Wullex Review – High Tech Swindle

Wullex is a cryptocurrency trading institution that aims to serve the needs of retail clients. They are supposedly a regulated corporation, but the facts point south about this aspect.

Many recently have fallen prey to this scam and regret their decision. This firm’s owners operate in such a way that it’s almost impossible to track them down.

We all know that the world of cryptocurrency provides everyone with many opportunities. However, do not let the idea of making easy money blind you. Go through our full review to know how this scheme works in reality. Wullex Review

The company, Legality, and Customer Support

Companies that offer high-risk investment opportunities should be compatible with many laws depending upon where they operate. Nowadays, the crypto sphere is full of platforms that claim to make their users rich overnight.

Though the government is doing its best, the regulation is years behind in this regard. This firm claims to be incorporated in Hong Kong and even features a certificate to prove that. Wullex Incorporation Certificate

These kinds of things are convincing enough for the newbies. However, do note that it is just a deceptive trick. There is a vast difference between being registered and being regulated.

Their way of misleading presentation is a huge red flag that should not be taken lightly. Moreover, their support team operates mysteriously and anonymously as well. The only way to interact with customer support is via live chat. So, there is no way to trace them out.

Wullex Business Model

Wullex’s primary goal is to enrich its investors by leveraging their knowledge. They only talk about the glorious side of the markets but have not said anything about its risk.

Moreover, they haven’t shown any trading history too. Cryptocurrency might be the disrupters of the financial system, but timing the market is always a tricky part. So, just because you saw many people who made money with Bitcoin, never dive into the sector blindly.

After all, if it were easy, then everyone would be rich. Since this platform does not offer free trial or demo accounts, it is better not to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Even the details about the traders and employees are unknown. If they truly have the kind of methodology they portray, would they offer it to the public for free?

Profits Advertised and Investment Schemes

Markets reward the people who have the necessary skills and patience. Remember, the more long-term you aim, the more favorable the odds will be. This platform claims to generate returns of up to 15% per day.

If you whip put your compounding calculator, this kind of return would make you a billionaire within a year. Now, analyze the situation rationally. Do you think it’s so easy to become rich? Obviously, no, right?

Moreover, they charge more money by promising quicker returns as well. Do yourself a favor by resisting the tempting offers they showcase.

Affiliate Program

This company must make as much revenue as possible before the law shuts them down. So, they rely on the affiliate program to do their dirty work.

Simply put, they offer a revenue share to the marketers who provide this website with consistent traffic. Moreover, the affiliates do not carry any risk whatsoever; their only job is to create fake reviews and hype and get paid for doing so.

If you come across any platform that associates itself with this firm, click away from them.

Domain Details

With the help of alexa.com and whois.com, we gathered the following details about their website and audience.

Domain – Wullex.com

Registered On – 15/01/2019

Expiry – 15/01/2023

Alexa Global Rank – 37,174

Rank in Russia – 6,664

Target Audience – Russia, Brazil, and Iran

Ponzi Structure and Lack of Transparency

Most newbies start dreaming about big things when they get the payment from the HYIPs. However, do note that it is not sustainable in the long run.

These kinds of fraud organizations utilize Ponzi operational model. In other words, they use cash deposited by the new client to pay the old participants while keeping something on top for themselves.

As you can see, this way of doing business will have terrible consequences and is bound to fail. So, do not allow the easy money idea to clog your decision-making process.

Moreover, looking at the way they operate, the people behind this firm seem to be professional scammers. The odds of them getting caught are practically zero, meaning you will never get your money back once sent.

Wullex Review Conclusion

Wullex is a high-tech fraud that has paid attention to small details to loot the public in the name of cryptocurrency. Everything about them is either misleading or outright false.

Investing in them will earn anyone a one-way ticket to sorrow and regret. Skills and effort are the only way to make your way to riches. If you come across any shortcuts, then probably it’s just a trick to separate you from your money.

Update (May 7, 2023) – we received the following complaint from a Brazil person who claims to lose almost $11K to this scam:

I have deposited over $10,000 on the Wullex.com platform, hoping for daily profits. However, today I made a withdrawal request and did not receive it, which has left me feeling very disappointed.

Have you lost money to Wullex.com Scam? If yes, then feel free to share your experience by commenting below.


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