MinerFarm Review

MinerFarm (minerfarm.com) is a kind of cloud mining service but also a kind of virtual game which mimics the actual mining environment.  The exact returns is unknown in fact we do not know if there is any in the first place.

Their website is minimalist but it lacks enough information regarding what they actually do.  Though this website has been around for many years there isn’t many user testimonials online which is a little concerning.  

If you are wondering about buying contracts from this platform or not then you are at the right place, go through our full review to find out everything you need to know about this service.

Minerfarm.com Review - Scam or Legit?

License and Contact Details

Generally all the firms which operate in the investment sector are required to hold proper legal documents without which they are considered to be illegal in most developing countries.  MinerFarm is somewhat similar to an ICO wherein they raise money from the users to buy mining related properties in the virtual world and in return they promise the investors some amount of profits but they are also in the virtual world so there is nothing tangible about it.  

Since this platform does involve making purchases we checked with regulatory authorities like FCA and FTC but we could not find any information about them.  Their website also does not feature any details regarding their registration certificates or any other allied aspect.

The only contact detail put up by them is an email address.  We do not know the response time required for them to a query.

Email – support@minerfarm.com

How does MinerFarm Work?

MinerFarm is a game which provide its users a taste of how mining works through the virtual world.  The gamers can choose the type of equipment they want to employ and it does not end there.

For every piece of equipment purchased they have to buy coolers to enhance their stability and to maintain their efficiency the players have to repair them every once in a while failing which the machine’s yield will decrease gradually day by day.  As you can see they closely resemble the actual mining scenario.

Players can create their own mining pools if they meet some of the criteria for doing so and earn more coins.  Only thing you need to remember is that since all of this is a game you cannot withdraw any coins or get hold of any physical miners.


When you sign up with this platform you will be provided with a free mining power of 10 Gh/s.  Though you can earn and expand your mining income remember that the only way to dilute the earning is by transferring your assets to other players.  

The exact dollar figure amount cannot be stated because it depends upon the time you spend playing the game and also on numerous factors affecting the price of cryptocurrencies.  One thing we can tell for sure is not to expect enormous amount of money from it.

Domain Whereabouts

According to whois.com this domain was registered on 01/05/2015 and it expires on 01/05/2021.  The registrant details are not shown as they are using privacy services for obvious concerns. This website has some impressive statistics.  

It currently ranks 52,217 globally and has a rank of 10,189 in Brazil.  They have used ad-networking sites as a part of their promotion strategy.  Majority of their traffic is originating from Brazil, United States, Iran, India and Mexico.

Is MinerFarm a Scam?

Not exactly,

Many people appear to have confused with the core business model of MinerFarm.  They have clearly stated that it is a game but unknowingly many people though it was an actual cloud mining service and therefore were angry when they unknowingly deposited the funds.

Though this website has been around for a long time still there isn’t much real user testimonials on any popular forums.  Also they operate in anonymously which is a little concerning because transparency is an important aspect regardless of what type of business a firm is indulged in.

MinerFarm Review Conclusion

MinerFarm is a game which will earn you real Bitcoins.  Just like all the other similar platforms this one also takes a considerable period of time to make returns so do not expect any staggering amount of money from that.  Keeping in mind the difficulties involved in mining it might not be worth your time unless you start with a big enough capital.

Do you have any experience with MinerFarm.com?  Share your feedback by leaving us a comment.


  1. CryptoMachine

    Scammed for over 7.33 BTC deposited and earned from January till they shutdown the site and ran with my money.

  2. Luminous

    scammers. cant login for shit, been playing since April this year but here we are, scammed the shit out of us.

  3. Duddy

    The site is now CLOSED AND NOW YOU GOT SCAMMED!!!

    Yes it’s official. They are scammers!!

    They took everything I earned for them.

  4. Juan Moreno

    Mother#€_%ss took my $20 bucks away with them

  5. tony de palm

    hello i am tony de palm i am the owner from turbo bit farmia my own pool with 3 10 terrahash i put 2 k in i payd 6 k so! i liked the game and why did it stop so i lost my money? pfff i lost so much already a shame

    • steve

      Everyone lost their money for cursed scammers.

  6. Steve

    Minerfarm is another scamper of many. They also left my money.

  7. Stuart Juggins

    I think you can whistle dixie if you think you are ever going to see a cent of your money……..pity it was fun…oh well .

  8. Jan Opsteen

    I also trying to log in but it is not possible, never had a problem till now.Waiting and hoping that we get back our money.

  9. Stuart Juggins

    I have not been able to contact minerfarm or log in for the past few days.
    Error 522 comes up when I try to log in.
    Has this sight shut down and absconded with my bitcoin?
    Was it a scan and I have now lost my money for falling to it?
    Is anyone else also not able to log in?

  10. Chad

    Minerfarm has been awesome and its hard to keep up with the game but if you into it then it pays out bitcoins for sure, tbey cofirmed they nit a scam however the site has been down dor 2 days and no posts on twitter or FB about what the issue is – truly annoying

    • Stuart Juggins

      Absolutely right Chad, I have not been able to log in for two days either.
      I can’t even get any info off any sights, I believe they have shut down their business and fled with the money.
      In the past they have sent e-mails saying the machines have shut down, if they were having a legitimate problem, they would send an e-mail to that effect.
      We have been scammed.

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