E & EMining Club Review – Vague Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

EMining.Club is a new cloud mining marketplace that connects sellers of hash power to cryptocurrency investors looking to accrue cryptocurrencies. Obscurely similar to NiceHash, EMining Club operates with a more anonymous presence and provides far less information regarding their platform. Due to their recent inception a few months ago, EMining Club possesses relatively little investor feedback besides the occasional inconclusive review that vaguely addresses the utilization of this platform. Learn whether or not you can trust EMining Club by extracting the facts provided to you in our unbiased review.

emining.club - E&E Mining

What is EMining Club?

EMining Club is an online cloud mining platform that enables prospective investors the ability to purchase hashing power or sellers the ability to sell their hash power. Unlike NiceHash where investors have the ability to create mining contracts and choose their miners, investors operate in a more controlled atmosphere where this platform functions with fixed operational parameters. Fixed fees and profit retention, set investment thresholds and banking protocols are set in stone at EMining.Club.

Who is Behind EMining Club?

EMining Club is a bit of a mystery when we look into their ownership or corporate details. No information regarding creators, owners or corporate entities can be found disclosed anywhere on their site. The only contact information we are provided would be 3 separate email addresses which are as followed: service@emining.club, gbetter@emining.club and support@emining.club.

A WHOIS search will also go on to reveal that EMining.Club was privately registered, which means we are unable to find out information regarding the creators behind the site. According to the report the EMining Club domain was created on August 8th, 2017 through the NameCheap, Inc. registrar.

What does EMining Club Offer?

EMining.Club advertises their operation as a controlled cloud mining operation. Sellers who have hashing power to sell can do so for a fixed rate through the EMining Club platform while investors are able to purchase hashing power to generate cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that sellers who wish to sell their hash power will have to pay a 5% fee for exchanging power for cryptocurrency while miner fees can equate up to 0.0008 BTC.

In order to become a verified seller, an individual must possess hardware equipment that produces a minimum quantity of 1000GH/s. The supported cryptocurrencies through EMining.Club would be Bitoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Zcash and Dogecoin. No promised ROIs are featured on the site while contracts length are determined by the operators at EMining Club. Furthermore, investors who successfully refer individuals to the platform are eligible to receive 10% of the profits accrued by their referrals.

Can E&EMining Club be Trusted?

Through the investigative information disclosed above, we don’t believe EMining Club to be a trustworthy operation. To date they are an unverified operation that is built quite similar to pyramid schemes while operating as a completely anonymous platform. As we mentioned countless times before, any operation that is asking for you to deposit bitcoins through their platform but fail to be upfront with their identity is a platform that should not be trusted.


EMining.Club possessed a SimiliarWeb global rank of 32,387 as of December 12th, 2017. According to the report, the EMining Club has reflected an inorganic traffic boom from nearly 5,000 visitors in October to over 2 million in November.

The majority of the referral traffic originates from Bitcoin advertisement sites where web surfers get paid to browse sites in exchange for compensation. This unethical practice creates the illusion that a site is more popular than it truly is, which is the case of EMining Club.

E&E Mining Club Review Conclusion

EMining.Club is still likely to be in their preliminary age where investors can look to accrue returns on their deposited bitcoins for a short duration of time. As with most anonymous operations we encounter though, EMining Club can begin refusing withdrawal requests once they have deceived enough bitcoins then tuck tail and shut down. While we cannot verify for certain that this will be the case for EMining Club, experience has taught us otherwise.

Our recommendation would be to avoid EMining Club since they are not a trustworthy operation. As stated, any platform that is unwilling to be open about their identity is one that cannot be considered as legitimate or trustworthy. Do yourself a favor by only investing with verified and reputable mining operations. To learn more about the opportunities available to you in crypto mining feel free to visit our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide.

Review Verdict: E&E Mining Club cannot be trusted!

Blacklisted Site: EMining.Club

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  1. tellyoutruth

    I did not invest but had 100+ Ghs in the end for free…
    now this site has deleted itself permanently … i tried but they don’t come back.

    I never had enough to withdraw but was getting close.

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