Wcapital.biz Review

Wcapital.biz - Scam Review

Wcapital.biz is an investment firm which accepts clients from all across the world and claims to provided one on one consultancy.  This service has been around for more than a year as of August 2018 and unfortunately has cost thousands of dollars to the investors who unknowingly fell prey to this scheme.  

They claim to yield returns of up to 200% on a daily basis and as expected no proof to support their statements.  Continue reading our review which will enlighten you about the true colors of this firm.

License and Support

Wcapital.biz is an ICO which offers financial services to the retail audience.  They basically raise money required for trading various markets and promise the investors fixed predetermined amount of returns in the near future.  

Any company which conducts these type of activities have to hold proper licenses from regulatory authorities in most of the developed countries.  When we tried to determine if this firm was legitimate, the documents proved otherwise.

We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed and are completely unregulated so if things go wrong or they refuse to process your withdrawals, there is nothing anyone can do about it.  

Here are the contact details put up by them:

Address – W Capital, 180 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9HF, United Kingdom.

Email – vip@wcapital.biz, wcapitalbiz@yandex.com.

The support team can be reached through a contact form featured on this platform but ask yourself what kind of investment company operates without providing at least basic telephone assistance to the clients?  Seems like this firm was on a budget.

How does Wcapital.biz Work?

Honestly, we do not have a clue about what they do with all the funds raised.  They have completely skipped about mentioning any information about their trading plan.  Since they do not offer demo account or any type of free trials, there is no way to test how their strategies work in real time.

Trading any markets has its own set of rules without which you are guaranteed to lose all your funds.  To make things clear, if you decide to invest with this platform then you are taking a shot in the dark with your funds and you have no sort of edge.  

Will you trust this company with so many red flags to trade on your behalf?

Investment plans and Profits

There are 12 investment plans offered by this platform wherein as a rule of thumb, the investors have to increase their initial deposit for more gains.  Do not get carried away after taking a look at these mystical yet enticing offers, the returns are all fake.

No investment firm or individual traders has managed to achieve these type of profits and definitely this firm is not an exception.

Here are the details of some of the most popular packages:


Returns – 20% per day

Duration – 90 Days

Min. Deposit – $500


Returns – 30% per day

Duration – 30 Days

Min. Deposit – $750


Returns – 50% per day

Duration – 10 Days

Min. Deposit – $1000


Returns – 200% per day

Duration – 1 Day

Min. Deposit – $2,000

Affiliate Program

Fraudulent platform like this one feeds of money poured in by the participants aka investors.  To earn as much as they can while they are active, this firm hosts an affiliate program which rewards marketers and promoters heavily for referring people to their service.  

Wcapital.biz - Affiliate Program

The affiliates get a fraction of the revenue gained by this firm which might seem small at first but they add up to significant amount of money over time.  As anticipated affiliates are not required to have an active deposit in order to get their payments.

Domain Information

According to the data provided by whois.com this domain was registered on 18/07/2017 and it expires on 17/07/2022.

This website ranks 148,652 in India and has a global rank of 1,339,848.  This service has gained a lot of popularity in India and Russia.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum amount required to get started with this firm is $10 and the minimum payout is $0.10 and it may vary depending upon the withdrawal method you select.   

The e-wallets and payment methods accepted by this platform are Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.  There is 10% transaction fees on withdrawals and the time taken by them to process withdrawals is not mentioned.

Can I Trust Wcapital.biz?


The fact that we are dealing with a ponzi scam is crystal clear.  Many HYIP sites are promoting them but that will not benefit you in any way.  This platform has so many characteristics of a ponzi or pyramid scheme that it is simply undeniable.  They might pay few participants but at the end of the day remember that they can and will flee away with your funds anytime they want.

Wcapital.biz Review Conclusion

Wcapital.biz is a nasty scam you do not want to mess with.  If you take a thorough look at their website which is very basic in term of design, they do not even qualify as reliable or reputable.  

They have no legal right and when caught all the people who are behind this glorifies ponzi scheme will face criminal prosecution.  Whichever time zone you might be in, financial markets provide you with enough opportunities to earn enormous profits but it isn’t easy and there is no magical button which generates revenue.  Keep your greed in check and if you are truly serious about trading then start studying any asset class which peaks your interests.

Have you been scammed by Wcapital.biz?  Feel free to share your feedback and opinion by leaving a comment below.


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