ETradePips Review – Scammy Trading Platform

ETradePips is a new broker in town that claims to make it’s users rich using things like copy trading services. They feature a web based trading app and the leverage offered by them is unclear.

Their policies are weird and as far as regulation goes, their profile is not impressive in any way, manner or form. It goes without mentioning that owners are unknown and the so-called expert traders are also anonymous.

Feedback regarding them is hard to find, but the available ones are all negative and it paints them in a scary way. The more you look at this broker, the more flaws you are going to find.

We agree that their offerings might be enticing, but the kind of risk you are taking to achieve the goals are simply unjustifiable. Moreover, there is no real way to check their performance in the first place.

As the number of uncertainties are more, it is better to move cautiously if you ever land on their platform. To understand the way they work and learn more about their revenue model, stay with us till the end.

We are going to uncover their real side that displays nothing more than conflict of interest in almost every aspect.

Preliminary Checks

ETradePips is a trading portal, so they have to use SSL to encrypt the data and we did find valid certificates on their platform. Their domain is hardly 7 months old.

According to the information on their website, more than 20,000 active users employ their services. However, the web traffic they get contradicts the statement above and the cuts in their narratives are way too evident.

Using Alexa service, we found out that this website gets a negligible amount of traffic and as far as their campaigns go, we have no idea about the targeting mechanisms. is not blacklisted by any popular software or search engine.

Also, they have not earned any domain rating yet. Trust score is also close to zero and only one website links out to them.

In other words, their entire profile is bleak and it does not look reassuring in any way.

ETradePips Website

As soon as you land on their homepage, the fact that this platform is involved with the financial instruments becomes very clear. They claim to support all of the major indexes, forex pairs, and CFDs.

Sadly, we could not get a look at their interface which means in reality we have no clue about the number of pairs available. Spreads are not mentioned and there is no way to know whether there is any kind of fees associated with trading activities.

The trading conditions are vague and the entire platform is full of flaws. Minimum capital required to get started with them is $300. Nonetheless, we have every reason to believe that the sales team of this brokerage might push the clients towards spending more.

We do not know whether they support any kind of automated trading. However, they do feature copy trading services. They have apparently won a few prestigious awards for the outstanding services provided by them.

Unfortunately, due to lack of data, we cannot verify their claims. Chatting interface is not revealed. Web based trading software is never flexible. So, we suggest you look at third party solutions if you are a fan of customized tools and indicators.

Referral schemes are present and anyone that helps them get new clients will get paid 5% of the total revenue amount they drive. After thoroughly going over every nook and corner of their website.

We regret to inform you that there isn’t anything unique about them and the ambiguity factor is off the charts.

Contact Details

On their homepage, this broker claims to have a support team that consists of over 40 employees. Support team can be reached via live chat, telephone and email.

Response time varies a lot and there are no clear guidelines on anything. This broker supports around 11 languages. Given their traits, do not expect any quality treatment from them, The contact information are as follows.

  • Phone – +44 786 211 7672
  • Email –

Copy Trading Services

Ifollow is the name given for the copy trading service on their interface. This service supposedly helps people leverage the skills of expert traders and make money.

Copy trading always sounds good on paper, but if you look closely it also has a lot of issues. Things like slippages, execution delays, and liquidity problems are the big ones that cause havoc to the copiers.

Moreover, if there are any high impact events or black swans, then the whole account will go for a toss and results cannot be guaranteed regardless of the kind of risk management employed. The profile of the so-called expert traders are not revealed.

Surprisingly, even the performance reports are not showcased and verifiable reports are not available anywhere. Without seeing any data, how can we possibly proceed with them?

Do you really believe them blindly? The lack of evidence is a big red flag and without proof everything they say cannot be taken seriously for any reason.

ETradePips Deposits and Withdrawals

$300 is the minimum amount required to open an account with this brokerage. There are different account types available and to unlock all of the features present, clients may have to spend up to $5,000.

Compared to the competition in the same space, the capital requirement is ridiculous at best. Funding and payment methods are not mentioned by them. Plus, we do not have a clue about the fees applicable.

Sketchy brokers always hide behind twisted policies and the lack of clarity speaks for itself. Minimum withdrawal amount is also a question mark.

In case you are wondering, know that the client’s money is not held in segregated accounts and as such, end customers are exposed to a lot of danger.

ETradePips User Reviews

ETradePips is a broker that is around 7 months old. They exaggerate about their user base on their website. However, their website popularity does not agree with their claims.

As this broker is not popular, it is a difficult task to gather user feedback. Moreover, the low sample size prevents us from making any kind of firm conclusion.

Nonetheless, we did pick some dirt on them and the kind of comments we have gathered below will send chills down your spine.

Someone I thought I could trust referred me to a broker on this website. I was to give them money to invest in Bitcoin over the course of 6 weeks; at the end of 6 weeks I would be able to withdraw my profits. I gave the broker $2k to start with. My money was growing fairly quickly. I chalked it up to the broker knowing what he was doing as well as their trading method, which I thought I understood from studying their website. He asked if I had anymore money I wanted to put in. We were almost halfway through the 6 weeks, I figured I’d be getting a lot of money soon, I decided to take a risk and give him my emergency fund, the last $1k I had. My money continued to grow. I told a friend about it and she decided to invest. As the final weeks were approaching my excitement grew and I began to tell others; they were pretty skeptical. Their skepticism started to give me a little doubt so I started to do some digging. I emailed all of the other brokers that were listed on the site; 98% of the emails came back as undeliverable or I didn’t get a response. I emailed the website “info@” email address several times and got no response. I tried starting a live chat on the website and never got a response. Their website boasts about having over 40 support staff available 24/7 yet nobody except my broker ever talked to me (via WhatsApp) – it didn’t make sense. I ran some kind of report on their website and discovered that it was less than a year old and a lot of identifying information had been redacted. Any time I tried asking the broker or the person who referred me any questions about these things they didn’t answer my questions or didn’t answer them adequately. When it was time for me to get my money things really went south. My broker was unresponsive and then inattentive. It was now a week late. He told me it would be in my account on a Monday; when I told him it wasn’t there he said I should be getting an email; when I read the email it said I needed to pay over $3k taxes and fees! At no point had he ever mentioned me having to pay anything to get my money; nothing on the website said that either. I joined an online forum and began asking questions and they said I had likely been scammed. It was suggested that I complain on their site/forum, make him aware of the complaint and give him an opportunity to correct it/respond to it. I made him aware of the complaint and he became very upset and said I could go to jail. He made no attempts to correct anything. I told him I would not be paying money to get my money. I’ve reported this site to numerous agencies; one agency went so far as to acknowledge it’s a scam yet the site is still up and running and he’s hounding the lady I referred for fees, telling her she will lose her investment if she doesn’t pay (she knows it’s a scam and won’t pay). This site is a scam, do not give them any money.”

ETradePips Verdict

ETradePips is not just an unregulated broker, it is also a sketchy one. They portray themselves to be a UK based firm. However, they are not listed in the database of the FCA.

The facts clearly tell us everything we need to know about them and the reality is scary to say the least. For your own good, avoid dealing with this broker and do not forget to turn down any unregulated firms.

In case you have some funds stuck with them, then leave a comment below. We will do our best to assist you in any way possible.
Do not indulge with unregulated brokers like ETradePips. Stick with the regulated brokers for all your trading needs.


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