BitHashKey Review – Credible Exchange or Untrustworthy Investment Endeavor?

Recently established a few years ago on February 3rd, 2018, runs as an online exchange brokerage that mostly supports the trading of Bitcoin and altcoins. Operating as veiled cryptocurrency exchange site, BitHashKey does not provide any insightful information regarding any elements associated with their platform except for that they support Bitcoin and altcoins trading. As you will learn throughout our impartial review, BitHashKey apparently operates as an anonymous exchange without corporate or regulation oversight and fails to provide any information that could serve as a credibility booster.

About BitHashKey

Little information is rendered at that would provide valuable information and transparency to their operation. There is no About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions or FAQ pages featured on their site. Instead, all BitHashKey makes known is that their platform allegedly supports the trading of Bitcoin and altcoins, conducts fast trade executions, is user-friendly and operates with secure transactions while providing professional customer support.

BitHashKey Support

While their claim of providing professional customer support was at first reassuring, their Support page revealed only an anonymous contact submission form as their preferred communication method, so it is clear that aspect was an empty assertion. While BitHashKey features a cryptocurrency price banner near the header of their site, it should be known that Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency supported through their exchange. Other supported digital currencies would be Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash and a few select others.

As with questionable exchange operations, BitHashKey provides a simplistic registration process that could be performed by even a complete novice. All investors have to do would be to register at, fund their account through the deposit of your desired cryptocurrencies then buy and sell your digital currencies with one click. Allegedly supporting instant withdrawals, BitHashKey does not disclose their crypto transactions, which means we are unable to confirm whether or not they are actually paying out users or not. Sign Up

BitHashKey Credibility Test

Is there any information regarding owners or operators of the site?

There is absolutely no information regarding active owners, operators or creators for BitHashKey. Furthermore, the domain was privately registered which means we are unable to find any information regarding the registrar behind this site.

How old is the website?

A WHOIS domain report will reveal that was created on February 3rd, 2018. Registered through NameCheap Inc, this operation is under a week old and already portrays their platform as an untrustworthy exchange site.

Does the site provide a physical address?

No address of any sort can be found anywhere for BitHashKey. While even most anonymous exchange operations we encounter will disclose a support email address, BitHashKey fails to provide any email or physical addresses and only provides a vague contact submission feature on their Support page.

How popular is the website?

Due to the relatively youthful age of, they have not secured a SimilarWeb global rank. As with most newly established sites, it will likely take a couple of months for market intelligence sites to gain the ability to accurately rank this operation.

Does the site evasively explain their operation?

BitHashKey outperforms the majority of our cryptocurreny blacklist here in regards to evasively explaining their operation. Not disclosing any information of value regarding essential need-to-knows, it is evident that BitHashKey has much to hide from prospective investors who wish to use their platform.

Can BitHashKey be Trusted?

Perhaps if BitHashKey was to provide more information regarding their owners and operators while sharing more insight into how their exchange platform functions, then we would be able to confidently support this exchange. However, as of February 6th, 2018, we just believe that are too many unknown variables concerning their exchange platform. Therefore, we do not feel that BitHashKey can be trusted. Review Conclusion

When it comes to confidently investing your hard-earned capital online, it is not only fundamental but an essential strategic move to invest solely with transparent and verified operations. As our honest review as revealed to you, BitHashKey is not a credible cryptocurrency exchange and employs excess measures to conceal their identity from you. It is evident that this platform should not be trusted and should be avoided, besides there are much better and more legitimate alternatives available.

Review Verdict: BitHashKey is an untrustworthy exchange!

Site to Avoid:

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  1. Rich

    I deposited 2LTC on Feb 12 and never come, support does not work

  2. Lexus

    BitHashKey is SCAM. I deposited 1 LTC to see if they are trustworthy. My LTC never came visible on balance. I send several emails and posts on their support. I got NO REACTION after more than a week. Don’t use this SCAM site.

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