Verified Robot Review

Verified Robot ( is an autotrader which specifically focuses on cryptocurrencies.

The success rate of this software is not mentioned anywhere on the website.

While we were taking a through look at this service we found a lot of false claims and outright lies, which makes us believe that we are dealing with a scam.

Read our full Verified Robot review to find out why we recommend all our readers to stay away from this fraudulent platform.

Company and Contact details

There is no information about the creators running this firm. The lack of transparency and the level of anonymity surrounding this firm is very disturbing indeed.

The sole purpose why these faceless scammers have maintained anonymous nature is to avoid criminal prosecution.

Since Verified Robot deals in the sector of finance and investments, it has to be registered and licensed. This firm has never been licensed.

Will you trust a service which is not regulated, licensed and has no track record to handle your money?

The only contact detail provided on their website is an email address

An investment firm without a dedicated support team to provide telephone assistance, kiss good bye to your money, if you decide to try them out.

Signals and Returns

Verified Robot does not talk much about the signal generation process. We do not know which parameters it considers before opening a position.

There is no option to switch between aggressive and passive risk management techniques, depending upon the volatility in the markets.

Moreover, there is no end to the number of trades executed by this autotrader in a day.

The accuracy rate of their algorithm is not specified.

They only state that this robot will buy the market in an uptrend and sell the market in a downtrend.

The information provided is very basic and in certain way feels like gambling because in both scenarios you don’t have any idea about what you are doing.

Verified Robot does not state an exact dollar figure returns but they show a lot of account stats of the alleged users.

After seeing all the screenshots of the so called verified profile, you might feel that you are looking at a legitimate solution which finally delivers the promises but don’t be fooled by this gimmick. The user profiles are all fake and fabricated.

Ask yourself why would they put up fake results unless they are deliberately trying to hide something from us.

Major Red flags

There are a lot of testimonials on their website wherein the users express their opinion about this service.

If you notice them closely, there isn’t a single negative comments.

The testimonies are all from bogus user profiles.

When we tried to trace out the identity of the users we were surprised to find out that most of the comments are from anonymous users, which means there is no way to verify the truth.

Most of the reputable brokers and investment platforms provide the users with a demo account, so that they can practice various strategies and get accustomed to their platform but this service has used demo account for their own agenda.

The demo account on this platform is rigged to produce more winning trades which tricks the users into thinking that this software is efficient but beware: Once you deposit, the wining rate drops off dramatically.

This platform features a list of brokers synced with their software out of which most are unregulated, which means the chances of you getting back your money is slim to none.

As always, we suggest our readers to trade with regulated brokers only.

Affiliate Program

Verified Robots provides handsome rewards for anyone who promote their platform. Along with the incentives, the affiliates are also given access to a lot of marketing tools which will help them to reach more people effectively.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 28/04/2017 and expires on 28/04/2019.

This website has a global rank of 1.696,020, according to

This website seems to specifically targets users from Iran.

Deposit and withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods supported by this platform are credit or debit card, Neteller, Skrill and Wire transfer. Note that the minimum deposit is $ 250.

The time taken for processing withdrawals is not specified.

Is Verified Robot a scam?


The shady marketing tricks along with false price feeds combined with the fact that they deal with unregulated broker are the main reasons why we are debunking this service.

Verified Robot Review Conclusion

Verified Robot is just another fraudulent autotrader which makes empty promises their only goal is to refer more people to the unregulated off-shore brokers and get a fat check via commissions.

Have you been scammed by VerifiedRobot? Share your story by commenting below this review.

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