CryptoMining Firm Review – Fraudulent Mining Scheme

CryptoMining Firm calls itself one of the leading cloud mining platforms. The owners are unknown and the disturbing thing is that even their domain registrant details are hidden using a privacy protection service.

They do share the location of their mining farms, but the address is too vague to verify anything. Moving on to the returns promised by them, it is absolutely insane and it ranges between 30% weekly to 300% after 3 days.

Just by glancing at the returns, any professional miners can tell you that the platform is obviously bluffing about the end result. In reality, the real cash flow of this company is derived through a ponzi operational model.

People running this scheme are using the cash brought in by the new recruits to pay out the earlier participants. While few lucky people might make good returns, this scheme will cause havoc to the vast majority of users.

Also, the risk of losing everything is sky high. The crooks behind this scam also use a lot of high pressure marketing tactics and other gimmicks to entice the public. While the traps used by them are easy to spot for a lot of people, newbies indeed struggle to recognize the flaws.

To get a good idea about the tactics they use, the kind of love they use to take your money, continue reading this unbiased post.

Preliminary Checks

CryptoMining Firm’s official website is around 1 year old at the time of making this post. Though they are around for 365 days, they have not seen any traction in terms of web traffic.

SSL layer is present, but no one should dare to feed them their personal data due to the traits they display. Whois search reveals that the real creator’s details are hidden and the information about their actual whereabouts are indeed hard to find.

They have no authority score and Ahrefs tools show that only 6 websites link out to them. Backlinks earned by them till date is only around 12. Currently, no service or search engine has blacklisted them.

We do not know the kind of mechanics they have employed to hide their marketing campaigns. However, it is clear that they are experts at what they do and that is not a good thing for the public.

CryptoMining Firm Website

The CryptoMining Firm website showcases a lot of things. From the profit claims to the testimonials shown, everything acts like an attention capturing machine. If you ignore the noise and focus on the actual facts, things will become clear pretty soon.

They showcase a UK incorporation certificate, but they are not listed in the database of the FCA. In simple words, they have no rights to conduct control operations and their entire operational model is not approved by the government.

Creators, if they get caught will have to spend a lot of time in prison for the kind of things they have done. Explanation regarding cloud mining is also not that clear. First and foremost, the location is not verifiable.

The list of equipment they use is not revealed and audited reports are not published. Latest deposits and withdrawal transactions are displayed, but that data by itself does not signify anything.

Due to the broken narratives along with missing data, it is not wise to give them the benefit of the doubt for any reason.

Lastly, even the details of their employees or the mining pools they work with are not shared with the public.

With many big red flags and obvious traits, it is a no brainer that you should stay away from them.

Contact Details

Scam operations and sketchy firms do their best to make themselves look professional. CryptoMining Firm does share a few contact details and clearly, they have done their homework pretty well.

Nonetheless, we were able to find a few flaws. For starters, they claim to be located in the United Kingdom. However, their telephone number does not agree with the statement made above.

The response time is not specified and fraudulent platforms like this one never cares about anything related to user experience. They might pester you into buying their plans, but once they have received the deposit, they do not care about anything else.

If you want to take a look at their contact information, refer to the table below.

  • Address – Liverpool L33 7TW UK
  • Email –
  • Phone – +1(347)-966-7282

Referral Scheme

CryptoMining Firm offers a very lucrative deal for the marketers that are willing to introduce people to this scam. The sketchy promoters can get paid up to 5% of the total revenue amount they bring to the table.

To get their hands on quick money a lot of shady websites promote schemes like this one and manipulate the crowd on purpose. If you come across any positive reviews about this scam then know that the promoters are spreading false information for personal gains.

So, never listen to anyone that has conflict of interest and as far as investment firms are considered, if they are unregulated, then it is better to walk away from them. After all, you just cannot trust anyone blindly especially in this digital era, right?

CryptoMining Firm Feedback

Apart from input from users on, we could not find any comments about this firm. No social proof is a scary sign and it should not be taken lightly for any reason. On the other hand, the available comments on them are also frightening and it shows their real nasty side.

Check out the testimonial we have gathered below. Isn’t it terrifying to say the least?

I was contacted through Twitter by Monalisa **. We started chatting and bitcoin came up. She convinced me to purchase bitcoin. I purchased bitcoin u-miningsing Cash App and Coinbase and sent it to at ***********. I issued them multiple payments which totaled up to around $5000+. I checked my daily. After the last investment I made I was told to wait 7 days before I could withdraw my profits. On the 7th day I received an email from them stating to receive my profits I would have to pay them a 28% fee first. This fee would be over $7000. I told them I don’t have that money and that I wasn’t told anything about paying a fee to get my profits. I asked Monalisa for my initial investment of $5000+ be returned. She told me they couldn’t and that if I didn’t pay more money soon then my account would be suspended.


CryptoMining Firm is a ponzi scheme that is posing like a cloud mining platform. The returns they portray are imaginary and if anyone could really make 300% within 3 days, then why in the world would they share it with the public?

Also, proof regarding most of the things associated with this website are non-existent. As the facts about their real nature are all exposed and uncovered, we strongly suggest you not to indulge with them.

Remember, the mining sector has changed a lot and it is almost impossible to achieve double digit returns consistently. As a general rule, you should always stay away from people that disagree with the statement mentioned above or else things might get too complicated in the near future.
If you have experienced monetary loss due to CryptoMining Firm, then feel free to share your story below.


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