Bitcoin Generator (BTCGen.Pro) Scam Review

In our day to day job of exposing online scams and Ponzis, we come across all sorts of lies and allegations.

Some of them sound so real that sometimes we find ourselves almost believing them, only to be brought back to reality by a slight misstep or contradictory statement.

Some of lies we find in some websites, however, are so basic and corny that we are left wondering who exactly the site owners expect to be fooled by that BS.

Unfortunately, quite a number of people get caught up in the world of lies and exaggerations and join the (long) list of victims of online scams.

To cut the long story short, we came across a Bitcoin mining site at (and other domains as well, see below) by the name Bitcoin Generator while in one of our online sleuthing expeditions and found its concept so intriguing that we had to share it with you.

In normal days, we would call this a scam review but today let’s call it a fool-buster.

Sounds good?


Bitcoin Generator (BTCGen.Pro)

Introduction to BTCGen.Pro

BTCGen.Pro, also known as Bitcoin Generator, is a recently released Bitcoin mining website that has one of the funniest (and most stupid) tagline we have ever seen.

And we have seen quite a few.

Apparently, the site is created by a group of experienced ‘crackers’ who happened to discover a loophole in the Blockchain and use it to generate Bitcoins, which they then sell to you, or whoever else believes their lies. They refer to this loophole as an ‘exploit’ as can be seen in the header on the main page which reads ‘Bitcoin Exploit Engine.’

As it goes, the team of high level crackers and hackers are very good people.

So good that they couldn’t sit on the so called exploits and had to share with the public – for FREE.

Imagine that.

Of course that’s a big lie, as you will find out as you read further, but hey, the best way to deal with a fool (and a scam) is to make them believe that they have fooled you.

How does the Bitcoin Generator work?

Bitcoin Generator, aka BTCGen.Pro, is actually a very simple and straightforward site, unlike most sites that we have come across.

All you need to generate Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Exploit Engine on the site is your Bitcoin wallet an, an Internet connection and your computer or mobile device.

Oh, and some money too, in USD.

Basically, you enter your Bitcoin wallet address and amount of Bitcoin you want to mine in the indicated slot located at the top of the main page and click on the ‘Start Exploit’ tab, which is slightly on the right.

This will activate the generator which will go into overdrive trying to locate security loopholes in various mining pools and exploit them to extract Bitcoins.

The time you will have to wait depends on the amount of Bitcoins you want.

The amount of Bitcoin you can mine at a time using Bitcoin Generator ranges from 0.15 BTC to 2.50 BTC and is transferred to your Bitcoin wallet as soon as the mining is completed.


Where’s the catch?

Forget all the catchy words you read on the site, the reality is very much different.

See, BTCGen.Pro asks you to send a certain amount of money in USD in order to get access to their generator.

They promise to double the amount by giving you twice as much Bitcoin as you would have received in ordinary circumstances.

And that is all good.

However, things take a different turn when you try to withdraw the Bitcoin so mined. The site asks you to send 0.007 BTC as “miner’s fee” before you can proceed with your withdrawal.

At the current exchange rates, 0.0007 BTC translates to about $7 which consequently makes Bitcoin Generator the most expensive mining site ever in terms of the mining fees charged.

In ordinary circumstances, mining fees are only a few cents and barely go over a dollar.

As you can see, BTCGen.Pro is not only a scam, but also a grossly overpriced mining site.

To make it worse, they only tell you about the extra cost when you want to withdraw your money. To give credit where its due (or undue, depending on your point of view), the site is a clever con.

BTCGen.Pro Reviews

Having used the alleged Bitcoin Generator exploit and received the above message, we knew that BTCGen.Pro was a scam and didn’t need any more confirmation.

However, we had to look at what other people were saying in online forums for our readers’ sake.

We visited the BTCGen.Pro YouTube page where the promo video is posted and looked at the user comments. We also visited other online blogs and forums and all we found were negative comments, some even bordering on death threats.

