you’ve got this one wrong for sure.

  9. juan you can search for the company’s registration, is public

  10. Matthew Evans

    I have been in CWE for about 2 weeks, the trading robots work better then any other I have seen. This is not a ponzi scheme because they do not take control of your funds (EVER). The 3×20 matrix pays commissions from people who pay the company 20% of their earnings and from what I can easily tell, CWE has been completely fair regarding asking for their payment because you only pay when you make money above the trades that are in losing positions. In this down market there are no payments necessary, when we enter the bull market and good money is being made everybody wins.
    I like this program because it’s NOT a ponzi scheme and I am in 100% control of my funds at all times.

    • aezel

      Dear matthew can you please verify that your bots made profit. Calculate the 20% fee and look at order history exchanger When you started for example with 1 btc it means you will now have more then that on balance exchanger and then – the cost from 20%? If the bot says 2% profit and week closes and on sunday you make the payment for 20% and not everything is sold and part of your investment is still pending and maybe be in minus you pay 20% over an ammount what is not yet accounted for because the rest maybe keeps in minus So then you make loss and pay 20% over the closed deals in green and not over the invested ammount
      i hope you understand what i try to say

      • Don Jubber

        You absolutely know nothing about cwe its legit you can contact me on +27658563698 if you want me to school you on the hpsi pro bot or the hybrid bot I will gladly help you because you sound like a retard, regardless the exchange fees and all the other crap you mentioned you still sound like a big mouth that knows nothing about CWE I have 3 bots and guess what they make cash!!!freeking fake bullshit you have on here!!!get a live looser!!

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