Review is a Bitcoin investment platform which supposedly generates 50% return on investment per day completely risk free.

It is needless to say that this platform is nothing but a HYIP scam. This service has been active for a little over 1 year as of publishing this review.

While we were investigating this service, we found a lot of misleading, inconclusive and disturbing factors on their website in which these scam artists have gone to extreme length to convince you that they are legit.

Go through our full Fidelity Bitcoin Club review to know why you should never invest your money into this platform.

FidelityBitcoin Company and Contact Details

Fidelity Bitcoin Inc states that they are an international investment company which is registered in USA. On their homepage they even claim to be regulated by the FCA.

However, just because they are registered does not make they are authorized to carry out financial services.

While we were trying to validate their service, we simply couldn’t find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold. We have confirmed through FCA, Fidelity Bitcoin Inc has never been licensed and may thereby be operating illegally.

Claiming to be regulated by FCA is a lie told by this firm in order to appear legitimate in front of inexperienced investors. As always, we recommend staying away from unregulated entities as most of them are just scams.

An office address of this firm is provided on their website – 313 Patternson Road Brooklyn, New York 11209.

The only contact detail provided is an email address –

What kind of Profits can you expect to make with

Who in the world doesn’t like to make money without putting in any sort of efforts?

Imagine thousands of dollars raking in to your account every singe day while you are relaxing in your home.

Does this all sound like a dream?

This is exactly what this platform is offering you

There are 4 investment plans offered by this platform

Custom Plan

Deposit – 0.05 BTC

Period – 8 Hours

Returns – 50%

Deluxe Plan

Deposit – 0.1 BTC

Period – 24 Hours

Returns – 50%

Excel Plan

Deposit – 0.5 BTC

Period – 24 Hours

Returns – 50%

FidelityBitcoin offers 50% ROI per day, which is impossible to sustain.

High return claims displayed on this platform are all fake.

Ask yourself, if this platform really generates the type of returns as advertised with absolutely no risk involved, why would they offer it to the public for free?

What does FidelityBitcoin do with your funds?

FidelityBitcoin claims to trade stocks, bond, futures, currencies, gold silver and oil. This is just an attempt to lure in every type of investor by featuring a wide range on investment portfolios.

The funds are handled by self proclaimed portfolio managers who have more than 10 years of experience. They state that their traders are constantly implementing unique trading methods with the most advanced and effective trading technologies which allows them to an edge over the markets.

Their narration does not make any sense.

Just because they have access to high technology system does not mean they necessarily will be profitable.

No rational investor will never invest into this platform because they can easily see through the lies sprinkled all over their offer.

Domain Popularity

According to, this domain was registered on 05/06/2017.

This website has a global rank of 5,252,925, according to

The majority of traffic to this site comes from referrals and this firm specifically targets users from Brazil.

FidelityBitcoin Complaints

Here is a major complaint submitted by an users on

This a total scam. Invest .05btc as per their website. Fee free and instant returns it says. Also if you change your mind. Money back instantly. Fee free. It’s a 0.015 btc fee to get the form to request refund.


Suddenly there’s a 0.043btc registration fee. But it’s okay, you’ll get that back. With initial investment and ROI. Then after that there’s a 0.0298 btc referral fee. And after that. Oh.. Lucky you the mining system doubled your payout. So instead of 0.138 being returned to your account, instantly. You’ll get 0.275btc.

That’s when I stopped being an absolute idiot. Decided to redeem myself. Yes, I sent them 0.1 something btc. Yes.. I was an idiot and lost my btc to a handful of smooth talkers. The so called investors are in on it. They’ll hit you up on Instagram… Funny how that one isn’t on Facebook… Oh wait… There “she” is peddling a different scam… Western union that one. I can’t wait until crypto is regulated a d I finish learning to hack. I’m going to hunt them all down.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC is required in order to get started on this platform.

The only payment mode accepted by this platform is Bitcoin.

They state that withdrawals are processed instantly.

Is FidelityBitcoin a scam?


This firm is not regulated and at the same time they claim to generate returns which are not only too good to be true but they also guarantee it.

Don’t invest your money into this firm for any reason.

They might pay some users here and there but this whole platform is a pyramid type scheme which cannot last for long.

FidelityBitcoin Review Conclusion

FidelityBitcoin is just another HYIP scam selling you a get rich quick scheme which will eventually run away with all your funds.

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