Fast BTC Money Review - Scam Review

Fast BTC Money ( is said to be the only investment firm which generates profits within first 60 minutes of signing up and depositing.  They claim to have made more than 1.8 million dollars within the last 90 days and boasts of generating 26% ROI per hour.

All these figures is definitely appealing but sadly they are all nothing more than hopes and dreams, meaning they are unreal.  To know all the shady tricks and deceptive methods followed by this service, go through our full review which will help you avoid losing your money.

Company and Contact Details

Fast BTC Money is an ICO, in layman terms this firm borrows money from a group of retail investors and depending on the terms of the contract the investors are supposed to get certain returns along with their capital.  

When we were validating the type of services they are offering, we could not find proper certificates they must hold.  We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed thereby should be avoided at any costs. Here are the contact details provided by them:

Address – Street, London, England, EC1N8TB

Email –

Background - Stock Photos

Any company or firms usually try to maintain cordial relationship with their clients and one of the way of appealing to the potential clients is by maintaining complete transparency.  A major red flag we found when we during our investigation is that, there isn’t any details about the persons behind this firm, all the images put up by them are just stock photos.  Now stop and think for a second why are they maintaining transparency unless they have a deceptive plan?

How does Fast BTC Money Work?

Be prepared to get amused by the ridiculous narration provided by these scammers.  They claim to be using some secret software which buys from one market where price is low and sells in other exchange where price is high, simply put arbitrage principle which according to them yields returns of more than 2000% on a daily basis.  

The logic fail in their explanation is that the arbitrage opportunities does not occur all day long and even when they do, to achieve these kind of results is nothing short of a miracle.  If this platform was really capable of generating returns like these do you really think they would offer it for free?


There are 3 investment packages to choose from on this platform.  Each offer is more daunting than the last but rest assured the returns they portray are all fake.  Take a look at them:

Plan 1

Returns – 1.08% to 1.5% Hourly

Duration – 96 Hours

Ref. Commissions – 3%

Min. Deposit – $5

Plan 2

Returns – 6% to 8% Hourly

Duration – 48 Hours

Ref. Commissions – 5%

Min. Deposit – $500

Plan 3

Returns – 16% to 26% Hourly

Duration – 12 Hours

Ref. Commissions – 10%

Min. Deposit – $5,000

Referral Program

The ponzi schemes always rely heavily on the marketing department as that is where their revenue is coming from.  To grow their user base, this firm offers a referral program wherein the promoters and marketers are paid depending upon the revenue they bring in.  

The affiliates gets anywhere between 3% to 10% of the total deposit amount made by the investors they referred on to the platform.  Just like all the other pyramid schemes, this platform also does not require the affiliates to be an active investor.

Furthermore this firm provides the individuals access to some custom promotional tools to help the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Domain Whereabouts

A search on will reveal that this domain was registered on 13/04/2018 and expires on 13/04/2019.

This service claims to have over 7000 accounts which might be true because they get an estimated traffic of over 900,000 visitors monthly. ranks 19,318 in Bangladesh and has a global rank of 902,325.

The countries they are targeting are Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Ukraine.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $5 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The e-currencies accepted by this firm are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  The withdrawals are said to be processed instantly and all the transactions on this platform are free.

Is Fast BTC Money Scam or Legit?

After considering all the aspects of this firm, this platform is indeed a scam you do not want to invest your money with.  

Volatility is the main component which enables traders to earn money but if you try to chase these type of returns chances are you might make few gains every now and then but due to lack of risk profiling your account will bleed ultimately which will bring you back to square one.

Fast BTC Money Review Conclusion

Who in the world doesn’t like to triple their money every 12 hours.  At this rate you will exceed the net worth of all the countries put together in just a few weeks but we all know those things happen only in our dreams.  Hype around these type of firms are always too tempting for the beginners but resist them because they are very harmful to your wallets.

As always we suggest everyone to deal only with regulated exchanges and firm so your funds will always be safe and if something unexpected happens at least you can request an explanation unlike these crooks who cannot be traced and confronted.

If you have any experience with, please share them with our community by commenting below.


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