Hour Union Review – Convincing Ponzi Scam!

Hour Union claims to be a new face of cryptocurrency trading and mining for the retail clients. They seem to be operating from the US. The returns they allegedly generate is said to be up to 9% per hour.

If you know the basics of economics, then you will know that, these kind of numbers are just a fantasy. Moreover, they aggressively push their clients to spend more by promising them bonuses and perks.

Unfortunately, majority of the newbies have already lost their money to these fraudsters. Read our comprehensive review to find out the truth about this platform. Hour Union Review

Company, Incorporation and Support

Companies around the world which operate around the financial markets should generally hold proper licenses. If any firm or person is caught operating without the consent of the local governing body, the punishment for the offense is severe.

This firm claims to be based in the US and provides an address as well. However, as a precautionary measure, we ran a search on them. As it turns out, they are not overseen by the FTC which means they are indeed a scam.

The incorporation certificate is put up by them only to confuse the visitors. So, do not give them the benefit of the doubt under any circumstance. Below are the contact details of this firm. Just a quick heads up, never entertain their offers.

Address – 580 Wayside Lane, Oakland, CA 94601

Email – admin@hourunion.com

Hour Union Operational Model

Hour Union claims to be a financial institution which operates in the cryptocurrency mining and trading sector. They claim to use quant strategies and high frequency trading to generate profits.

For an average person, the terminologies used by them and their presentation might make them place trust in the firm. However, the reality is far from what these crooks portray. First of all, they have not shown the list of indicators they use for short term trading.

Moreover, they have nothing to show for their previous accomplishments. We do not know the kind of draw down the system produces. So, rationally speaking, you cannot justify the risk-reward ratio beforehand.

With regards to mining, there isn’t any convincing data as well. The investors do not have the slightest clue about the equipments this firm employs or the costs present.

Moreover, nowadays it’s almost impossible for retail clients to make money via mining. In short, do not keep high hopes about them.

Investment Plans and Income Claims

There are 3 investment plans wherein the main differentiating factor is the starting capital. Just like all the scams out there, this platform also suggest the public to start with high bankroll to gain maximum returns quickly.

Their profit claims are just a trap to lock in money from investors. Moreover, do you really believe 9% per hour is sustainable? Obviously no, tight?

If they really were able to generate those kind of returns, would they give it to the public for free?

Affiliate Program

Every scam reputation around the world of cryptocurrency is getting hyped by certain group of marketers. In order to increase their net profit, this platform features a referral program.

Anyone who is familiar with ways of generating traffic can work with them. The promoters gets a percentage of the revenue brought in by them. So, their only motive is to push this scheme as hard as they can and make money for themselves.

For commission sake, majority of these shady promoters create fake reviews and profit from misleading the masses. Moreover, the affiliates are given access to special marketing material and tools to increase the conversion. Steer clear from any of their campaigns.

Domain Information

There is no clue which could help us trace the details of the owners. Nonetheless, here are the information about the demographic they are currently after.

Domain – Hourunion.com

Registered on – 06/05/2019

Expiry – 06/05/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,626,884

Rank in United States – 338,164

Target Audience – United States, Bangladesh and Russia

Lack of Proof and Fake Testimonials

Despite all the glorious achievements discussed on their homepage, these crooks are unable to produce any credible evidence. Even the identity of the owners and the employees are fake. As you can see from the image below, they have used stock photos to conceal their whereabouts. Hour Union Fake User Profiles

Ask yourself, if they were legit, then why are they bluffing about their employees? The fact that something doesn’t fit in their story is pretty obvious.

Most of the online services now rely on testimonials to build their reputation. After all, customer satisfaction is an important thing when it comes to any business.

This platform showcase a ton of positive comments from the alleged users. However, do not believe any of that. All of those cheesy comments are from bogus user profiles. Hour Union Bogus Comments

There is no way to track the details or verify the whereabouts of the clients as well. So, all the facts on their platform is just screaming to stay away from them for all the right reasons.

Hour Union Review Conclusion

Hour Union is nothing more than a scam aimed at separating the fools and their money. They are good when it comes to capturing the attention of the newbies and convincing them to deposit.

However, always remember that, they are operating outside the law which means chances of getting your money back is practically zero. Given the amount of different software, platforms and regulated entities, indulging with this program just does not make any sense.

At the end of the day, the risk is clearly way too much to justify.

Are you a victim of Hourunion.com Scam? Share your feedback with us by commenting below.


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