Review - Scam Review is a cloud mining solution which offers a free way for any crypto enthusiasts to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and BitcoinCash via their android device.  

However do not expect to make a significant amount from it because just like many cloud services this platform also takes months to reach the minimum payout threshold which at the end of the day might not be worth your time.  

To know exactly how this company works and the kind of profits you can expect to earn with them, continue reading our full review which will answer all your questions.

Company and Support Details

This service has not put up any registration or incorporation details on their website which can be overlooked as there is no money involved but would have been nice if they had featured it as it boosts their credibility.  

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – Peter Apor, Tiszasuly 5061, Hungary.

Email –,

The support team of this company can be reached through live chat feature but there has been a lot of complaints that the staff is extremely late to address the problems faced by the users.

Background - Creators and Staff

This founder of this company is a person known as Nina Kaja.  We couldn’t find any information about her on the internet except their website which is a little concerning.  Apart from the anime pictures of the alleged members there is nothing which can be verified. The reaction of users to this service would have been more positive if they had embraced transparency.

How does Work?

This platform is a cloud mining service which is aimed at providing a free way for cryptocurrency hobbyists to mine from their phones and avoid all the difficulties involved in setting up the traditional mining rigs.  

The users just have to download the mining apps provided by them and keep them running to mine the currency they are interested in.  This firm has not shared any details about where their mining rigs are stationed at and what scrypts they use and the kind of machinery they use.  

We do not know the precise profitability they are able to achieve.and their mining capabilities are not disclosed.  

Profits Promised

The exact kind of return you might get from mining contracts cannot be guaranteed as it depends upon various factors like the duration of the contract, power capacity and electricity costs.  

Since this software is primarily designed for android devices which has very little power which is not sufficient to yield returns which can replace your day jobs, so do not have high hopes about the profits.

Testimonials - User Testimonies

There are a few testimonials put up on the About Us section of this website.  If you take a look at them, they are all extremely pleasing towards them and appears to be a little exaggerated.  Nowadays it is almost impossible to get $150 worth ethereum in 30 days on any of the free mining programs and not to mention there are no payment proof featured anywhere on their site.


This firm has got fair share of criticism over the years.  Check out what the actual users of this software have said about them on the Google Play Store.

I have had a withdrawal pending since July 19th, and no way to contact support.  They had everyone download a live chat app for support, but every time I go to try to start a chat there are “no agents available for chat” so effectively there is no customer support.  Waiting several weeks for a withdrawal is ridiculous, plus they now have “levels” that you have to have a certain amount of withdrawals to work up to in order to increase your hashrate, but if the withdrawals do not go through , then you will never advance… Get some support staff and help your customers, or I will be uninstalling!

Deposit and Withdrawals

To get paid by this platform the users are required to have a cryptocurrency address or wallet.  The minimum threshold required to trigger the withdrawal can change without notice, so for accurate information get in touch with the support staff of this firm.  We do not know if there are any fees associated with withdrawals.

Is a Scam?

Probably Not,

Since this platform does not accept money from its users, this app does not have any alarming downside to it.  Feel free to try their platform but do not expect anything spectacular from it. You might earn a few dollars on a monthly basis but it will never be big enough to qualify as a reliable source of income. Review Conclusion is a fun app you might want to spend your time on.  You will get a clear idea about many basic terms and things involved in cloud mining along with familiarizing yourself with the correlation between hash rate and mining power.

Have you tried  Feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below.


  1. Stefan Helms

    I have had an withdrawal pending since November 23rd. It is January 27th. Since then i have made another withdrawal and have not received either.


  2. Steffo

    The App have now been removed from Google Play!
    This must bee a signal that its not a legit APP.
    Scam Scam Sacm

  3. Stevo

    I tried the app for 4 months. Suddenly all my Satoshi disappeared. They never answer on mail. I say that this is a scam.

    • orizwedanta

      not a scam i just got paid months ago..maybe it take longer to reach it minimum withdraw..but it’s legit

  4. Bojan

    Želim da bi vse te moje kripto tajpe združili v enega lepo prosim če je mogoče.

  5. orizwedanta

    well..i used all their apps from months ago…nice review

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