If only websites had lives and could be killed…

Below are some comments from people who tried out the Bitcoin Generator system.

“it said it’s free then will ask you to pay the miners before you can withdraw” – Johya

“Guys I realized it’s scam before I payed that fee. Should I just pay or will they try to fuck me somehow? Please help, I’m a beginner” – fareehd

“I paid the miners fee and still waiting for my payout.” – bitttader5

“I think they are looting innocent people. Aren’t there any regulatory body who could ban such sites.” – amychur

Of course, there were so many comments, most of them negative, that we couldn’t list them all.

Nonetheless, the above comments serve both advisory and cautionary purposes. These are people who actually tried the system and got conned but were empathetic enough to share their experiences with the world to prevent more people being conned.

If you have been scammed by the Bitcoin Generator at, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience!

Conclusion: Avoid BTCGen.Pro, it’s a SCAM!

We have proven, beyond any doubt, that BTCGen.Pro is a scam and an overpriced service that will leave you broke and crying.

It won’t make any sense for you to use such a system, which also has so many bad reviews.

You are better off buying a burger in the corner shop to eat on your way home.

Bitcoin Generator support email:

Our research indicates that the Bitcoin Generator scam is mainly targeting people in Brazil, India, Italy, Germany and Iran.

Verdit: The Bitcoin Generator is a SCAM!

Blacklisted sites: BTCGen.Pro, &

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  1. Loree

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    Please research and let me know as some say it worked. Thanks


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  5. collins

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  6. Misterfunky

    This is simple if this guys can generate bitcoins for you its better they take out the fee they claim you should pay out from the btc they have generated for you and then send the balance left to your wallet simple as this…but you know they cant cause this makes them scammers

  7. Siyabonga

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  8. Joe

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    If they really discovered a loophole in the blockchain then why can’t they generate btc for their own wallets. how come they still ask for transaction fee. They are really scammers

  16. Garciakun

    I also have another proof that the site us scam. On the chatroom the positive comments keep repeating over and over. This shows that those comments are not live. Pls avoid the site

  17. Garciakun

    Btcgen.EU is a big scam. Thank God I realized it before even thinking of paying the so called miners fee. I wonder how they put all those fake positive comments on the site

  18. Ernestas

    Does anyone know where to invest in bitcoin

  19. Gettodo

    DAVID WILLIAMS !!! YOU still continue to fool innocent prospects with this Adverts while in actual fact your Minning Software is NOT WORKING !!! Foolish prospects like myself who deposited their cash into your account were left Hard and Dry. Still, DAVID WILLIAMS continue to fool innocent prospects to invest their money to be scammed by DAVID WILLIAMS. Where Is Your Conscience???

    • ED


  20. Danilo Asiong

    All these BTC generators are not real…all of them are please stay away from these scammers they are very good in convincing people especially on their site of chat-rooms they are all well prepared..I was scammed with these very clever people two stay away or they will stole your hard earned money…

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    I’m so sad and crazy because I’ve paid 2x the fees of total 0.002 BTC and of course haven’t got my 0.02 BTC. Now that I’ve read here I’m happy because I know now that*s a scam and I’ll never ever do so again – generators are tabu for me in the future – thanks so much for the report here.

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  30. mike 2/7/18

    I wish I read this review before I got scammed. Live and learn I suppose. I will be bookmarking this site

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    should be reported & closed !

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    Thank you for helping me not fall for this scam. I see that this article was written in May. It is now September. That $7 transaction fee got to be common right before the fork. I got nailed with such a fee (and still had to wait weeks for confirms) just moving BTC between legit exchanges and wallets such as Kraken and Coinomi!
    This website is still doing the same scam you described, only they never asked me for USD. They ran their little “pretend code” looking for their “exploits” and then asked me for a miner’s fee of 0.0054951 BTC (which at the moment of writing comes out to just over $20).

  48. Ansh Lal

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    Muchas gracias

    • admin

      We have nothing to do with the Bitcoin Generator. We’re an independent review site.

  52. geni alves

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